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10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Perfect Horror Movie Protagonists


Nice horror protagonists excel at survival and adapt to anxious conditions. These anime characters are excellent candidates for the job. Horror protagonists discover their lives threatened by sudden circumstances and battle to revive their earlier existence. Whether or not the forces towards them are supernatural or human, the profitable horror protagonist makes use of no matter means essential to survive their predicament.

Anime characters which can be accustomed to hazard are nicely fitted to the position of a horror protagonist. Sure anime skills and personalities are excellent for survival within the horror style. An anime character would not need to originate from horror to fulfill the expectations of horror’s principal characters.

10 Jotaro Kujo’s Huge Expertise Prepares Him For Bother

A superb horror protagonist possesses deduction abilities that outsmart the killer and allow survival towards all odds. Jotaro’s expertise fighting Dio’s Stand User army makes him adept at dealing with sudden conditions. Upon encountering bounce scares, Jotaro’s Star Platinum can cease time and permit him to assault earlier than the killer does.

As a JoJo’s Weird Journey character, Jotaro has muscular tissues able to severely injuring any killer with a bodily physique. If antagonists are supernatural, Jotaro can cleverly outsmart them, as he efficiently traps Kira Hoshihiro’s ghost in Diamond Is Unbreakable. Like many horror protagonists, Jotaro is bound to outlive ultimately.

9 Killua Zoldyck Is As Lethal As The Killer

a young killua egging on his frenemy

Killua Zoldyck of Hunter X Hunter has a number of strategies of preventing again towards horror antagonists. As a Zoldyck murderer, Killa can morph his palms into claws that may kill with a single strike. Killua challenges the horror dynamic of killer versus sufferer by being as lethal to the killer because the killer is to protagonists. Horror followers would witness the uncommon event of the killer being intimidated or murdered by their goal.

If Killua’s assassination abilities ever proved ineffective, his Godspeed means ensures that no killer or monster will be capable of catch him. Killua fashions a reliable horror protagonist who confidently counters each motion the killer takes.

8 Deku’s Intelligence And Maneuverability Can Counter Any Killer

Deku My Hero Academia Full Cowling

My Hero Academia’s Deku is a genius strategist who can memorize an opponent’s skills intimately. Deku’s options to issues are unconventionally intelligent, which might show important for defeating seemingly immortal killers in horror franchises. Irrespective of how a killer assaults, Deku will at all times have a counter plan to outlive when it counts.

Deku’s Shoot Type provides him superior maneuverability and a number of escape routes within the widespread horror occasion of being cornered by the killer. As Deku vies to guard individuals in bother, he’s prone to save minor characters who would in any other case be doomed.

7 Inosuke Hashibira’s Aggression Would Take Killers By Shock

Inosuke Hashibira Demon Slayer Katanas

Demon Slayer’s Inosuke Hashibira is an adept swordsman with a love of confrontation. Inosuke is hot-tempered and will not hesitate to cost any killer that passes by. His response to enemies is a contemporary tackle the standard horror protagonist response to hazard, as most protagonists keep away from their pursuers when attainable.

Characters like Inosuke are difficult to foretell as the very last thing a killer expects is for the protagonist to assault them first. A shocked killer is less complicated to achieve the benefit over, so Inosuke stands a good probability of survival as a horror protagonist.

6 Sniper Masks Is Already A Survival Professional

Sniper Mask in High Rise Invasion

Sniper Masks from Excessive Rise Invasion is an imposing anti-hero with superior sharpshooting abilities. Sniper Masks is accustomed to preventing, as he participates in a sport the place gamers battle masked assailants to outlive. The hazard his world poses turns surviving towards a killer as a horror protagonist into a secular job.

Resulting from his expertise, Sniper Masks is not a simple goal for a killer to defeat and fashions a super horror protagonist’s resilience in moments of stress. Sniper Masks’s rifle would give him the added benefit of firing upon any horror killer who enjoys stalking from a distance.

5 Eraser Head’s Preventing Type Is Excellent Towards Zombies

Eraser Head activating his quirk

Professional Hero Eraser Head from My Hero Academia is an skilled at ensnaring opponents along with his scarf. Eraser Head successfully fights massive teams of enemies, as proven when he overpowered dozens of villains throughout the united statesJ. incident. His means to evade assaults from a number of instructions makes Eraser Head excellent for dispatching zombie hordes as a survival horror protagonist.

Eraser Head’s ache tolerance permits him to behave when injured, as he saved Tsuyu Asui from Shigaraki regardless of being grievously wounded. His sturdy resolve would make him a dependable horror protagonist when dealing with killers who require private sacrifice to defeat.

4 Kurapika’s Thirst For Revenge Is A Highly effective Weapon

Kurapika Hunter X Hunter Chains

Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter does something for revenge, as he bets his life for energy to defeat the Phantom Troupe that massacred his clan. He refuses to be intimidated by the ability of his sworn enemies. If a killer or monster dared to hurt Kurapika’s clan or buddies, Kurapika would have sufficient motive as a horror protagonist to destroy them in any respect prices.

Kurapika’s fight abilities and intelligence as a Hunter are distinctive. He can simply outmaneuver a killer’s assaults and anticipate excellent alternatives to battle. Kurapika is assured to be a horror protagonist who will get issues accomplished.

3 Rengoku Cannot Be Discouraged By His Enemies

The Hashira Rengoku from Demon Slayer is a strong flame-based swordsman with appreciable enthusiasm. Rengoku stays dedicated to his objectives when overwhelmed, as he continues preventing the demon Akaza after struggling deadly accidents. His willpower ensures Rengoku could be a horror protagonist who by no means surrenders and stays centered on defeating the killer.

Rengoku’s supernatural reflexes would permit him to evade a killer’s actions and protect himself from sneak assaults that generally kill off minor horror characters. Profitable horror protagonists excel at fending for themselves when the individuals round them perish, one thing a high-ranking Demon Slayer like Rengoku is accustomed to.

2 Momo Yaoyorozu’s Versatility Is A Helpful Survival Instrument

My Hero Academia’s Momo Yaoyorozu is among the many smartest UA college students and a category chief. Her means to remodel her physique’s lipids into non-living supplies permits her to create helpful instruments spontaneously. As a horror protagonist, Momo could be extremely versatile at creating weapons that help her survival that may’t usually be discovered close by.

Momo is a tough potential horror protagonist to counter, as any time a killer is distracted is a chance for Momo to create one thing for self-defense. In a horror situation, Momo’s energy ensures that every little thing mandatory for finishing up her intelligent plans is accessible.

1 Saitama Has A Assured Probability Of Profitable

Saitama One-Punch Man punching

One-Punch Man’s Saitama is infamously capable of defeat almost every little thing with one punch. Saitama is successfully invincible and is assured to win towards any horror monster or killer the style throws at him. His presence as a horror protagonist would show the last word savior of any area suffering from evil.

Saitama is able to taking horror in distinctive instructions, as his energy makes him unfazed by threats. Horror killers count on their victims to be afraid, and enjoyment of worry, however Saitama by no means provides anybody the satisfaction. With Saitama as a protagonist, the killer would not know the correct technique to react.

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