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15 Best Shinigami In Anime, Ranked


There are various explanation why audiences are drawn to anime. The medium is ready to inform extremely various tales and likewise discover some fairly unconventional subjects. Anime will typically have common people intermingle with supernatural entities and even variations on classical deities.

There are many methods to discover such materials, however the idea of Shinigami is one thing that consumes many sequence. Shinigami are also referred to as demise bringers, and so they present up in many alternative kinds throughout anime. These demise spirits information people in the direction of demise and the afterlife, both peacefully or with drive. Whether or not as mates, foes, or one thing in between, Shinigami are throughout a ton of various anime exhibits.

Up to date on September 22, 2022 by Daniel Kurland: With the entire countless creativity that’s on show in anime, it ought to maybe come as no shock that loads of sequence shine a light-weight on supernatural executioners who like to deal demise. Shinigami are feared people who typically serve important, esteemed functions of their respective anime universes. Shinigami can seem as foreboding figures or masquerade as playful presences. It’s by no means secure to make assumptions with regards to Shinigami, however a few of this choose class are a reduce above the remainder, each figuratively and actually.

15 Takuto Is A Shinigami Who Cares About Catharsis

Full Moon o Sagashite

Full Moon o Sagashite applies a somber method to Shinigami, which ends up in extra a slice-of-life character research than an action-driven journey to gather souls. The anime’s melancholy world presents Shinigami as those that have taken their very own lives and should now reap souls as punishment.

Takuto is a brand new Shinigami tasked with taking the soul of Mitsuki, a budding singer who’s been identified with a tumor. This destiny hits near residence for Takuto, who tries to assist Mituski accomplish her aim throughout her remaining 12 months alive. Accordingly, Takuto is not probably the most fearsome Shinigami, particularly in his trademark cat ears.

14 Komachi Onozuka Is A Shinigami Slacker Story

Recollections of Illusion

Whereas technically a fan-made OVA sequence, Recollections of Illusion pulls from a preferred sequence of video video games which can be wealthy with Shinigami of all sizes and shapes. Komachi Onozuka is probably going not the primary Shinigami that will get referred to as in to gather spirits, however she’s change into one of many sequence’ most celebrated characters.

Komachi is a perpetual slacker, and whereas she’s saddled with intense Shinigami tasks, she’s greater than content material to easily talk about demise and hang around as an alternative of assembling souls for her boss, Sikieiki. Komachi’s incorrigible perspective is difficult to disclaim and a enjoyable change of tempo for a Shinigami.

13 Rinne Rokudo Comes From A Lengthy Line Of Shinigami


Rumiko Takahashi is arguably hottest for her formative shonen sequence, Ranma ½ and InuYasha, however she’s additionally liable for a short-lived Shinigami epic, Rin-ne. In Rin-ne, Rinne Rokudo turns into burdened with the debt of Shinigami responsibility due to his father’s misgivings, however he slowly kinds an affinity for exorcism and serving to souls discover solace.

Rinne’s mission turns into a lot simpler because of the assistance of Sakura Mamiya, who’s gifted with the flexibility to see spirits. Rinne lacks the aggression of different Shinigami in anime, however nonetheless takes down the intimidating Demise Gods.

12 Lisara Restall Is A Tsundere Shinigami Temptation

So, I Cannot Play H!

Based mostly upon a light-weight novel sequence of the identical identify, So, I Cannot Play H! is a 12-episode celebration of feelings and exorcism. The hormonal Ryosuke Kaga engages in a misguided contract with Lisara Restall, a cocky woman who additionally occurs to be a prestigious Shinigami.

Lisara makes use of Ryosuke’s lecherous spirit to energy her Grim Reaper duties and there is electrical chemistry between the 2, as a lot as she might not prefer to admit it. Lisara’s Shinigami abilities additionally steadily convey hearth to her scary scythe, which positively leaves an impression.

11 Zarame Is A Brief Shinigami Sidekick With Heaps Of Model


Zombie-Mortgage is an entertaining subversion of Shinigami staples that does not get sufficient love. Many of the characters within the anime convey one thing new to the style, and Zarame isn’t any exception. Zarame can magically generate a scythe at will and has a disturbing design the place his total body–save his left eye–is coated in bandages.

This could strike worry in most enemies, aside from the truth that Zarame is restricted to a “super deformed chibi” state because of shedding his core. This turns him right into a Shinigami mascot of types, regardless of the facility that he continues to own.

10 Decim Should Decide An Eternity By A Easy Sport

Demise Parade

Demise Parade is an eloquent character research that largely operates like an anthology sequence. Every episode examines the lives of two new misplaced souls which can be pressured into competitors with one another, all overseen by the mysterious and aloof Decim.

What makes Demise Parade so distinctive is that these people should interact in innocuous leisure actions like billiards or darts to find out the destiny of their souls. Decim is the stoic bartender that observes these competitions, however he’s change into disaffected and numb to his function till he just lately experiences an epiphany about his goal.

9 Botan Turns into The Beating Coronary heart Of The Shonen Anime

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a foundational shonen anime sequence from the ’90s that makes good use of Shinigami, however would not make them the focus of the sequence. Yusuke Urameshi is a teenage delinquent who meets an surprising finish. Botan, the anime’s resident Shinigami, intervenes to present him a renewed goal.

Botan is an instance of a gracious and empathetic Shinigami fairly than one of many many aggressive reapers which can be current in different anime. Botan largely stays by the sidelines as Yusuke’s journey intensifies, however she stays an vital a part of the anime.

8 Shinigami Deal with Soul Reaping Like A Boring Day Job

Descendants Of Darkness

Descendants of Darkness is type of like if The Workplace had been about Shinigami, or if Lifeless Like Me was became an anime sequence. Descendants of Darkness is stuffed with Shinigami, however it appears at demise and soul reaping as a monotonous job fairly than as a terrifying expertise or thrilling battle.

Tsuzuki Asato is a extremely expert Shinigami, however he has misplaced his ardour as his place turns into more and more stuffed with paperwork. Asato receives a brand new companion and finds a brand new ardour for his work and it is a very distinctive angle on the world of Shinigami.

7 Momo Should Keep away from Corruption

Momo, Woman God of Demise

Momo, Woman God of Demise gives an fascinating tackle Shinigami because it tells the identical story as many of those different anime, however Momo resonates due to the distinctive perspective that is elementary to the anime.

Momo is new to the Shinigami enterprise and the anime appears at if a path that is filled with demise and soul reaping will take away Momo’s innocence and harden her into somebody totally different. Momo, Woman God of Demise is a fast watch with solely six episodes, however it says quite a bit in that point and digs right into a softer aspect of Shinigami.

6 Rory Mercury Is A Complicated Mixture Of Lovable & Lethal


There are many anime that play in opposition to expectations and present that it is vital to not decide a ebook by its cowl. GATE’s resident Shinigami, Rory Mercury the Reaper, is an ideal instance of how massive bother can are available a small bundle.

Rory appears like an harmless woman, however she’s an immortal demigoddess with tremendous energy. Her mighty scythe that makes swift work of people who get in her method. Rory can regenerate any injury that she takes and her excessive mind makes her in a position to brilliantly strategize her method out of most conditions.

5 Boogiepop Holds A Complete Metropolis Hostage To Their Personal Worry

Boogiepop Phantom

The Boogiepop franchise has been round for the reason that ’90s. Though it is remained dormant for years, it all the time returns for a brand new adaptation, very similar to the central character Boogiepop. Boogiepop Phantom appears at a Shinigami with a mythic standing that surrounds her sporadic appearances that end in chaos and worry.

Boogiepop terrorizes probably the most stunning and privileged highschool college students and forces them to prematurely confront their mortality. Boogiepop Phantom works as a result of its titular Shinigami capabilities extra like a mysterious serial killer than an neutral deity.

4 Demise Retains Steadiness In Order As Shinigami Wage Battle Towards The Kishin

Soul Eater

Shinigami are central to Soul Eater’s plot, and it extrapolates the thought right into a shonen context. Soul Eater is stuffed with Meisters and residing weapons that function as a duo to soak up souls into their Demise Scythes earlier than the evil kishin forces improperly declare them.

Those who practice on the Demise Weapon Meister Academy all have distinctive energy, however on the head of all of it is Demise itself, a Demise God Shinigami. Soul Eater subverts Shinigami lore in some thrilling methods and fleshes out the idea to be one thing larger and extra difficult.

3 Grell Is A Unfastened Cannon Who Is Past Purpose

Black Butler

Black Butler applies a curious twist to Shinigami conventions with the precarious pact that Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis enter into collectively. Sebastian may be probably the most outstanding Shinigami, however Grell is Black Butler’s most vicious demise bringer.

Grell blatantly disregards Shinigami guidelines in favor of his personal violent compulsions. He has a starvation for demise that goes unmatched. The truth that he transforms his demise scythe right into a chainsaw in order that he can administer a extra visceral punishment must be sufficient proof of Grell’s twisted nature.

2 Soul Reapers Should Make Shinigami Work A Fixed Half Of Their Lives


Bleach has over 350 episodes of Ichigo Kurosaki’s mission to show himself as a robust Soul Reaper. Bleach turns Shinigami right into a extra widespread function and units Ichigo on a harmful journey the place he takes out the evil Hole spirits that threaten the harmless.

Ichigo turns into a lethal Shinigami, however Bleach appears at how this accountability can be a burden and the way it takes over his life. There are stronger Soul Reapers within the sequence, just like the founders of the Shinigami Academy, however Ichigo makes the largest influence.

1 Ryuk Has Turn into Anime’s Most Iconic Shinigami

Demise Observe

Demise Observe is an acclaimed anime sequence that grapples with complicated concepts and disturbing visuals. Demise Observe’s premise revolves round a robust pocket book that provides its proprietor the facility to take lives by writing down names within the tome.

This ebook is tied to a Shinigami, which within the case of Gentle Yagami’s Demise Observe, is Ryuk. Ryuk pushes the entire Demise Observe state of affairs on humanity as a result of he is bored together with his tasks as a Shinigami. He is a robust character, however he finally resigns himself to a supporting place.


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