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5 Anime Harems That Are Total Nightmare Scenarios


A harem anime appears like a dream come true — one man with a number of engaging girls virtually throwing themselves at him. There are worse issues that may occur in life… or at the very least, there needs to be. Fascinated by it, harem anime are literally nightmare situations. Ladies will combat over the man each figuratively and actually, and the man has to decide on one among them at the price of breaking each different woman’s coronary heart.

The women can get mad on the dense protagonist for not understanding their emotions, beat them to a bloody pulp and act like they only don’t care — to not point out all of the jealous guys or fantastical parts that may worsen the difficulty. The protagonist won’t ever get any sympathy as a result of most males by some means want they may have his issues. There are quite a lot of terrible harem conditions which have issues like this occur, however listed below are 5 of the worst.

Monster Musume (2015)

Monster Musume girls angry

The women in Monster Musume aren’t at all times dangerous women, however they are monsters — actually. As a part of a overseas trade program, the virtually-unnamed protagonist has to offer shelter to a rising variety of feminine fantastical creatures. As a lot as he tries to deal with the ladies like human beings, he nonetheless needs to be cautious of their monster attributes. He runs the chance of being crushed by a lamia tail, drowned in slime or sure in spider webs. That final one isn’t particularly deadly, however Arachne is a sadist, so it could nonetheless get fairly disagreeable. The protagonist truly has to construct himself up so as to endure no matter his harem may do to him.

Rosario + Vampire (2008)

Tsukune Aono has it virtually as dangerous because the man from Monster Musume. He attends a highschool of Halloween monsters and yōkai. The women might be problematic in their very own methods; the vampire Moka at all times seems like she’s entering into for a kiss, solely to finish up biting Tsukune’s neck and sucking his blood; the succubus Kurumu continually suffocates him in her ample bosom; the witch Yukari is underage, which is its personal can of worms; the yuki-onna Mizore is candy but additionally a stalker. Extra women and monsters additionally go after Tsukune for his scrumptious human scent, however fortunately get kicked away by Moka’s alter ego. All these women will combat it out for the one they love.

Nisekoi (2014)

Raku and his harem on the bus

Raku Ichijō has to take care of a number of the worst women conceivable. The primary, Chitoge Kirisaki, is irritable and violent, and hates him simply as a lot as she hates her. Sadly, they must fake to be in a relationship — a “false love,” because the title translation suggests. If they do not, their rival gang households will go to struggle. Chitoge finally comes round to Raku, however she nonetheless will get violently offended with him for not reciprocating her emotions. To make issues worse, this pretend romance prevents Raku from confessing to his precise love curiosity, Kosaki Onodera. Worse nonetheless, Kosaki likes Raku too however neither has the braveness to admit. It is a purgatory of indecision separate from the nightmare of the remainder of the harem.

Talking of the remainder of the harem, they’re additionally fairly dangerous. Seishirō Tsugumi likes Raku however cannot admit it, so she assaults him for displaying any semblance of affection. Marika Tachibana stirs up loads of hassle too; her father is the chief of police, so saying no to her is as dangerous as saying no to Chitoge. She additionally guilts Raku with her terminal sickness. Different women additionally present up, all of whom are comparatively unbearable.

Ranma 1/2 (1989)

Ranma running away

Ranma appears to reside a depressing life basically. They’re compelled into an organized marriage with one among their father’s pal’s daughters, Akane. She’s like Chitoge, however a lot worse. As for Ranma, they must put up with not simply Akane, but additionally her sisters and several other extra women after their coronary heart. Regardless of their lack of curiosity, additionally they have to guard themselves from boys who need Akane, akin to Ryoga Hibiki and Tatewaki Kuno.

Ranma’s scenario is very dangerous as a result of they alternate between being a boy and a lady when drenched in cold and warm water. Which means additionally they must take care of boys in addition to women who need them, together with Tatewaki. Some women, like Shampoo and Kodachi Kuno, love the boy Ranma however need to kill the woman Ranma, not realizing the 2 are one and the identical. Shampoo additionally has her personal suitor named Mousse who offers Ranma a tough time. Wherever Ranma turns, they’re the sufferer of bodily abuse, sexual harassment, mistreatment and common aggravation.

IS: Infinite Stratos (2011)

Infinite Stratos cast running

Ichika Orimura has one of the crucial horrifying harems ever conceived. As the one man able to piloting an Infinite Stratos, he’s forcibly enrolled into an all-women boarding faculty for IS pilots. Being the one male makes him a commodity among the many scholar physique, so in fact, a number of girls go after him. Sadly, the militaristic nature of the IS causes most of those battle-hardened women to reply violently when issues do not go their method. Whether or not one other woman makes a transfer on Ichika or he appears to be making a transfer on them, the opposite women in his harem will possible pull out their IS and assault.

What’s really horrifying about all that is that Ichika can by no means decide one woman and settle the dispute. If he ever have been to decide on one woman, the others would kill him. He has to feign ignorance of their emotions and deal with all of them as mates so none of them get too jealous — after which he will get attacked anyway over all of the “misunderstandings.” So long as Ichika cannot choose one woman, he can be caught on this infinite purgatory of celibacy and abuse.


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