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5 Anime & Manga Great for Tokyo Ghoul Fans


Sui Ishida’s hit manga collection Tokyo Ghoul quickly impressed an anime adaptation of the identical identify, and went on to turn into one of many best-selling manga titles of the 2010s. The darkish seinen story stars Ken Kaneki, a bookish faculty scholar who finds himself thrust into the violent world of ghouls after he turns into a half-ghoul himself.

Tokyo Ghoul has parts of city fantasy, vampire-style gothic undertones, a deep thriller and way more, however longtime followers of the franchise can get pleasure from some different seinen manga titles or seinen-style shonen collection in the same vein. These tales, like Tokyo Ghoul, usually characteristic gritty and morally grey antiheroes who struggle for survival in darkish worlds.

Chainsaw Man Options A Monstrous Hero Combating Different Monsters

Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has made waves within the manga world with darkish however intriguing collection comparable to Fireplace Punch and the Look Again one-shot, however his largest declare to fame is the seinen-style shonen collection Chainsaw Man. This collection can also be set to be tailored into an anime quickly, with a trailer already obtainable.

Chainsaw Man suits the “monster hunter” archetype, happening in a world the place monsters, or devils, stalk the streets and brutally bloodbath people with impunity. A few of them are small and simply dispatched by satan hunters, who generally struggle alongside satan companions of their very own.

The story’s hero is Denji, a down-on-his-luck boy who, in a second of desperation, fuses along with his tiny chainsaw canine satan pet Potchi and turns into the part-devil Chainsaw Man. He agrees to work as a satan hunter in trade for retaining his life and token pay, pushing himself to the restrict along with his gory chainsaw-based preventing fashion. Like Tokyo Ghoul‘s Kaneki, Denji is a tamed monster who lives in a world the place there are few clear “good guys” and “bad guys.”

Berserk Is The Apex Of Darkish Fantasy Manga

The late Kentaro Miura launched his legendary Berserk manga in 1989, and it quickly grew to become an icon of the darkish fantasy style worldwide. Berserk has all of it: impactful and heartbreaking drama, beautiful and inventive illustrations, a compelling story with gripping characters, thrilling motion sequences and quite a lot of timeless themes of revenge, love, ambition, betrayal and therapeutic. The collection’ future is unclear within the wake of Mr. Miura’s passing, however there may be greater than sufficient thrilling materials for Tokyo Ghoul followers to check out.

Berserk is the story of Guts the mercenary, who endures nice hardship with betrayal, future, monsters and conflict. He’s on a quest for vengeance after his former boss, the charismatic Griffith, sacrificed nearly every thing to turn into a darkish god. Tokyo Ghoul followers ought to get pleasure from Berserk‘s gritty fantasy motion and its vicious antihero who, like Kaneki, struggles along with his internal darkness, particularly after he dons the Berserker Armor. This armor makes him sturdy, nevertheless it eats away at his physique and soul alike within the course of.

Elfen Lied Is A Story Of Misunderstood Monsters

Poster for Elfen Lied.

Lynn Okamoto’s authentic Elfen Lied manga — and its anime adaptation — are extra colourful and cartoony than Tokyo Ghoul, however the precise story is simply as darkish and has remarkably related themes. Elfen Lied imagines a world divided into two, between the paranoid humanity and humanoid “others” who simply need to dwell — and are prepared to kill to safe their very own place on the planet.

These “others” are Diclonius, beings who’ve the facility to create vector arms to manage the world round them, or simply tear folks aside. The primary Diclonius within the story is a woman named each Lucy and Nyu, which describes her two personalities. Nyu is mild and childlike, unaware of her true powers. Lucy, nonetheless, is vicious and cynical, having killed many individuals in a determined try to seek out her place in a world dominated by people. Her solely human pal, Kouta, desires to assist her, however Lucy could be his worst enemy in addition to his greatest pal.

Jujutsu Kaisen Explores Curses In A Darkish Fashionable World

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Cover

Jujutsu Kaisen is one other seinen-style shonen story and stays ongoing, with tens of tens of millions of manga volumes offered as of this writing. Containing loads of overlap with each Tokyo Ghoul and Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in a gritty world the place monsters and mayhem are the norm. Curses are the bodily manifestation of humanity’s adverse feelings, and so they vary from misshapen demonic creatures to clever humanoids who dream of world domination.

The story’s hero is Yuji Itadori, an athletic boy who by accident grew to become the vessel of Ryomen Sukuna, the almighty king of curses. Now, Yuji should accumulate the remainder of Sukuna to stop his return, however on the identical time, Sukuna might develop highly effective sufficient to overwhelm his human host and turn into the best menace the world has ever seen. Jujutsu Kaisen‘s protagonist is a hero with the powers of a villain, making him very like Ken Kaneki.

Assault On Titan Options A Monstrous Antihero

Ichiko Wins Another Day In Good Luck Girl

Assault on Titan‘s anime is about to return in 2022, although Hajime Isayama’s authentic manga has already been accomplished. That is a narrative of politics, paranoia, conflict, man-eating giants referred to as Titans and worldwide battle. The plot’s scope steadily expands because the world and its lore are unveiled little by little. Assault on Titan looks like a zombie survival story with plus-size monsters at first, nevertheless it quickly turns into a complete lot extra.

Tokyo Ghoul followers might recognize Assault on Titan‘s antihero, Eren Yeager, most of all. Like Kaneki, Eren was as soon as an strange boy who grew to become corrupted by the horrors round him, resolving to struggle monsters by turning into one himself — and in a couple of method. His father Grisha turned him into the mighty Assault Titan, after which Eren absorbed two extra Titans earlier than launching a marketing campaign to forcibly rid the complete world of his perceived enemies throughout the continents. Assault on Titan‘s hero has turn into the final word villain.


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