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5 Romance Webtoons Even Death Can’t Stop


Fantasy romance is common on the Webtoon platform, particularly with regards to {couples} who’re capable of overcome and defy demise itself. Whether or not the characters come again to life or are reincarnated, these romances show that love by no means dies. Listed below are 5 romance webtoons that cheat demise for the sake of affection.

See You In My nineteenth Life

See You in My nineteenth Life stars Jieum Ban and Seoha Mun who fall in love as younger kids earlier than Jieum’s life is reduce quick by a tragic and mysterious automotive accident. When Jieum dies within the younger Seoha’s lap after defending him, Seoha is eternally traumatized by his childhood and haunted by his misplaced love. Nevertheless, Jieum has the weird capability to recollect all of her previous lives that embrace completely different nationalities, genders, and personalities. She quickly finds herself reincarnated quicker than normal as a result of her intense love and unfinished enterprise with Seoha.

Jieum is reborn, however is a number of years youthful than Seoha and a part of a poor and troubled household as an alternative of the wealthy one she initially belonged to. Regardless of having her previous reminiscences resurface in childhood, Jieum waits till maturity to method Seoha to regain his love to allow them to lastly be collectively. In the meantime, she refuses to inform him she’s the reincarnation of his childhood love as a result of she would not need him to really feel responsible about her demise. Decided to make Seoha fall in love with the brand new and youthful her, Jieum takes a job as his worker and helps him in each his private {and professional} life till he heals from his previous and returns her love.

There Should Be Joyful Endings

Yeonu and Seonjae have been in a faux and sad marriage for 2 years in There Should Be Joyful Endings. The couple have been strangers who solely agreed to the wedding to flee their present circumstances, marrying out of comfort as an alternative of affection. Whereas they handle to maintain up appearances in entrance of Seonjae’s rich household — he is the inheritor to their profitable enterprise conglomerate — Yeonu’s dissatisfaction with their way of life continues to develop. After they attend a marriage the place Seonjae’s household talk about the faux couple having kids quickly, Yeonu decides she desires a divorce.

Nevertheless, Seonjae is all of a sudden hit by a bus and dies in entrance of Yeonu proper after they signed their divorce papers. She comes to seek out out that, regardless of his chilly and detached demeanor, Seonjae really beloved her the whole time. Whereas mourning the demise of her now ex-husband and regretting how issues ended, Yeonu is all of a sudden transported 100 days into the previous earlier than she requested Seonjae for a divorce. With Seonjae given a second probability at life, Yeonu is set to rewrite their story to forestall his demise and provides them the comfortable ending they deserve.

Dying of a Pop Star

In Dying of a Pop Star, Sophie Lim is a well-known musician who dies after falling down the steps at her business shoot. When the Grim Reaper named Elijah comes to gather her soul, he acknowledges Sophie as his favourite singer and he or she begs him to spare her life. He agrees to let her stay — so long as she marries him within the afterlife when the time comes. Nevertheless, Sophie would not keep in mind Eli or their deal when she awakens despite the fact that he feels acquainted to her.

Although Eli tries to cover that he spared a soul meant to be reaped, the King of the Underworld quickly finds out. He tells Eli to reap Sophie’s soul as quickly as doable or he’ll make his son, the Prince of the Underworld named Julien, kill her as an alternative. Eli poses as the varsity janitor at Sophie’s new school whereas Julien turns into her classmate. As each the Grim Reaper and Prince of the Underworld develop connected to Sophie, they discover it more and more tough to hold out their orders.

Take Me, I am Yours

Chanyang Jeong and Jian Nam meet within the world between life and demise in Take Me, I am Yours. Chanyang is positioned in a coma after she’s hit by a billboard whereas Jian is preventing for his life after a mysterious automotive accident. Coming from two completely different backgrounds the place Chanyang financially struggles and Jian is the inheritor to the rich Baekgyeong Group, their dwelling circumstances now not matter after they meet within the spirit realm.

Of their near-death state, Chanyang is meant to die whereas Jian returns to the dwelling world, however Jian chooses to modify locations together with her out of affection. Nevertheless, Chanyang loses all her reminiscences from their time within the spirit realm after waking up from her coma. Unable to acknowledge him, Chanyang freaks out when she sees Jian’s apparition in her residence. Jian should stay by Chanyang, who retains him tethered to the dwelling world. They’re pressured to stay collectively for 3 months till the Ebook of the Lifeless arrives from the underworld to find out their fates.

Relationship With a Tail

Relationship With a Tail stars Yunha, the tenth human reincarnation of a fox whose love went unfulfilled centuries in the past. Yunha should discover the reincarnation of the woodcutter whom the fox beloved and marry him earlier than her thirtieth birthday, in any other case she’ll flip right into a fox eternally. As she approaches 30, she grows a fox tail and emits a candy odor to draw male suitors in her seek for the woodcutter. Regardless of utilizing garlic to masks her distinctive scent, the woodcutter can nonetheless single out her odor. Yunha quickly discovers her finest good friend, boss, and priest can all odor her candy scent.

To determine which of the lads is definitely the woodcutter, Yunha should kiss them to see if the fox bead seems on their chest. The bead was positioned within the woodcutter by the unique fox so they might discover one another in one other life after demise. Whereas Yunha is keen to seek out and marry the woodcutter earlier than turning into a fox, she realizes that uncovering the secrets and techniques and fact about their historic previous proves harder than she anticipated.


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