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A One Piece Theory Dares to Reveal Marijoa’s National Treasure & Doffy’s Goal


With a world as massive and complicated as One Piece‘s, there are tons of mysteries that gasoline the hearth which might be fan theories. Websites like YouTube and Reddit are teeming with these theories and mountains of proof to seemingly again them up. One of many main theories that has been making rounds is what the nationwide treasure of Marijoa would possibly be.

YouTuber Joy_Boy Theories is one in every of many One Piece concept channels and, in November of 2016, they made a video about what they imagine the nationwide treasure of the World Authorities is. In line with them, the World Authorities has a tree that spawns Satan Fruit. This is able to clarify how so many admirals within the Navy have such highly effective skills. There’s a tree hidden inside Marijoa that produces Satan Fruit which might be then distributed to these loyal to the ruling powers. For the reason that World Nobles would not know what the skills of those fruits are when they’re first created, they take a look at them out on slaves earlier than killing them to take again the Satan Fruit.

Doflamingo dressrossa arc

There’s a downside to this concept in that, when a Satan Fruit person is killed, the fruit they ate does not respawn on the tree it got here from, however as a substitute spawns in a close-by fruit. Which means that if a Satan Fruit person dies away from Marijoa, the World Nobles cannot get it again except somebody working for them finds it first. This explains why pirates and different folks have been capable of finding the Fruits and have powers of their very own.

Again in the course of the Dressrossa Arc, Donquixote Doflamingo defined to Trafalgar Regulation that he sought to steal his Satan Fruit powers particularly for the Immortality Operation and Character-Switching Surgical procedure skills that the Op-Op Fruit possesses. With these powers, Doflamingo would be capable of infiltrate the World Authorities and take the nationwide treasure, turning into an unstoppable power that might take over the world. Joy_Boy theorizes that with the Character-Switching capability, it could be simpler to sneak into Marijoa with out a lot pushback as a result of he may simply implant his character or that of somebody who works for him into an individual from the World Authorities.

Law On Punk Hazard

His authentic plan was to have Corazón eat the Regulation’s Satan Fruit and use the Immortality Operation on Doflamingo. This is able to have killed Corazón, because the person dies upon utilizing this particular capability, however Doflamingo would have turn out to be immortal. The speculation then states that with this new immortality, Doflamingo would enter the world with the Satan Fruit Tree after switching personalities, after which eat the entire Satan Fruit out there. As a result of usually it isn’t doable for somebody to eat and use a couple of Satan Fruit — with the notable exception of Blackbeard — it is thought that by present process the Immortality Operation, Doflamingo would then be capable of acquire the powers of a number of Satan Fruit.

There are different theories as to what the nationwide treasure is. It may even be the Uranus Historic Weapon. Thus far, there was little to no data on what Uranus is or the place it could be positioned, however given how highly effective the Historic Weapons are presupposed to be, it could make sense that the World Authorities would lock one away have been they to seek out it. Shirahoshi the Mermaid embodies the Poseidon Weapon, as she has the flexibility to talk to the Sea Kings, so it is also doable that Uranus is a residing being. If Doflamingo have been to infiltrate the World Authorities and acquire management of this weapon, he would certainly be capable of take over the world.


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