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A Silent Voice Examines The Impact of Bullying On Both Victims and Perpetrators


A Silent Voice aka Koe no Katachi (The Form of Voice) is a 2016 anime movie adaptation of the manga collection of the identical title by Yoshitoki Oima of To Your Eternity fame. The story examines the affect of bullying from two views: that of Shoko Nishimiya — a deaf woman who’s a sufferer of relentless bullying in childhood — and Shoya Ishida, the boy who bullied Shoko as a toddler.

An enormous a part of what makes A Silent Voice stand out as a movie is that it examines its material in a moderately unconventional method. It does much more than set a former bully on a path towards redemption by reconciling together with his former classmate; it additionally appears at a few of the causes bullying occurs within the first place and the way that impacts others who’re caught within the crossfire. The movie additionally scrutinizes the varsity system’s failure to guard weak youngsters and forestall bullying.

Bullying Occurs as a Type of Searching for Acceptance

A Silent Voice

One of many arguments A Silent Voice makes is that bullying occurs as a type of in search of acceptance from others. This theme is extra strongly explored with the character of Shoya Ishida, who — as a toddler — was fairly widespread together with his classmates. As a sixth-grader, Shoya was social and outgoing, and had his personal group of buddies who nicknamed him “Sho-chan.” All of that got here rapidly crashing down the day Shoko Nishimiya transferred to his class.

When Shoko first arrived at Shoya’s college, she launched herself with written messages in a pocket book versus really talking. She revealed in one of many written messages that she is deaf and that her classmates can talk together with her by writing in her pocket book. Not one of the children knew how one can react to Shoko at first. As they acquired to know her, extra sympathetic classmates like Miyoko Sahara selected to study Japanese signal language (JSL) to be able to talk higher. Different classmates like Naoka Ueno and Shoya’s group of buddies took to exploiting her incapacity for their very own amusement.

Of all Shoko’s bullies, Shoya was essentially the most cruel, pulling her listening to aids out and tossing them out of home windows, and at instances even into the trash. For some time, this made him widespread together with his buddies. Nonetheless, at some point, his bullying went too far, and his traditional prank resulted in him critically injuring certainly one of Shoko’s ears. That is the one time his actions resulted in disciplinary motion by the varsity, which then led to his buddies deserting him as a performative act of self-preservation. In addition they later turned his bullies, which facilitated his social isolation.

Regardless of Shoya being a bully and Shoko being his sufferer, they had been each pushed by the identical want as youngsters: they wished to be accepted by their classmates. The distinction is that Shoya sought acceptance in an especially maladaptive method, whereas Shoko tried to accommodate her classmates as greatest she may given the character of her incapacity.

Bullying Will get Internalized as Self-Loathing

A Silent Voice A Silent Voice Shouya IshidaIshida

Bullying resulted in important penalties for each Shoya and Shoko, who internalized their experiences in almost the identical method. They each considered themselves as inherently unlikeable, albeit for various causes. Shoko believed her incapacity made her unlikeable as a result of it prompted issues for different individuals, whereas Shoya believed his previous as a bully made him a horrible individual unworthy of affection from others. They each discovered to hate themselves because of this.

The internalization of self-hatred paved the street for adolescent melancholy and social anxiousness in each Shoya and Shoko. For Shoya, this manifested in him not having the ability to look individuals within the eye and withdrawing from social conditions. By the point he was a third-year highschool pupil, he was already planning his suicide by promoting all his possessions, paying again cash owed to his mom, and making amends with individuals he harm up to now, together with Shoko. As soon as he had tied up each unfastened finish, he was ready to finish his personal life.

In Shoko’s case, her melancholy and social anxiousness got here within the type of always apologizing to her abusers for his or her abuse of her and withdrawing from social conditions. She too tried to finish her personal life, rationalizing that if she disappeared from the world, she would cease being a burden to others.

Accountability Is The First Step Towards Emotional Therapeutic

After A Silent Voice examines the repercussions of bullying on each Shoya and Shoko, the remainder of the movie explores their therapeutic course of. For each protagonists, reconciling proved to be an necessary a part of their emotional therapeutic.

For Shoya, reconciling with Shoko gave him the chance to meaningfully confront his previous by befriending her and treating her with extra respect. This entailed attending to know her higher and studying how one can be part of her life in a method that was enriching for each. He discovered signal language to have the ability to talk together with her higher, and extra importantly, apologize for the years of ache and struggling he prompted. After correctly apologizing to Shoko, Shoya stopped seeing himself as a horrible individual and tearfully started accepting himself as a human being worthy of affection and respect.

For Shoko, reconciling with Shoya afforded her the chance to bond with somebody exterior of her circle of relatives and be part of somebody’s life who wasn’t additionally a member of her neighborhood. Shoya studying signal language simply to have the ability to talk meant quite a bit to her, because it confirmed he was dedicated to being part of her life in a significant method. When he stopped Shoko from ending her personal life, Shoya reminded her that she was not accountable for the conduct of others and that she was simply as deserving of affection and respect as anybody else. Shoko then started to grasp her personal value as an individual, committing to altering her present angle towards herself.

As a movie, A Silent Voice explores lots of the identical themes generally touched upon in different anime and manga that take care of bullying as a core material. Nonetheless, it succinctly examines the affect of bullying not solely on the sufferer, but additionally on the perpetrator and others who get caught within the crossfire. Furthermore, it appears at how colleges assist facilitate its prevalence. Nonetheless, it ends on the uplifting word that it is potential to heal from the expertise of bullying given the correct help system.


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