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Anime Anatomy: 5 Weird Secrets About Edward Elric’s Body


Edward Elric is the protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist, and he’s an actual scene-stealer. He is the chibi-sized alchemist with an excellent thoughts and a unusual physique. Shonen protagonists want to face out by some means, however the entire “anime hair” pattern of the Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s is a bit conspicuous . As a substitute, Edward Elric is a novel and engaging protagonist via significant quirks of his thoughts and flesh alike, even when a few of that flesh is chilly, onerous steel.

Does Edward Elric Have Anime Protagonist Hair?

Simply what’s an ahoge? That is the time period for a selected little bit of visible aptitude in an anime character’s hair — normally a curvy lock that stands up regardless of gravity. An ahoge can range in precisely how lengthy or curly it may be, and a few characters, corresponding to Mediodas from The Seven Lethal Sins, even have two or extra. The everyday ahoge is simply visible aptitude, not often being acknowledged by the characters within the story, however generally, that ahoge can carry out slightly physique language.

Edward’s is known as an antenna, and he was as soon as seen rolling his hair proper after a bathe to create it. That is uncommon for an ahoge, and it is enjoyable to see a personality make one on objective, and there can also be that point Main-Basic Olivier Armstrong threatened to yank it off Ed’s head if he aggravated her.

Why Does Edward Elric Develop Taller?

One of the vital distinctive traits of Edward Elric is his restricted peak — one thing that he is fairly defensive about. He is fast to lash out if anybody makes enjoyable of him being brief, even threatening to punt Selim Bradley to Neptune about it. At first, he’s distinctly shorter than his childhood buddy Winry Rockbell, however because the story (and months) went on, Ed grows taller as he matures in angle and gained expertise.

By the top of the present, he’s a lot taller — about an inch or two taller than Winry. There is definitely a time after they stand head to head, and Winry has to look as much as meet Ed’s eyes. Instantly, he is not the “Chibi alchemist,” and his growing peak displays his creating maturity and class. He goes from a bratty child on a mission to a worldy sage who has seen and finished all of it, like his father, and he is able to combine into common society as a person, fairly than run round on zany adventures.

Does Edward Elric Look Like His Father, Van Hohenheim?

Not solely does Edward develop taller throughout the story, however he begins to take after his father, the human Thinker’s Stone Van Hohenheim. It might be famous that Ed begins to resemble his father not solely in physique however in thoughts, too. Mentally, Ed turns into a little bit of a pacifist who favors science and peace over journey and motion, and bodily, he grows taller whereas dressing and performing extra like Hohenheim.

Ed, on the finish of the collection, wears his hair in a easy, free ponytail like Hohenheim’s, and he wears coats and gentleman’s garments like Hohenheim — proper all the way down to his sneakers and suitcase. Somebody seeing him from behind would possibly assume they simply bumped into Hohenheim, and from the entrance, viewers would possibly notice that Ed’s face grew to become extra like Hohenheim’s, versus the spherical and childlike face he had initially.

How Robust Is Edward Elric?

Edward Elric might be pretty light-weight, given his petite stature. His physique strains to assist each itself and Alphonse’s distant physique, which restricted his measurement and weight. He additionally has a synthetic proper arm and left leg, made from heavy automail, and he is gotten used to these mechanical limbs. Nonetheless, he can change his whole physique’s weight when he swaps out for lighter automail fashions, as he does up north. His common automail malfunctions within the chilly, so he equips lighter variations that can face up to the chilly. He marvels at how a lot quicker he can combat and maneuver, all from swapping out two limbs.

Not simply any Fullmetal Alchemist character can try this, although Ed must be cautious. A lighter mannequin of automail would not hit as onerous because the model that he’s used to. In idea, he may go on his adventures swapping forwards and backwards between his common and lightweight automail as wanted, relying on the circumstances.

Edward’s Physique Has Essential Symbolism

Edward Elric has some distinct visible aptitude together with his braided gold ponytail, his ahoge, his crimson coat, his steel limbs and extra. General, he’s extra symbolic than trendy. In actual fact, he represents lots of the main themes and concepts explored in Fullmetal Alchemist, starting together with his eyes and hair.

Ed and Al each have gold hair and eyes, setting them aside from the opposite main characters, who are likely to have brown, black and even crimson or blue eyes. Edward inherits these traits from Van Hohenheim, who comes from the desert kingdom of Xerxes. Hohenheim grew to become a wandering sage who unfold alchemy to different lands, corresponding to Xing, the place Xingese lore describes an excellent “being of gold” who brings knowledge and data. Now it is Edward’s time to grow to be a wandering sage of gold. He could also be extra bratty about it, however he spreads the knowledge of ending the cycle of hate and violence, performing in a selfless method.

As well as, Edward’s coat has the Flamel image on it, a snake on a cross with a indifferent crown and a pair of angel wings over it. That is no accident. The image is related to the real-life alchemist Nicholas Flamel, himself related to the Thinker’s Stone — one thing Edward as soon as sought. It’s also associated to historical symbols for drugs or victory over the satan, standing for Ed’s drive to deliver peace and heal Winry’s wounded coronary heart, in addition to Ed’s mission to foil Father.


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