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Anime & Manga’s 5 Best Himbos


Himbos have grown in recognition through the years due to their endearing hearts of gold and lack of intelligence. These characters often have muscular and enticing our bodies, permitting their power to compensate for his or her below-average brainpower. Whereas these himbo heroes could wrestle intellectually, they’re sometimes strong-willed and can battle to the bitter finish for what they consider in. Listed below are the 5 biggest himbos anime and manga has to supply.

Goku – Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Goku Thumbs Up

As one in all anime’s most well-known protagonists, Goku from Dragon Ball Z is arguably the most well-liked himbo on the market. Goku has the standard character design of a himbo, with a very muscular physique that may overpower his enemies. Whereas Goku is a genius in the case of fight, he lacks understanding of the world round him. As an example, he agreed to marry Chi-Chi as a result of he thought marriage was a meals — and his love of meals gives comedic reduction all through the collection, as he tends to fret extra about consuming than getting overwhelmed in a battle. Regardless of his infantile innocence, Goku is extremely honest and cares about others. He’s selfless and all the time makes use of his immense energy to assist the better good reasonably than himself. Given his pure coronary heart of gold, followers proceed to seek out Goku’s goofy and foolish antics endearing.

Joseph Joestar – JoJo’s Weird Journey

One other standard collection protagonist, Joseph Joestar is the himbo star of Jojo’s Weird Journey. Joseph has a  muscular and bodily succesful character design that follows the usual himbo method. Whereas he has a hotheaded and typically aggressive disposition, Joseph can be goofy and lazy. He has a very carefree method to fight and prefers to taunt his enemies so he has a chance to point out off. Regardless of being extra violent and temperamental than most himbos, his coronary heart is all the time in the correct place and he protects these he loves. With a charismatic and infrequently comical perspective, Joseph has turn out to be a himbo beloved by anime followers.

May Man – Naruto

Might Guy smiles, winks, and makes the thumbs up sign

May Man from Naruto is thought for his overenthusiastic and optimistic outlook within the face of adversary. His quirky and outgoing conduct appears absurd to different shinobi, usually annoying his personal teammates. Whereas he yells concerning the “Power of Youth” and challenges Kakashi to fights he is aware of he cannot win, most followers keep in mind May Man for his self-discipline and grit. As a grasp of taijutsu, his bodily power is second to none, and that is mirrored in his overly muscular character design. Regardless of being seen as a goofy character who overestimates his personal skills, May Man turns into a warfare hero and proves his superior fight skills when almost sacrificing himself within the Fourth Nice Ninja Struggle by opening the Eight Interior Gates.

Mirio Togata (Lemillion) – My Hero Academia

Lemillion winking

Mirio Togata, additionally recognized by his hero identify Lemillion, is the right instance of a himbo in My Hero Academia. Given his robust and succesful physique and his unwavering coronary heart of gold, Mirio was the highest candidate to turn out to be All May’s successor till he met Izuku Midoriya. With a blinding smile and charismatic optimism, Mirio is the perfect picture of a prime hero who instills religion and belief in most people. Regardless of being an extremely robust and succesful hero who others admire and respect, Mirio would not actively search consideration or accolades. Not solely does he embody the himbo character kind completely, however he is additionally accompanied by classmate Eijiro Kirishima aka Purple Riot as one other best himbo within the collection.

Kamina – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kamina Leads The Charge

Kamina is the hotheaded himbo protagonist of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He’s extra conceited than the typical himbo, giving grandiose speeches and calling himself the “Mighty Kamina.” He can be reckless and fearless, main him to have interaction in unthinkable and harmful conditions. Nonetheless, regardless of his impulsiveness, Kamina’s devotion and protectiveness to his mates is endearing. Whereas he could put himself in hurt’s method with out pondering, he has the bodily power and capabilities to again up his overconfidence. Kamina’s targets and motivations are commendable, as he additionally fights for his dream that future kids will not must dwell in concern.


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