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Arifureta: How Hajime and Yue Came to Have a ‘Daughter’


If there was a contest for essentially the most mom figures one little one can have of their life, Myu would absolutely be a finalist. In Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Greatest, an isekai harem anime, viewers are launched to merfolk toddler Myu in direction of the tip of the primary season. The powerful man protagonist Hajime Nagumo and big-hearted bunny woman Shea Haulia discover the lovely merfolk little one first. Extra time, Myu goes from calling Hajime “Big Brother” to “Papa,” a lot to his dismay.

There are numerous questions left unanswered within the sequence, however the story of how Myu turned a daughter to Hajime and Yue is a well-depicted improvement. The gang first encounters candy little Myu in Episode 11. Whereas on a reluctantly promised date with Shea, Hajime detects the presence of a weak little one within the sewers beneath utilizing his sense presence talent. They discover her unconscious, however nonetheless respiration. When she regains consciousness, she explains to Shea that she was taken from her mom. She’d been escaping slave merchants. Hajime and Shea agree on leaving her to town guard.

As they’re strolling away, they hear an explosion. They uncover a ransom observe written within the wall, which claims that if Hajime does not ship Shea to the abductors, they will kill Myu. Hajime makes it his mission to avoid wasting the kid. He recruits the assistance of Yue and Tio Klarus, they usually ultimately discover the antagonists’ hideout. They understand they’re up towards slave merchants who’re working a monster little one trafficking ring. As they disband the evil operation, Hajime ultimately finds Myu with the kingpin, trapped in a glass orb crammed with water. With out hesitation, Hajime shoots the kingpin lifeless and saves Myu. Earlier than being reunited by the remainder of the gang, Hajime reveals her a “fireworks display” by enthusiastically setting off explosives within the slave dealer hideout.

When everybody reunites, Hajime voices his issues about being known as “Big Brother.” Myu gleefully retorts by saying she needs to name him “Papa.” She exclaims that since she does not even have a father, she will promote her large brother as a substitute. Witnessing this lovely trade, Yue tells Hajime she needs a child with him. Tio and Shea instantly observe go well with. True to this anime’s harem classification, Myu’s debut episode ends with everybody combating over Hajime.

Within the remaining two episodes of the season, viewers can see Hajime heat as much as his “daughter,” referring to her as such and being very protecting of her relating to any perceivable risk. When Kousuke Endou — a classmate of Hajime’s from his earlier life — snaps at Myu, Hajime rightfully snaps again, telling him to not discuss to his daughter like that. Yue notices this, mentioning that Hajime actually did develop into a “Papa” to little Myu. She is the one one moreover Yue to have actually damaged by way of the exhausting exterior Hajime constructed round himself whereas within the labyrinth. Though her actual mom continues to be on the market someplace, it should absolutely can be exhausting for Hajime and Yue to half methods with Myu now that they’ve discovered one another.


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