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Attack on Titan Anatomy: 5 Weird Things About Eren Yeager’s Titan


The character of the Titans that stroll the forsaken lands past Wall Maria are one of many greatest questions of Assault on Titan. Whereas all Titans are gargantuan human-like creatures, there exist large variations of their anatomy and distinctive talents. Pure Titans are senseless, deformed giants whose deadliness varies relying on traits, akin to their top and nocturnal variations, whereas Titan Shifters are these managed by people and designed to have distinctive fight specializations of their very own. The Titan Eren Yeager controls, naturally, falls into the latter class.Even among the many ranks of people with Titan powers, Eren’s state of affairs is nothing near easy. As somebody who was by no means skilled to wield a Titan his Titan anatomy has each nice limitations and nice potential.

How Many Titans Has Eren Yeager Inherited?

This primary element neatly sums up why Eren’s Titan is so completely different from the remainder. Eren technically has entry to 2 Titans as a substitute of only one firstly of Assault on Titan. Because of the efforts of his father, Grisha Yeager, Eren has full entry to the powers of the Assault Titan and restricted entry to the Founding Titan. This was led to by his father’s Assault Titan consuming Frieda Reiss, the Founding Titan, after which Eren as a pure Titan ate Grisha.

Titan powers are inherited by consuming somebody who already has entry to these powers, and due to the Eren-Grisha-Frieda chain of consumption, Eren’s Titan talents pulls from each shifters. This additional evolves in a while, as he eats the Conflict Hammer Titan in Season 4. Though he bodily appears the identical in his Titan kind, his talents will inherently change to incorporate components of the Conflict Hammer Titan.

What Is the Assault Titan’s Means?


9 Titans could be managed by people in Assault on Titan’s world, and all through the collection every one is characterised by the fight specializations distinctive to that Titan. For instance, the Armored Titan has plated segments defending its physique that render it invulnerable to most assaults by people, and the Colossus Titan stands at a 60 meter top that dwarfs the opposite human-controlled Titans. Nevertheless, Eren’s Assault Titan is an odd exception to the rule. The Assault Titan has all of the traits which can be common to Titans — with a very powerful being tremendous regeneration — but it surely lacks any distinctive talents of its personal. When each different human-controlled Titan has its personal bizarre talents, the dearth of a bizarre capability out of the blue turns into even stranger.

How Did Eren Yeager Get His Hardening Means?

The traits of Eren’s Titan are bizarre, largely as a result of they appear contradictory at first look. Though the Assault Titan lacks any distinctive talents at its base, this modified in Season 3 on account of a particular serum possessed by the Reiss household. The serum upgraded the Assault Titan, permitting Eren to harden his pores and skin right into a crystalline substance that’s invaluable for each protection and offense.

It’s nonetheless not a capability distinctive to Assault Titan, since in Season 1 the Feminine Titan naturally possessed it, but it surely’s arguably probably the most very important Titan energy Eren wields. All Titans carcasses are identified to disintegrate as soon as they’re slain or the human controllers are minimize free from the physique, however in hardened kind the crystalline carcass can stay. It’s this anatomical trait that enables Survey Corps to patch up the partitions utilizing hardened pores and skin from the Assault Titan.

Why Does the Founding Titan Want Royal Blood?

Eren could have inherited the Founding Titan, however regardless that he theoretically has entry to this Titan’s talents, he can’t absolutely use them. The Founding Titan was meant to be handed down via the Reiss household’s royal bloodline. As a result of Eren lacks royal blood, underneath regular circumstances he can’t entry the Founding Titan’s unbelievable talents — specifically reminiscence manipulation and command over hordes of pure Titans. But these talents aren’t totally misplaced to Eren. If he comes into bodily contact with somebody of royal blood, he’s capable of quickly command Titan hordes and delve into the recollections saved inside the Founding Titan.

Why Is Eren Yeager Not At all times in Management of His Titan?

The ultimate trait on this listing is presumably one shared by each human-controlled Titan, however to this point we’ve solely seen Eren cope with it within the collection. If Eren lacks a robust pressure of will, it’s attainable for him to fall right into a trance-like state and lose management of the Assault Titan. He practically killed his adopted sister Mikasa in a state of feral rage when this occurred, and later, he practically ate Annie, regardless of the Survey Corps wanting to maintain her alive for info. There’s a probability that this might be on account of Eren’s lack of coaching, which the Shifters from Marley underwent earlier than changing into Warriors.


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