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Attack on Titan Anatomy: 5 Weird Things About the Female Titan’s Body


In Assault on Titan, monsters often called Titans plague the world as they continuously try and devour individuals; nevertheless, as Season 2 and three revealed, Titans are people who are forcibly become these monsters and there’s a world past the partitions that imagine these throughout the partitions, Eldians, are devils who ought to be exterminated. So as to guarantee the downfall of Eldians, a number of individuals from the skin world are despatched to the Eldia to acquire the Founding Titan and eradicate life within the partitions.

These individuals have the flexibility to shift into enhanced titans, and so they not solely preserve their reminiscences whereas of their Titan kind however additionally they have talents that supersede the talents of standard titans. One in all these shifters, Annie Leonhart, is the first antagonist of Season 1 and her titan, the Feminine Titan, poses an actual menace on account of her distinctive anatomy.

The Feminine Titan Has Excessive Mobility and Endurance

All through the collection, it is generally recognized that – on account of their disproportionate our bodies – most Titans have poor mobility and endurance, transferring slowly and infrequently having rag doll-like limbs. Whereas there are a couple of anomalies that may run to catch their prey, even their velocity is nothing in comparison with that of the Feminine Titan’s.

Annie’s velocity and endurance permit her to not solely simply outrun different Titans and evade the Scout Regiment, but it surely additionally means she will be able to journey for lengthy intervals of time throughout big distances, as seen in her pursuit of Eren Yeager past the partitions in Season 1 Episodes 17-22. One other good thing about this way is, in contrast to different Titans, the Feminine Titan has full management of her mobility, which permits her to leap, dodge assaults and sq. off in a combat, as she did with a lot success towards the Scouts and Levi’s Squad, killing dozens of them within the course of. Since Annie can be the most effective hand at hand fighters within the present, her method and abilities are translated completely to her Titan kind, and her Feminine Titan is ready to maintain her personal and infrequently win the combat, as she did towards Eren’s Assault Titan in Season 1 Episode 21.

Annie Leonhart Can Management Her Therapeutic Issue

One other common trait for Titans is their capability to heal wounds and regenerate limbs. This often takes a while, however the Feminine Titan can channel her vitality into which areas of her physique must heal first. That is demonstrated in Season 1 Episode 21, the place Annie focuses her therapeutic on her eye so she is ready to see the members of Levi Squad, taking them without warning and killing each member besides Eren and Levi.

It additionally seems that, together with with the ability to heal desired areas first, the Feminine Titan is amazingly resilient towards harm. Regardless of struggling a crushed cranium and severed leg in Season 1 and Episode 25, Annie is ready to proceed her try to flee over the wall up till Mikasa chops off her fingers so she will be able to now not climb. This could possibly be attributed to her Titan anatomy but in addition to Annie’s interior drive to complete her mission and return house.

The Feminine Titan Has Enhanced Vocal Chords

Female Titan trapped

Whereas Titans are unable to talk – with some exceptions – and so they hardly ever make a sound, a number of of the Titan Shifters have proven they’ll. Ymir’s Jaw Titan, Zeke’s Beast Titan and Pieck’s Cart Titan have all spoken within the anime, and whereas Annie’s Feminine Titan, like her human self, isn’t talkative, she does have a present together with her vocal chords.

In Season 1 Episode 20, after being caught by the Scouts and having Levi threaten to take her aside piece by piece, Annie lets out a horrific scream that rings past the miles of forest. Shaking the timber, this roar attracts each Titan within the neighborhood to her location. Surprisingly, the roar additionally quickly hinders the Titans’ need to eat people and so they as a substitute  give attention to consuming the Feminine Titan.

Annie Leonhart Has Selective Hardening

All Titans have thick pores and skin that requires a particular blade to chop by way of it, however the Feminine Titan’s anatomy has an additional protection. She will choose components of her physique to harden into an impenetrable crystal, and whereas it is established in Season 2 that Eren’s titan also can do that, Annie has full management of this capability. She first demonstrates it in Season 1 Episode 21, when she hardens the nape of her neck to guard herself from Oluo Bozado’s blade.

Together with being a superb protection, her crystal capability is nice for offensive strikes. When combating Eren within the woods, she crystalizes her fist, creating makeshift brass knuckles and ripping Eren’s jaw off within the course of. She will additionally use her capability to make her fingers right into a set of claws, which got here in useful when she tried to scale the partitions.

Annie Leonhart Has a Crystal Protection

Apart from utilizing her crystal talents because the Feminine Titan, Annie also can use them in her human kind. When it appears to be like like all hope is misplaced for Annie and Eren is about to devour her after their battle in Season 1 Episode 25, she generates a crystal cocoon round herself.

Annie, who’s already demonstrated that she has no real interest in cooperating with the Scouts, places herself in a coma like state so she is bodily unable to conform or reply any of their questions. The cocoon additionally permits her to relaxation safely since nothing can penetrate the crystal shell, so threats of torture are nonexistent. Within the anime, she remains to be within the cocoon and the extent of this talent stays mysterious, although current manga chapters increase on this Titan capability. With Season 4 – the ultimate season – airing this fall, these talents in addition to Annie’s destiny will probably be revealed for many who solely watch the present.


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