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Attack on Titan Anatomy: 5 Weird Things About the Jaw Titan


On the finish of Assault on Titan Season 2, the idea arose amongst the Scouts that titans had been remodeled people, and this could later be confirmed in Season 3. All through the primary two seasons there have been clues to this, particularly when Eren first remodeled into the Assault Titan and when it was revealed Annie was one other shifter; nonetheless, the largest clue to this was with Ymir, a personality who was a thriller from day one. Whereas different protagonists acquired some type of backstory, Ymir’s was at all times saved in the dead of night, and for good motive.

It wasn’t till Season 2, Episode 4, “Soldier,” that it was revealed she was one other shifter, and shortly after, in Episode 5, “Historia,” the viewers realized she obtained this energy by consuming one in all Bertholdt and Reiner’s comrades, which turned her from a senseless titan into the shifter often known as the Jaw Titan, who was initially despatched alongside the Titan Trio to destroy the partitions and procure the Founding Titan. The titan would later return to Marley, with Porco inheriting its talents after consuming Ymir. Like all shifters, the Jaw Titan has a novel anatomy in comparison with senseless titans, which provides it a bonus.

The Jaw Titan Is the Smallest Titan Shifter

Upon first look, essentially the most notable factor about this shifter is its measurement. In comparison with all the opposite shifters launched within the anime — the Assault Titan, the Founding Titan, the Colossal Titan, the Armored Titan, the Beast Titan, the Cart Titan, the Battle Hammer Titan and the Feminine Titan — the Jaw Titan is the smallest, and it’s even smaller than most senseless titans.

This comes with benefits, which will probably be addressed afterward, and drawbacks, similar to being overpowered by bigger titans, as seen in “Historia” when the senseless titans lastly outnumber Ymir, toss her like a rag doll and devour items of her. In the meantime, Eren’s titan was capable of seize Porco’s Jaw Titan by the neck and almost kill him as soon as he was in his grasp.

The Jaw Titan Is Sooner Than People, Senseless Titans and Most Shifters

The Jaw Titan Attacks

In contrast to the Colossal Titan or Rod Reiss’ Titan, who each transfer ungodly sluggish on account of their huge sizes, the Jaw Titan, due to its petite construct, is without doubt one of the quickest shifters. All through the second half of Season 2, audiences see Ymir simply catch as much as Reiner’s Armored Titan and out run the scouts with their ODM gear.

Even earlier than the opposite characters find out about the Jaw Titan, Historia notices that Ymir is hiding one thing when she makes it down the mountain with Daz with none climbing gear and in file time. This could’ve taken a median individual hours, and even for a titan it might’ve taken some time, however Ymir’s Jaw Titan speeds down quick sufficient to save lots of Daz from hypothermia. Porco’s titan equally has exceptional velocity, saving Reiner from an anti-titan canon in fast time and shielding Gabi and Falco from a rain of bullets.

The Jaw Titan Can Out Maneuver the Scouts

Together with heightened agility, the Jaw Titan has extra flexibility and dexterity than some other shifters. Whereas the Armored Titan, Feminine Titan and Assault Titan have all displayed combating capabilities, they don’t have the identical grace because the Jaw Titan, who can simply maneuver out of tight conditions whereas additionally touchdown devastating blows. At Fort Utgard, followers see how effortlessly Ymir can scale the tower, leap from titan to titan and hurl items of brick at her opponents, mimicking the grace of dancer or spider.

In the meantime, within the Big Forest, Ymir swings like a monkey from department to department and preforms flips like an acrobat, which permits her to flee the Scouts. As for Porco’s Jaw Titan, he can hop from the buildings in Liberio, nearly getting the soar on Eren. He additionally makes use of this dexterity through the battle to leap from canon to canon, destroying them earlier than they can obliterate any of the opposite Warriors.

The Jaw Titan’s Claws Are Stronger Than the Scouts’ Blades

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Attack Titan Jaw Titan

What helps with the Jaw Titan’s acrobatics is its sharpened claws. Whereas different shifters, just like the Feminine Titan, have needed to use their crystal talents to make claws, the Jaw Titan naturally has a set of nails that may penetrate the toughest surfaces. With Fort Utgard, Ymir is ready to maintain onto a easy floor due to her claws, and she or he is in a position pierce titan flesh with them, which is spectacular when contemplating the truth that the Scouts needed to develop specialised blades to realize the identical feat.

Equally within the Big Forest, Ymir can grasp onto bushes just like the Scouts as a result of her claws anchor her like their ODM gear does. In the meantime, Porco’s claws scratch the crystal Woman Tybur is in, a crystal like Annie Leonhart’s, which was thought of to be unbreakable by the Scouts.

The Jaw Titan’s Chunk Is the Strongest Out of All of the Warriors

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Jaw Titan

The most important benefit of the Jaw Titan is its jaw, which is the strongest of the titan shifters. The place most shifters and senseless titans have tooth that resemble their human set, the Jaw Titan develops a mouth full of razor sharp fangs. Together with being sharp sufficient to simply penetrate the nape of titan’s neck, this jaw can unhinge itself with out the necessity of damaging the mouth, because the Feminine Titan needed to do.

This makes the Jaw Titan’s anatomy just like that of a snake, in addition to an alligator given the immense quantity of energy the Jaw Titan can exert in a single chew, which makes this shifter extremely harmful. As an illustration, Porco is ready to take off Eren’s hand with a single chew, however maybe essentially the most spectacular show of that is when Porco’s Jaw Titan is used like a nutcracker to shatter Woman Tybur’s crystal, brutally killing her. Not even Eren’s titan is ready to obtain a chew like this, damaging his mouth when he tried to do the identical.


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