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Attack on Titan: How the Colossal Titan & Paradis’ Wall Titans Are Different


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Season 4 of Assault on Titan, now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

As Assault on Titan progresses, the lore behind the Titans continues to develop. Together with the revelation that Titans are former Eldians, it is revealed that there are Irregular Titans dwelling within the partitions that defend Paradis, and these Titans have a placing resemblance to the Colossal Titan. Whereas they give the impression of being related, there are key variations between the Colossal Titan and the Wall Titans.

What Is the Colossal Titan?

The primary episode of Assault on Titan introduces the Colossal Titan, a Titan shifter taller than Wall Maria, which he breaches with a single kick, permitting Pure Titans to flood Shiganshina. These Titans, whereas tall, are nowhere close to the peak of the Colossal Titan, who’s 60 meters excessive. Moreover, these Titans have pores and skin, whereas the Colossal Titan has uncovered muscle.

The Colossal Titan, not like Pure Titans, can also be clever. Whereas some Irregular Titans have demonstrated feats of intelligence, in addition to uncommon actions, none of them measure as much as the Colossal Titan as a result of he is a shifter primarily managed by Bertholdt, however now Armin is the Colossal Titan. Like different shifters, Bertholdt and Armin can flip into this Titan on command when injured, sustaining their intelligence on this monstrous kind.

All Titans additionally generate extreme quantities of warmth, and each time an Eldian transforms right into a Titan, there’s a big burst of vitality, however the Colossal Titan’s transformation is extra versatile, with the holder capable of management the quantity of vitality displaced. As an example, when attacking the partitions, Bertholdt’s transformation does considerably much less harm than his transformation through the Battle of Shiganshina District in Season 3, the place he makes use of this capability like an atomic bomb, destroying numerous buildings and killing practically everybody within the blast radius.

This quantity of vitality additionally makes the Colossal Titan generate extra warmth than different Titans, with the Shifter capable of management the quantity of steam he emits to maintain enemies at bay. The steam is so sizzling that it may burn a human to loss of life, as is the case for Armin in Season 3, Episode 17, “Hero;” though he barely survived, and the one purpose he healed was as a result of the Scouts selected him to eat Bertholdt and change into the brand new Colossal Titan.

Whereas The Colossal Titan is without doubt one of the deadliest Titans, this shifter comes with a number of downsides. For one, there’s the Curse of Ymir, which implies any shifter will die 13 years after inheriting their Titan, not like Pure Titans, who seem to stay eternally until they inherit a shifter or have the nape of their neck severed. On prime of that, the Colossal Titan sacrifices pace for its measurement and energy.

What Are the Wall Titans?


Again in Season 2, Episode 1, “Beast Titan,” the Survey Corps make an unsettling discovery, discovering a Titan dwelling throughout the partitions. It has an identical look to the Colossal Titan, having uncovered muscle as an alternative of pores and skin, however this Titan is barely shorter than the Colossal Titan, not reaching the highest of the wall.

This Wall Titan stays a thriller till Season 3, Episode 20, “That Day,” the place audiences study that King Fritz used tens of millions of Irregular Titans to make the partitions. Extra details about King Fritz’ plan is revealed in Season 4, Episode 5, “Declaration of War.” Whereas it is true that he made the partitions out of tens of millions of Wall Titans, he by no means meant to launch them.

Moreover, whereas these Titans are thought-about Irregular Titans, they’ve but to point out any indicators of intelligence or motion. They might be dormant as a result of they have been put within the wall by the Founding Titan, in order that they’re ready for his command. This lack of free will is a key distinction between the Wall Titans and the Colossal Titan, who can suppose for himself and act each time he pleases.

The Colossal Titan can even freely swap between his human kind and his Titan kind, whereas it is assumed the Wall Titans can’t. With out seeing the transformation of those Wall Titans, it is also unclear in the event that they generate as a lot vitality because the Colossal Titan, nevertheless it’s secure to imagine they do not, in any other case Paradis’ ecosystem would’ve been devastated when King Fritz initially made them.

Whereas there are numerous variations, it seems the Wall Titans can harden their our bodies like a number of different shifters can. Notably, the Conflict Hammer Titan can use a hardening capability to create bodily objects. Equally, tens of millions of Wall Titans used a capability like this to create the partitions; nevertheless, it is unlikely they might do that with out the Founding Titan enabling them since no different Irregular Titan has demonstrated this talent.

Moreover, since these Titans can break out of the partitions, it is secure to imagine they’re as sturdy because the Colossal Titan. They’re additionally probably as gradual because the Colossal Titan. Each the Colossal Titan and outsized Pure Titans look like slowed down by their bigger sizes, however that does not make them much less harmful.


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