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Attack on Titan: The Key Differences Between Pure, Abnormal & Shifter Titans


Assault on Titan began with a comparatively easy premise that finally expanded immensely. Humanity lives contained in the partitions to guard itself from humanoid monsters referred to as Titans. Most Titans are Pure Titans, however there are Irregular Titans, in addition to Titan Shifters, who’re the rarest. Whereas every sort of Titan shares similarities, like their origin, Abnormals and Shifters differ significantly from Prue Titans in a number of areas.

What Are Pure Titans?

Titans are Eldians who’ve been reworked into monsters by having Titan serum injected into their methods. After they rework, their our bodies flip into outsized caricatures of their former selves, growing over-exaggerated facial options and disproportionate anatomy. Their heights differ, with some smaller ones being round 16 toes, whereas some taller ones might be round 50 toes; nonetheless, this differs per Titan, and in terms of Abnormals, the heights might be extra excessive.

Together with this, if the sufferer turns right into a Pure Titan, which is most frequently the case, they may lose all sense of humanity and intelligence. Their solely motive is to go looking for people to eat; nonetheless, this is not as a result of they should devour folks to outlive.

All Titans, together with Pure Titans, are sturdy, with the ability to regenerate from nearly any harm; nonetheless, if the nape of their neck is severed, they may die. This results in many Pure Titans throwing themselves into conditions that would injure them significantly, however with their therapeutic issue, in addition to lots of them not comprehending ache, this does not part them.

Moreover,  they don’t age, as seen with Ymir, who wandered Paradis as a Titan for about 60 years earlier than consuming Marcel Galliard, the previous Jaw Titan. When she awoke, she regarded the identical as she did earlier than her preliminary transformation. This, their regenerative potential and the very fact they needn’t eat to outlive makes Pure Titans, in addition to the Irregular Titans, practically immortal.

What Are Irregular Titans?

attack on titan abnormal titan

Irregular Titans abide by most of the similar guidelines as Pure Titans, with a number of variations, together with their unpredictable conduct in terms of searching. Whereas Pure Titans go after any close by human, Abnormals will typically ignore sure folks, usually in favor of bigger teams.

Some Abnormals — not all — even have bigger or extra impractical proportions, as seen with Rod Reiss’ Titan, which was twice the dimensions of the Colossal Titan, and he could not stroll upright due to this. Equally, Connie’s mother, who Zeke changed into an Irregular, is trapped on her again as a result of her torso is too massive whereas her limbs are too small.

These Titans’ actions are additionally extra assorted, with some working or leaping on all fours, just like the Titan who ate Thomas Wagner within the Battle of Trost District. Irregular Titans additionally transfer quicker at occasions and can have higher dexterity, as seen with the Titan who killed Levi Ackerman’s childhood buddies in his OVA, “A Choice with No Regrets.”

Moreover, they look like extra cognitive. As an example, one Irregular lies beneath the bushes whereas Pure Titans fail to climb up to get Reiner, Ymir, Bertholdt and Eren in Season 3, Episode 9, “Opening.” As an alternative of repeating the Prue Titans’ errors, this Irregular retains itself secure, watches its prey and waits for a gap, proving it has the flexibility to assume and restrain itself.

In even fewer circumstances, some Abnormals retain recollections and the flexibility to converse, like with Connie’s mother, who tells her son, “welcome home.” The Irregular who kills Ilse Langnar additionally talks and even expresses regret as Ilse interrogates it, showcasing how some Abnormals retain bits of their feelings, however their Titan instincts usually overcome these extra human qualities.

What Are Titan Shifters?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Colossal Titan

Whereas Abnormals have some benefits, what they’ll do is nothing in comparison with what Shifters are able to. A Shifter begins off as a Pure Titan; nonetheless, after consuming a present Shifter, they may inherit that individual’s Titan. As a Shifter, the individual can change between their human and Titan type, and they don’t have a need to eat different people.

There are 9 Shifters in whole: the Founding Titan, the Feminine Titan, the Beast Titan, the Warfare Hammer Titan, the Armored Titan, the Cart Titan, the Jaw Titan, the Assault Titan and the Colossal Titan. At the beginning of the anime, all of those Titans, apart from the Founding and Assault Titan, have been in Marley’s possession.

Every Titan has their very own set of expertise, in addition to their very own disadvantages. As an example, the Colossal Titan is the biggest; nonetheless, he’s additionally one of many slowest. In the meantime, the Cart Titan can keep her type the longest and has outstanding endurance, however she is not as powerful as Shifters just like the Armored Titan.

Whereas they every have particular person talent units, some share comparable traits, just like the Feminine and Warfare Hammer Titan, who each have superior hardening expertise. All Shifters may also regenerate limbs, even when their sturdiness varies. Moreover, they not solely keep their recollections, however they’ll additionally entry the recollections of previous Shifters. Plus, they keep their intelligence, with a number of demonstrating the flexibility to talk of their Titan kinds.

Shifters are additionally extra proportional than Irregular and Pure Titans, as seen with Armin. His Pure Titan type is emaciated and disproportionate, however his Colossal Titan — no matter measurement — is extra anatomically “correct.” This, together with their intelligence, makes their Titans simpler to maneuver, not like Pure and Irregular Titans, whose actions might be chaotic.

Regardless of the benefits of being a Shifter, there’s a main draw back. Not like Irregular and Pure Titans, Shifters have a lifespan of 13 years due to the Curse of Ymir. Moreover, they have to be eaten by one other Titan so as to management who inherits their powers, in any other case, a random Eldian will grow to be the following Shifter, making the Shifters’ futures grim it doesn’t matter what.


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