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Attack on Titan: Why the Attack Titan Is Secretly the Most Powerful of the Nine


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for the Assault on Titan manga by Hajime Isayama, accessible in English from Kodansha.

On this planet of Assault on Titan, the facility of the 9 Titans reigns supreme. Whereas most Titans are senseless man-eaters, the 9 are sentient, human-controlled Titans that possess distinctive traits and talents that make them essentially the most highly effective beings on the planet. Though the Founding Titan is the unique Titan and possesses all-powerful energy over all Titans, the Assault Titan is superior because of its means to make a extra direct influence on the world, freed from the varied restrictions that inhibit the Founding Titan.

The 9 Titans every possess distinctive traits that make them tremendously highly effective. Regardless of how completely different they every are from each other, the one factor that almost all of them have in widespread is that they’ve been defeated by the Assault Titan. The Assault Titan has fought and defeated the Founding, Struggle Hammer, Armored, Feminine, and Jaw Titans. The one Titan that the Assault Titan has fought and misplaced to was the Colossal Titan, due solely to the immense distinction in measurement. Solely the Beast and Cart Titans have by no means been in direct confrontation with the Assault Titan.

Attack on Titan Eren Yeager as Attack Titan

The Assault Titan’s bodily energy is much more spectacular provided that it has no gimmicks or particular talents. It is average-sized, doesn’t have full-body armor or sharp enamel, nor can it summon or management different Titans. The Assault Titan simply has arms which can be rated “E for Everyone.” Whereas it did achieve a hardening means, a variety of the credit score goes to Eren’s dedication to fight coaching and his incomparable willpower. Nonetheless, even when the Assault Titan was within the arms of Eren’s father, Grisha, who was not at all a fighter, the Assault Titan may nonetheless overpower and kill the Founding Titan.

Apart from the Founding Titan, the Assault Titan seems to be the one Titan that influences its person. Eren Kruger, the Heir who preceded Grisha, described the Assault Titan as having pushed ever ahead, at all times preventing for freedom. His daring declare is backed up by the truth that the Assault Titan was one in every of solely two Titans to by no means fall into the arms of Marley through the Nice Titan Struggle. Marley spent numerous many years using the facility of seven of the 9 Titans, and whereas the Founding Titan stayed within the arms of the royal household on Paradis Island, the Assault Titan’s whereabouts remained unknown for hundreds of years.

The Assault Titan is extra than simply an elite fighter, it additionally possesses a secondary means that places it in a category all its personal even amongst the 9. The Assault Titan has the power to transcend time. Whereas all Titan Shifters can see the reminiscences of earlier Inheritors, the Assault Titan has a capability that enables the present Heir to ship their very own reminiscences to earlier Inheritors, successfully permitting that particular person to see the long run. This exceptional, god-like means is solely liable for each single occasion that transpires throughout Assault on Titan.

At first, sending reminiscences to the previous sounds insignificant and pretty restricted in its sensible use. Nonetheless, Eren used this means to goad his father into killing the royal household and stealing the Founding Titan. When Grisha discovered himself unable to undergo with it, Eren confirmed him his personal reminiscences of the long run forward of Grisha. This allowed Grisha to see the long run by which his spouse would die in an assault by Marley’s Titans, which gave him the ultimate push he wanted to hold out his assault on the Reiss household, which served because the catalyst for Assault on Titan‘s whole story.

Eren manipulates Grisha from the future in Attack on Titan

Moreover, the present Heir of the Assault Titan can select which reminiscences to ship to the previous and may even ship solely partial reminiscences to control the earlier Heir. Eren used this means to successfully management the move of historical past in such a method as to finest swimsuit his ambitions. Controlling Time is not any small feat, and it is one thing Eren has been doing behind the scenes for the whole lot of Assault on Titan. When he kissed Historia’s hand, he noticed his father’s reminiscence of receiving reminiscences from Eren sooner or later, giving present-day Eren an omniscient consciousness of all the pieces that will occur going ahead.

Eren’s manipulation of time with the Assault Titan’s means is in the end what lead him to acquire the Founding Titan, which ends up in the eradication of Titans from the world. Eren’s mastery of the Assault Titan’s unimaginable energy makes him liable for the occasions of your entire sequence. Even the Founding Titan has not had as profound an influence on the world, making it clear that the Assault Titan is actually essentially the most highly effective Titan.


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