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Avatar Anatomy: 5 Forgotten Facts About Aang’s Body


Aang, a high-spirited hero and perky protagonist, makes it simple for us to neglect that he is the strongest character within the Avatar collection. Though he was frozen in an iceberg for 100 years, his chronological age of 112 is neither mirrored in his character nor his look. Aang’s carefree exterior is a pure extension of his younger organic agewhich makes his duties because the Avatar all of the harder, and his physique one of many extra distinctive within the collection’ world.

Listed below are some fascinating information you could have forgotten about Avatar Aang’s look and talents.

Aang’s Character Design Is Impressed by Buddhism and Taoism

Avatar creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko used ideas from Buddhism and Taoism when designing Aang’s character. That is made obvious not solely by way of his outward look however his inside anatomy additionally. These influences may also be seen in his outfit. His orange, loose-fitting clothes is considerably in-line with the best way that Buddhist monks costume.

With reference to his inside make-up, the Avatar depends on the concept of chi, as evidenced by the Air Nomad tattoos that run throughout his physique alongside these chi paths. Aang can also be a vegetarian, which runs in parallel with Taoist spiritual orders selling a vegetarian weight-reduction plan. On high of that, the present’s animation model, usually, can also be explicitly influenced by Japanese anime, and the 4 types of bending even have their roots in lots of Jap martial arts types.

Aang Used Spirit Projection to Enter the Spirit World and Past

Because the Avatar, Aang is a really non secular individual and may join together with his previous lives, the Spirit World, and sense chi. The Avatar is claimed to be the bridge between the mortal and spirit world and accordingly, Aang has projected himself into the spirit world on many events. He does this utilizing non secular projection.

Non secular projection is a novel airbending approach that requires one to have a excessive degree of spirituality. Primarily, Aang can separate from his physique by meditating, discovering his inside non secular connection, and coming into the spirit world. An instance of Aang utilizing this method is in “The Siege of the North,” the place he spiritually initiatives himself into the Spirit World by way of meditation. Within the Spirit World, he comes face-to-face with Koh the Face Stealer — a really previous and educated spirit that may steal the face of any person who exhibits emotion. Non secular projection differs from Avatar Korra’s variation on the shape, which is named astral projection. Non secular projection, within the phrases of Jinora, is a posh airbending approach, whereas astral projection is an energybending approach.

Aang has additionally used it to attach together with his previous lives, like Avatar Roku, his speedy predecessor, who’s most frequently proven within the non secular highlight all through the unique collection. Within the Avatar state, Aang can join with different spirits, equivalent to when he submerged himself in water and joined with the Ocean Spirit to amass highly effective waterbending sturdy sufficient to destroy the Fireplace Nation’s fleet.

Avatar Aang’s Energybending Improved Over Time

Energybending is the follow of bending one other individual’s life power — a kind that predates the 4 elemental bending types. The power to bend power was handed right down to Aang by the lion turtle and, in his remaining battle with Ozai, Aang used energybending to remove the Fireplace Lord’s bending.

Many many years later, Aang’s energybending significantly improved. Within the sequel collection, The Legend of Korra, we see a flashback during which Aang takes away the bending of a bloodbending crime lord, Yakone, with relative ease. On this scene, we initially see Aang struggling towards Yakone’s energy in a courtroom setting. The bloodbender is ready to prohibit his motion fairly simply, with the Avatar shedding consciousness after being launched right into a set of stairs. Utilizing his Avatar state to get well, although, Aang finally catches as much as the legal, and as soon as once more makes use of his Avatar state to flee the management of Yakone’s unlawful bending.

Upon escaping its grasp, Aang rapidly captures the convict utilizing earthbending and takes no probabilities — instantly taking away his bending. His improved and environment friendly energybending meant that his opponent misplaced his skills nearly immediately.

Aang Was the Youngest Airbending Grasp Till Jinora

8 aang makes a necklace

Even throughout his childhood on the Air Temple, Aang was a really expert bender. Having obtained his blue arrow tattoos on the age of 12, Aang grew to become the youngest airbending grasp ever (although his granddaughter would later surpass him by changing into the youngest grasp on the age of 11). Within the authentic collection’ current, Aang (at technically age 112) makes good use of his expertise to turn into proficient in utilizing all 4 parts in only one 12 months.

The Boy within the Iceberg Died Younger Due to Being Frozen for 100 Years

Avatar Aang in Korra

Being frozen for 100 years took an enormous toll on Aang’s physique, resulting in his early demise. For the length that he spent frozen in an iceberg, Aang was in a continuing Avatar state, which drained plenty of his life power. That is unlucky as lots of his predecessors reached what we would think about as ‘previous age’, with Avatar Roku dying at 70 and Avatar Kyoshi on the ripe previous age of 230. Sure, you heard that proper: 230.

Aang would finally attain the comparatively younger age of 66 earlier than passing away, although his legacy and accomplishments won’t ever be forgotten by the folks of his world. Korra, an exponent of peace and the newest incarnation of the Avatar, continues to reinforce Aang’s legacy in The Legend of Korra. Within the sequel collection, Aang helps Korra be taught energybending, proving that even in demise, he’s a mentor. Viewers of the present themselves can be taught a lot from Aang’s willingness to barter within the face of battle and his respect for all residing types of life, together with his enemies.


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