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Avatar: How the Air Acolytes Helped Aang Revive Airbender Traditions


Avatar: The Final Airbender has a richly developed world, the place the 4 nice nations are every a mirrored image of the classical Greek parts. The Hearth Nation is a volcanic collection of islands whose inhabitants work tirelessly towards the long run, the Earth Kingdom is secure and tradition-bound and the Water Tribe is secluded and mystical. However what concerning the Air Nomads?

Tragically, the Air Nomad tradition was destroyed when the Hundred-Yr Struggle started and Hearth Lord Sozin wiped all of them out. Solely Avatar Aang survived, and on this new period, he feels completely alone. Thankfully for him, not everybody forgot the methods of the Air Nomads, and even non-benders may help him carry this historic tradition again to life. They’re the Air Acolytes.

The Origins Of The Air Acolytes

The Air Acolytes group was not based till the Hundred-Yr Struggle ended, and thus they weren’t seen within the unique Avatar cartoon collection. About one 12 months after the conflict’s finish, Aang and his associates are confronted with new challenges the world over within the official Darkish Horse Avatar comics, and that features speedy modernization.

Aang was dismayed when factories have been constructed on sacred Air Nomad lands, and he wasn’t alone. A gaggle of ladies, the Avatar Aang Fan Membership, have been his allies, regardless of not being airbenders. Aang was grateful for the assist, but additionally shocked to be taught that just a few of the ladies had shaved their heads and given one another genuine Air Nomad tattoos identical to Aang’s personal. Aang objected, seeing this as a benign however critical mockery of Air Nomad tradition, however he quickly discovered a artistic resolution.

The women could not take away their tattoos and Aang did not have the center to dissolve the Fan Membership, so he gave his followers a brand new identify and a brand new function. He rebranded them because the Air Acolytes, the primary of their form, and the unique membership’s members gladly accepted this new function. These ladies had already labored laborious to review and protect Air Nomad tradition and historical past, and they might proceed this work as Air Acolytes. Additionally they began carrying yellow and purple robes to match, they usually helped Aang restore the present Air Nomad temples around the globe. For many years, this work continued, and the stage was set for the return of the airbenders in Avatar Korra’s time.

The Present State Of The Air Acolytes

Avatar Korra was used to seeing members of the White Lotus serving as her bodyguards, coaches and tutors, and he or she later met the Air Acolytes, who served a roughly comparable function for airbenders comparable to Tenzin, son of Aang. In Korra’s time, many of those Air Acolytes have been laborious at work on the latest air temple on Air Temple Island close to the sprawling Republic Metropolis, they usually helped Tenzin hold the island compound clear, protected and customarily working easily. Later, when Avatar Korra opened the spirit portals and allowed a whole bunch of spirits to re-enter the world, the Air Acolytes had their palms full supporting dozens of recent airbenders.

In Korra’s time, two explicit Air Acolytes stood out from the remainder. One in all them was a younger man named Otaku, who’s famous for being the one Air Acolyte to change into an precise airbender when Korra opened the spirit portals. The opposite notable Air Acolyte is Pema, Tenzin’s spouse. Earlier than the principle occasions of Korra, the daring and decisive Pema stole Tenzin away from Lin Beifong who, in accordance with Pema, was merely the incorrect girl for him. Pema and Tenzin married, they usually had 4 airbender youngsters collectively — Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan.

Along with her common duties as an Air Acolyte and accountable mom, Pema additionally turned Korra’s buddy, providing emotional assist greater than as soon as. She even suggested Korra on issues of the center and shared the story of her, Tenzin and Lin Beifong. Air Acolytes are sworn to uphold the paranormal and historic methods of the Air Nomads, however as Pema exhibits, they’re additionally free to pursue non-airbender-related pursuits.


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