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Avatar Kyoshi: How Did the Methods to Identify Kuruk’s Successor Screw Up So Badly?


Avatar: The Final Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi introduced the franchise into the world of prose in an attractive approach. By no means slouching within the credit score it provides its readers, one of many novel’s central mysteries by no means explicitly outlines its resolution — however the reply is there.

Initially of the story, there are super difficulties in figuring out Avatar Kuruk’s successor. Age-old strategies for pinpointing the subsequent Avatar show ineffective, however with the intention to work out why that’s, readers are pressured to attach the dots on their very own.

The Rise of Kyoshi opens with Avatar Kuruk’s former travelling companions annoyed with the continued seek for his successor. Because the Avatar Cycle signifies that the subsequent Avatar might be born of the Earth factor, the sages of the Earth Kingdom take cost in that course of. Whereas Air Nomads use the toy choice technique seen within the authentic sequence, within the Earth Kingdom Avatars are recognized by quadrisecting the earth and following the quadrant a pebble lands in. Following the cardinal route indicated by the quadrant the place the pebble lands, the tactic steadily narrows down the route of the Avatar.

However the sages had a large drawback: the route simply stored altering. Every time that Jianzhu, Kuruk’s companion, and his celebration adopted the route indicated by the pebble, they’d arrive in a brand new location the place the pebble would reverse its route. The fixed frustrations of their in any other case impeccable technique of identification triggered Jianzhu to hunt different strategies of figuring out his good friend’s successor, and the outcome was that he finally settled on a defective selection. A road urchin named Yun was declared the subsequent Avatar, whereas Kyoshi grew up believing she was deserted by her dad and mom in a rugged fishing village.

When the reality lastly comes out that the strategies of choosing the subsequent Avatar have been mistaken, not one of the characters ever define particularly why their strategies by no means labored. The extra we discover out about Kyoshi’s previous nonetheless, the extra the reply turns into obvious. The pebble stored touchdown in a special spot as a result of the route of the true Avatar was all the time in a special spot. Kyoshi was raised by members of the Flying Opera Firm who traveled all over the world on the again of a flying sky bison. Needed by the legislation, Kyoshi’s dad and mom seemingly fled any time Jianzhu’s celebration approached, as they feared his pursuit.

Not solely does this clarification serve to reply the query of why the identification strategies failed, but it surely additionally solutions Kyoshi’s core query about why her dad and mom deserted her. Believing they have been being hounded by authorities all over the place they went, they finally left Kyoshi behind in worry for her security, all with out realizing that she was really the very particular person the sages sought. As Kyoshi herself begins to journey the world by sky bison, she displays on the unequalled mode of journey, by no means fairly realizing that its peerlessness is the precise cause she evaded Jianzhu’s search all that point.

The subtlety within the writing is magnificent, significantly for a licensed ebook few would strategy with excessive expectations. It might have been completely potential for the novels to coast by on the repute of the franchise alone, however author F.C. Yee as a substitute brings a maturity and respect to the fabric that pays off in dividends.

To reply questions so deeply essential to the plot in such a refined method is not any straightforward process, but Yee conducts the method with aplomb and, in so doing, ensures a rewarding expertise for readers looking for the identical depth in high quality that first pulled them into the unique sequence.


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