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Avatar: The Last Airbender: 5 Earthbenders Who Would Demolish Toph in a Fight


All through Avatar: The Final Airbender, Toph Beifong claimed to be the best Earthbender of all time. She definitely had many showings to show it, changing into the Earth Rumble champion often called the Blind Bandit, conserving Wan Shi Tong’s Library from collapsing into the Spirit World and even inventing metalbending to push the boundaries of what the fundamental martial artwork may do.

However there are nonetheless others who may beat Toph in a struggle in the event that they had been to ever come to blows. Different Earthbenders are only a exhausting counter to Toph’s combating model, and there are even those that outmatch her in sheer energy. She could have crushed nearly each Earthbender she confronted within the authentic collection, however there are particular matchups she simply outright loses.


ghazan lavabending from legend of korra

Possibly probably the most quick instance of a tough counter to Toph’s talents is Ghazan. Whereas Toph’s blindness is what result in a lot of her best discoveries, attuning her to the earth round her as she developed a “seismic sense” to navigate the world, it repeatedly proves to be an exploitable weak point as effectively. Necessitating a agency stance on the bottom she not often leaves, Toph would meet her match the second she goes in opposition to a Lavabender like Ghazan.

The Crimson Lotus member was the primary Lavabender seen within the collection, utilizing even a minute variety of rocks to flee his jail cell in The Legend of Korra. When he unleashed the total pressure of his talents he created large moats of magma Toph could be helpless in opposition to. Toph by no means confirmed any potential to lavabend in Avatar: The Final Airbender or afterward, so her each assault could be ineffective in opposition to Ghazan as he turned the earth in opposition to her.


Bolin Lavabending

In the identical vein as Ghazan, fellow Lavabender Bolin could be a fairly powerful matchup for Toph. Bolin first found lavabending in opposition to Ghazan, and even managed to struggle evenly with him member by the top of Ebook Three. Bolin really turned out to be a fanboy of Toph’s when the 2 lastly met in Ebook 4, but when worse got here to worst it is extremely doubtless he may beat her. In any case, Bolin has a bonus that even Ghazan could not fairly match: agility.

Professional-bending taught Bolin a extremely cellular and evasive type of fight that has been anathema to Toph ever since she first misplaced within the Earth Rumble in opposition to Aang. Although Toph isn’t any stranger to lavabending, first coming throughout it in Toph’s Metalbending Academy the place the Earthbender Solar demonstrated the power, it is nonetheless a complete query mark as to how she would do in open fight in opposition to a Lavabender. Bolin’s showings in opposition to Kuvira’s mecha tanks show simply how efficient he might be when he actually goes all out, and if Toph would lose to Ghazan she would definitely lose to the extra agile Bolin.


Kuvira The Battle of Zaofu Korra Fighting Stance

Even with lavabending out of the equation, extremely cellular and agile fighters are tough for Toph to counter. There are few Benders extra cellular and evasive than Kuvira, with the lethal Nice Uniter of Ebook 4 formulating her personal distinctive model by the point she got here to energy. Mixed with Kuvira’s frequent use of manipulating the earth beneath her opponent, Toph would doubtless be too disoriented to counter successfully.

Kuvira could effectively have been the best Metalbender of Korra’s Period, too. Lots of Toph’s showings in metalbending are large of their shows of energy, be it the time she redirected a whole airship’s fin or when she held a collapsing iron mine for hours on finish. Kuvira isn’t any slouch within the energy division herself, nevertheless, as in Ruins of the Empire she break up aside a whole automotive and transformed it into metallic spikes in opposition to her foe. On condition that Kuvira has the finer diploma of management, zipping out bands of metallic round her opponents and even utilizing them to separate boulders, it is exhausting to not give her the sting in a struggle.


Book 3: Bumi v/s Toph

There’s one struggle Toph had in opposition to one other Earthbender that she notably didn’t win, and that was in opposition to King Bumi. When the 2 squared off within the comics they fought to a standstill, however each combatants had been explicitly holding again and their struggle by no means got here to any actual conclusion. The lingering thriller about who was the higher Bender has bugged followers ever since, so in taking a look at who would win it is essential to investigate what feats of earthbending every Bender really performs.

By that metric, it is exhausting to not give a stable edge to Bumi. Whereas liberating Omashu from the Fireplace Nation, Bumi tossed a number of factories into the air in a show of power that dwarfs something Toph has ever executed. In his duel in opposition to Aang throughout his debut epiode, Bumi turned the bottom beneath his opponent into quicksand, an extra technique of exploiting Toph’s problem with terrain. By way of each uncooked energy and a tough counter, it is clear that Bumi could be the true winner in the event that they ever went all out.


Followers arguing over who the best Earthbender of all time is are mistaken in the event that they suppose the controversy is between Toph and Bumi, as a result of the true reply is that it is Yun. A main character within the Kyoshi novels, set centuries earlier than Toph’s beginning, Yun was a Bender of outstanding expertise who often carried out feats nobody else is proven able to. He may earthbend huge distances away from his goal, manipulate supplies few even dreamed had been bendable and will even liquify the earth to control it as fluidly as a Waterbender.

The actual clincher to Yun’s dominance over Toph in a struggle is his coaching. At first believed to be the subsequent Avatar earlier than Kyoshi was recognized, Yun’s coaching blended all 4 parts into a singular model in contrast to any Toph has ever confronted. He even skilled within the arts of assassination, honed into the proper killer and proving it again and again as he wielded the stone round him with lethal effectivity. Yun was so highly effective that even Kyoshi alone couldn’t cease him, and whenever you’re robust sufficient to contend straight with an Avatar, you earn a spot in a tier firmly above anyone else within the franchise.


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