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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Was Aang Better at Waterbending or Earthbending?


All through the course of Avatar: The Final Airbender, Aang mastered the 4 components with the intention to restore stability to the world. Nonetheless, he by no means fairly left his roots as an airbender, counting on this ingredient greater than another all through the sequence. Alongside the way in which, he developed an aversion to the usage of fireplace that made it his most not often employed ingredient.

Of the 2 remaining components, water and earth, it is not instantly clear which one Aang grew most proficient in. In evaluating in depth his use of each components, nevertheless, it is potential to find out which one the Avatar mastered extra.

The reply would possibly solely appear apparent to an Avatar fan who solely in contrast Aang’s first-day coaching in every ingredient. When Katara first instructs Aang in waterbending, he takes to it like… effectively, a duck to water. The similarities between the fluid ingredient and his native airbending proved nice sufficient that Aang shortly realized lots of the strategies Katara confirmed him, and even managed to exceed her expectations in how shortly he would be taught. Conversely, throughout his first earthbending lesson with Toph in “Bitter Work,” it is clear that the episode earns its title from Aang’s wrestle with the confrontational nature of the sturdier ingredient.

Nonetheless, these preliminary classes might be deceiving in simply how adept Aang would grow to be with every ingredient. By the point the Gaang leaves the North Pole, Pakku mentions that Katara’s disciplined laborious work at waterbending paid off a lot that she exceeded Aang’s personal skills for the ingredient, to the purpose the place she might grow to be his teacher. Even as soon as he clearly had the hold of the ingredient, he not often employed it, and even then, he most frequently labored in tandem with Katara or else used comparatively easy maneuvers like water whips or making a tide.

By comparability, earthbending grew to become much more helpful to Aang. Whereas water was so much like the ingredient he was extra comfy with that he seldom had a use for it, Aang fairly often discovered that the unparalleled energy and power of earthbending made a priceless weapon and protection. His progress superior much more shortly with the ingredient, going from battling it in “Bitter Work” to weaving it into his duel with Azula in “The Drill” — simply 4 episodes later. By the top of that very same season, he utilized earthbending in storming the Earth King’s palace and in his battle within the Crystal Catacombs not simply with proficiency, however with spectacular shows of energy that marked a grasp.

Aang might ship out large waves of earth to topple his enemies, armor himself partially or absolutely to boost his protection, or trip on a rolling mound to create an unstoppable cost. By the point of his duel with Ozai on the finish of the sequence, he tore aside columns of stone to hurl huge boulders and even made a protection of stone round him so robust that it withstood repeated blasts from Ozai’s comet-enhanced fireplace blasts. In the meantime, his utilization of waterbending by no means actually superior far past throwing more and more giant quantities of water. The truth is, he not often ventured into even rudimentary strategies like ice-bending. Comparability of his utilization of the 2 components favors earthbending by just about each metric.

It’s notable that when Aang talked about he wanted extra time to grasp firebending on the sequence’ finish, Toph tacked on that his earthbending “could still use some work, too,” whereas Katara remained silent about Aang’s waterbending. Nonetheless, given simply how way more utility Aang present in earthbending and the ability with which he wielded it, the assertion appears extra a comment on Toph’s strict requirements in comparison with Katara than any actual comparability of Aang’s bending expertise.

The reality of the matter is that Aang’s earthbending was unbelievable — actually value counting among the many better of anybody within the unique sequence. It might merely be a matter of 1 proving extra helpful than the opposite, however on the finish of the day, evidently all of Aang’s bitter work paid off in any case.


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