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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Were the White Lotus Actually…EVIL!?


The smart sages of Avatar: The Final Airbender arrived on the finale of the collection simply within the nick of time. Made up of the heroes’ masters and mentors, the White Lotus set the usual of ethical paragons that the present’s solid might aspire towards. Besides, they are not precisely as pristine as they appear. Given the whole lot we find out about The White Lotus, the group of sages have sins of their very own not far faraway from their huge shows of heroics.

Throughout their debut, The Order of the White Lotus actually appear heroic. The core membership that reappears in “The Old Masters” is made up of figures from Workforce Avatar’s previous, together with Aang’s previous buddy Bumi, Katara’s grasp Pakku, Sokka’s grasp Piandao and Aang’s first firebending grasp, Jeong Jeong. Main them is the Grand Lotus Iroh, Zuko’s uncle who ceaselessly proved a fount of knowledge all through the collection. They lead the trouble in releasing Ba Sing Se from the Hearth Nation within the finale, deciding it was lastly time to disclose the secretive Order to the world.

And but, puzzling questions abound surrounding even their look within the finale. Specifically, what precisely had been the White Lotus doing this entire time, if something, to withstand the Hearth Nation’s efforts in conquering the world for the previous 100 years? Not solely do we all know nothing about their efforts in preventing the Hearth Nation, there’s even the implication that they did nothing in any respect. Simply 5 years prior, Iroh was a Hearth Nation normal main the trouble to conquer Ba Sing Se within the first place. He was both already a member of the White Lotus throughout that point, or ascended to the rank of Grand Lotus within the brief time since. Sitting idly by as their members commit injustices is nothing new to the White Lotus, both. Simply contemplate Pakku’s sexist practices within the Northern Water Tribe.

Pakku upheld a centuries-old custom that discriminated towards Waterbending girls studying any martial software to their ability, offering a sole exception for Katara on the finish of Guide One. If there’s any query of why the White Lotus could have been alright with that, viewers want look no additional than the background of the White Lotus encampment: within the authentic collection there’s not a single feminine member that seems on-screen even as soon as. Their membership is totally made up of gray-haired previous males. Although they finally allowed feminine members by The Legend of Korra, they weren’t precisely on the up-and-up, morally.

Korra kicks off with the White Lotus virtually imprisoning the brand new Avatar for a lot of her formative years. Although it appears well-intentioned, the consequence is a naïve Avatar keen to flee and discover a world she is unprepared for. It is also noteworthy that the best risk Korra confronted earlier than that point finally got here from the White Lotus themselves. The splinter group, The Crimson Lotus, break up from the Order after their founder, Xai Bau, grew sick of their upkeep of the world’s established order. Although the Crimson Lotus’ violent strategies are reprehensible, it is arduous to look over the historical past of the White Lotus and never see that they’ve a degree.

TLOK White Lotus South Pole

For the remainder of Korra, the Order proves inept at fulfilling their duties and are largely absent from lots of the world-changing occasions that occur all through Korra. They had been identified to be current within the time of Avatar Kuruk and actively took a hand in guiding the Avatar’s reincarnations within the time after, and but they had been as mistaken as anybody when it got here to appropriately figuring out Kyoshi as Kuruk’s successor. All of the whereas they maintained a secretive and clandestine relationship with the world, fully puzzling if their intentions had been actually so pure.

There’s nonetheless loads left to search out out concerning the Order of the White Lotus, however from what we all know it doesn’t appear so clear-cut that they’re the nice guys. Very similar to their formations in a recreation of Pai Sho, it appears the White Lotus may very well be taking part in a recreation all their very own.


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