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Avatar: The Last Airbender – What Sokka’s MBTI Says About Him


Avatar: The Final Airbender is a success motion/journey animated collection set in an Asian-inspired world divided into 4 nations, and the journey started within the Southern Water Tribe, dwelling of Sokka and Katara, the son and daughter of Chief Hakoda. They have been Avatar Aang’s first two buddies and allies within the new period, and so they have distinct and powerful personalities to set them aside from Aang and one another.

Sokka, specifically, is understood for his considerably eccentric however good pondering, and his function in Staff Avatar is to be the strategist and planner, not the heavy-hitter in fight. It was Sokka who devised the eclipse invasion of the Fireplace Nation, and he has invented numerous weapons and gadgets to assist struggle again towards the Fireplace Nation and defend Aang. Given his function on the workforce and within the present, his MBTI character sort makes excellent sense.

Sokka’s MBTI Character Sort Is ESTJ-T: The Government

Sokka dressed in Fire Nation clothes while wielding a sword

Sokka is an ESTJ-T, a turbulent variation of the Government character sort. An Government is a born chief who can kind sturdy and emotional connections to others, and lead folks as a workforce of trusting and dependable people. This character sort is a cautious planner, like an Architect, however they’ve stronger folks abilities and usually tend to combine themselves right into a workforce and put the workforce’s wants forward of their very own. As an alternative of seeing different folks as chess items, they’ll see others as heartfelt comrades, and that may make them much more charismatic. Executives will not be the final word social butterflies, however they do perceive different folks and know put them to work constructively.

Sokka’s MBTI character code stands for Extraverted, Observant, Pondering, Judging and Turbulent. Whereas he is not a celebration animal just like the cheery Ty Lee, he can nonetheless make buddies and even appeal to romantic companions. Executives are additionally identified for being keen on guidelines, traditions and precedent, being inventive but in addition considerably rigid on the similar time. They’ll creatively mix current guidelines to kind new outcomes, and take advantage of the rulebook whereas nonetheless respecting custom. Executives like Sokka additionally encourage different folks to be their greatest and work exhausting in a workforce or group to result in the perfect outcomes; and lead the members to victory.

Sokka as an Government in Avatar: The Final Airbender

Sokka Air Balloon Idea

At occasions, Sokka appeared like an introverted individual, equivalent to when he clashed with Aang within the earliest episodes for disrupting his tribe’s routines or when he rejected the Kyoshi warrior tradition. Deep down, although, Sokka proves to be a real extravert who gladly welcomes new buddies into his life. He is not as extraverted as Katara or Aang, however he’s all the time prepared to workforce up with anybody who thinks like him. In the end, he warmly accepted Aang, Zuko, Toph and Suki the Kyoshi warrior as buddies and allies, and trusted them fully. It did not take him lengthy to open his coronary heart to any of those folks, equivalent to when he confessed to Toph his turbulent emotions about his mom’s loss of life and his ongoing grief. Later, Sokka and Zuko shared their woes about their relationship historical past throughout their journey to the Boiling Rock jail. Sokka empathized with Zuko fully, and vice versa, resulting in the long-lasting line stated by Zuko: “That’s rough, buddy.”

Sokka has his extraverted facet, however, most of all, his ESTJ-T character shines when it is time for a mission or a battle. Sokka identifies himself primarily as a frontrunner and strategist, and that is his single greatest asset as a member of Aang’s workforce. Ever since his boyhood, he has considered himself as a protecting massive brother, not simply to Katara, however to all the Southern Water Tribe. He would not relaxation till everybody in his neighborhood appeared as much as him as a trusted chief and pal. He even educated a handful of younger boys to defend the tribe, and Sokka grew annoyed when the youngsters determined to play as a substitute of take heed to him.

Throughout the story of Avatar, Sokka labored exhausting to set targets for the workforce and devise plans of assault to meet that aim, and he had little endurance for detours. To him, effectivity is essential. He did not recognize the easygoing nature of characters like Chong and his band of flower-loving nomads, once they met en path to Omashu. In E-book Three: Fireplace, Sokka labored more durable than ever to map out and observe a good schedule to maintain the gang transferring. He additionally volunteered to elucidate the invasion plan to the assembled troops. He botched this primary massive presentation and his father, Hakoda, needed to step in and take over. Sokka could not stand letting the individuals who counted on him down, so he made up for it in the course of the invasion, when he helped coordinate the troops. Even after the invasion’s painful mud settled, he continued to work exhausting for his workforce — similar to a real Government.


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