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Avatar: Why All Air Nomads Can Bend – and What That Says About Nonbenders


Bending is without doubt one of the most fun elements of Avatar: The Final Airbender, however not everyone on the earth will get to wield the magical martial arts. Nonbenders make up a majority of the inhabitants of the Avatar world, and for as a lot because the sequence focuses on the best Benders on the earth, it is really a uncommon skill. That’s a part of what makes the Air Nomads so extremely bizarre.

In contrast to the opposite nations, the Air Nomads had been fully made up of Benders born with an innate affinity for his or her native ingredient. Airbenders are solely uncommon following the destruction of the nation in the beginning of the Hundred Yr Conflict, although their numbers had been ultimately revitalized by the Harmonic Convergence. However what’s it that made Air Nomads so totally different that they’d no Nonbenders amongst them?

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The truth that most individuals in Avatar are born as Nonbenders was not often introduced up within the authentic sequence, nevertheless it’s simple to determine even from the beginning. Katara’s standing because the Southern Water Tribe’s solely Waterbender may have been chalked as much as the Hearth Nation particularly looking their Benders down, however because the Gaang ventures to the Earth Kingdom, they rapidly come throughout villages bursting with Nonbenders. They do not meet a single Bender on Kyoshi Island, Haru’s standing as an Earthbender is handled as particular once they uncover him, and even in areas like Ba Sing Se, protected against the Hearth Nation, the vast majority of persons are Nonbenders.

The Legend of Korra outright confirms that Nonbenders make up the vast majority of the world, with it changing into some extent of rigidity for the all-Bender council that originally guidelines over Republic Metropolis. And but anytime the Air Nomads are seen in flashbacks, each one in every of them is a Bender, however nobody ever outright brings this up. It is relegated to trivia from exterior the present, however the rationalization is definitely fairly easy. The whole thing of the Air Nomad inhabitants are born as Benders due to their deep spirituality.

Greater than some other nation, the Air Nomads preserve a deep religious reference to nature that disciplines their lives. They’re sex-segregated between temples, have a strict vegetarian eating regimen, bond with an animal companion at an early age, and bear common ritual meditation. Even within the time of the primary Avatar, the unique Airbenders are seen residing idyllic life the place tattoos alongside their chi strains mark them as early as infancy, so it is clear these traditions run deep within the Airbenders’ tradition.

Such spirituality is necessary, because the Harmonic Convergence restored the Airbender inhabitants and proved how the Spirit World is a wellspring for the religious vitality that permits Benders to command the weather. This begs the query as as to whether Nonbenders can turn into Benders via deep meditation and spirituality, however there appears to be a definitive conclusion with one character: Zaheer. Regardless of being deeply religious and concerned in Airbender philosophy all through his life, it took Harmonic Convergence for Zaheer to turn into a real Airbender. And but when he did, all of that apply and preparation allowed him to wield the power extra ably than any others who gained their powers alongside him.

Air Nomads during the time of Wan

Spirituality, chi and bending are all clearly related in Avatar. Chi-blocking locks off the power to bend, and a part of the Avatar’s energy comes from the wealthy useful resource of vitality that Raava offers them whereas within the Avatar State. Airbenders, being so attuned to all of those techniques, had such a deep connection that each new beginning got here with a brand new Airbender. However will that proceed?

That’s maybe probably the most fascinating query of all as Avatar forges on into the longer term. The brand new technology of Airbenders made it a plot level that there have been elements of their earlier lives they weren’t prepared to half with, and the custom of the Air Nomads, needed to develop and alter like by no means earlier than in an effort to survive in any respect. That might very properly sever the deep spirituality which allowed their Bender inhabitants to growth. Their numbers could also be on the rebound, however the brand new Airbenders might must rediscover their spirituality and age-old traditions in the event that they hope to bounce again to their full numbers anytime quickly.


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