Exposition is the newest Phasmophobia replace, bringing with it a considerable quantity of latest content material for gamers to take pleasure in and for me to be terrified by. Not solely is the gear in-game getting some much-needed upgrades, however there are new ghosts to scare the pants off of us, as nicely. 

What’s new in Phasmophobia? 

Let’s get began with one side that has by no means did not frustrate me: sprinting. By that, I imply at first, you could not do it. Technically, you “could,” however realistically? There was no change in tempo. Then that slowly received just a little higher, however now gamers can dash for 3 seconds with an elevated pace at a five-second recharge charge. Strolling pace has additionally modified, now on the identical tempo because the “old sprinting.”

Two new ghosts have additionally been added with the Myling and the Goryo, which implies new tools is required to make sure you survive the hunt. With the DOTS Projector, will probably be just a little bit simpler to find proof when making an attempt to slim down which type of nasty is hunting you, although watch out. The brand new replace additionally makes it to the place when you have digital tools available, the ghostie will know exacly the place you’re. 

Along with the brand new ghosts, all ghost sorts have had some proof adjustments with a view to stability out the brand new meta. This additionally contains new UI tweaks, visible adjustments, and new sound results. 

To see all the pieces that is new within the Exposition Phasmophobia replace, take a look at the total patch notes beneath, courtesy of Steam


  • Now you can dash for 3 seconds at elevated pace with a 5-second recharge
  • Participant strolling pace has been elevated to the previous dash pace
  • VR Teleporting: To copy sprinting we have added an interior and outer UI circle to characterize teleport vary (strolling/sprinting), these will alter in dimension relying on how far the participant has chosen to teleport
  • Elevated the acceleration of ghosts throughout a hunt once they can see you
  • Lowered the ghost’s hunt delay earlier than it strikes, from 5 to three seconds


  • Added two ghost sorts; The Goryo and Myling.
  • Added new tools to discover a new proof sort: The DOTS Projector
  • Digital tools will now alert the ghost of your place throughout a hunt (just like voice). Flip them off earlier than hiding!
  • Hunts now have an effect on all digital tools with new sounds and visuals
  • The parabolic microphone now means that you can hear “paranormal sounds” when aimed in direction of the ghost
  • Now you can allow Head Bob within the settings
  • All tools (minus Sound Sensor) has new visuals and results
  • New post-processing results for gamers and CCTV


  • All ghost sorts have had their proof modified to make room for the two new ghosts and DOTS projector
  • Throughout a hunt, tools and lights will solely be affected when in vary of the ghost
  • Random ghost footsteps can now solely be heard with a Parabolic Microphone
  • Glowsticks glow for 30 seconds then fade over subsequent 30 seconds
  • The spirit field textual content has been changed with icons to indicate if the ghost is responding
  • A number of sounds have been changed
  • The Infrared Sensor performance has been merged into the Movement Sensor
  • Lighting has been improved in most maps
  • The ‘placement helper object’ has new visuals
  • Volumetric lighting has been improved in all maps to cut back fogginess
  • When taking part in solo, you not have to make use of Push To Discuss for the Spirit Field (if turned off in settings)
  • The Ghost will not be seen at the beginning of the hunt till it begins shifting
  • Participant hand pores and skin color will now change primarily based on the character you are taking part in as
  • The tutorial has been up to date with the brand new proof sort and new visuals
  • VR: The journal will now all the time be held within the left hand
  • The Parabolic Microphone can now solely be used when inside
  • A number of visible changes
  • A number of UI changes


  • “Show us” phrase not makes the ghost work together twice
  • Mounted a bug the place you possibly can mute the Spirit Field static by selecting it up with a distinct object in your hand
  • Mounted a bug the place ghost occasions would solely decrease host’s sanity
  • Mounted a bug the place the ghost window knocks weren’t giving interplay proof on most home windows
  • Mounted a bug the place you possibly can get the ghost to work together with objects with voice recognition in fast succession
  • Mounted a standard multiplayer crash for the host on Asylum in multiplayer
  • Mounted a bug the place you possibly can pressure the ghost to finish the hunt utilizing voice recognition
  • Mounted a bug the place you possibly can get the ghost to work together with objects once you have been lifeless with voice recognition
  • Mounted a bug the place you would not all the time get a small map on the map choice display
  • Mounted a bug the place the sensors could not be positioned in sure doorways
  • Mounted a bug the place selecting up sensors too rapidly would preserve them turned on in your hand.
  • Mounted occlusion culling points on a number of ranges
  • Mounted a bug the place Danish and Finnish have been within the incorrect order within the language choice
  • Mounted a bug the place sure ghost’s animations would solely play if you’re the host
  • Mounted a bug the place tools sounds have been damaged when being held by a feminine character



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