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Bleach: Who Are the New Officers of the Gotei 13?


After a few years away, Bleach returns with a model new one-shot centered round Hell itself and the terrifying mutant Hollows that dwell inside. The newest Bleach chapter is about years after the top of the Thousand-12 months Blood Warfare arc, and lots of characters have since died, grown-up or been promoted, together with the Soul Reapers.

Every of the 13 squads wants a Captain and a Lieutenant. The one-shot revealed some new officers within the ranks, in addition to older officers, being shuffled round, and readers could wish to know who’s answerable for which squad earlier than the brand new arc begins in earnest. This is not the identical Gotei 13 that opposed Ichigo in the course of the Soul Society arc.

The New Lieutenants within the Gotei 13

yuyu yayahara from new bleach one shot 2021

A handful of Lieutenants serving within the Gotei 13 are both brand-new characters launched within the Bleach one-shot, or used to belong to completely different squads and had a wholly completely different rank. The gyaru-loving officer Yuyu Yayahara is among the new faces serving in Squad 8. She occupies the identical rank as soon as held by Nanao Ise, now of Squad 1. Yuyu’s zanpakuto has not been revealed simply but, however she will be able to carry out a devastating melee assault modeled after a bear’s jaws.

Rindo Atau is the brand new Lieutenant of Squad 7, occupying the rank Tetsuzaemon Iba held throughout the primary Bleach story. Little is thought about Rindo personally, apart from his behavior of utilizing signal language quite than spoken phrases to speak. In battle, he can write an animal’s identify on his zanpakuto to summon animals of that kind, equivalent to birds.

Sentaro Kotsubaki was a minor character within the authentic Bleach, serving because the co-Third seat with Kiyone Kotetsu, however he’s now the Lieutenant of Squad 13. This new rank suggests Sentaro could have a extra distinguished function within the upcoming Hell story arc.

The New Captains within the Gotei 13

Rukia being promoted to captain

The Bleach one-shot additionally revealed a handful of the Gotei 13’s Captains have been shuffled round, with some now holding that rank for the primary time. Shunsui Kyoraku, who as soon as led Squad 8, is now Squad 1’s Captain, taking the place of the late Shigekuni Yamamoto. Shunsui’s age, expertise and energy permit him to easily exchange Yamamoto because the commander of all Captains.

Rukia Kuchiki obtained an enormous promotion, going from a seated officer in Squad 13 to turning into its new Captain, changing the late Jushiro Ukitake who as soon as gave his life to revive the Soul King. This implies Rukia and her foster brother Byakuya are actually equals. It additionally provides Ichigo, Rukia’s longtime buddy, much more affect within the Soul Society.

Tetsuzaemon Iba has additionally been promoted from Lieutenant to Captain inside Squad 7, changing Sajin Komamura. Iba is now Rindo Atau’s senior officer.

Isane Kotetsu, as soon as Squad 4’s Lieutenant, now serves as its Captain in changing the late Retsu Unohana. Isane seems considerably overwhelmed by her new duties however she does have her little sister, Kiyone, to maintain her firm as her Lieutenant.

Lisa Yadomaru, one of many eight Visored warriors in Bleach, now serves as Squad 8’s new Captain. She was its Lieutenant over a century in the past, serving below Captain Kyoraku till she fled the Soul Society with the opposite Visoreds. Lisa has since returned to her Soul Reaper duties and attained the next rank than earlier than. This contrasts her with fellow Visoreds Shinji, Rojuro and Kensei, who returned to their earlier ranks as Captains.


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