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Boruto’s Evolving Bond With Kawaki Could Explain Their Dark Future


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Chapter #61 of Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations, “Madness,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now obtainable in English from Viz Media.

Within the Boruto manga, followers have been left making an attempt to guess what’s up with the darkish future seen firstly of the story for a while now. That point-jump confirmed an older Boruto battling Kawaki, who appeared to have destroyed Konoha and killed Naruto. Nevertheless, with the teenagers as brothers prior to now beneath Naruto’s care, it is unsure what would have despatched Kawaki over the sting, particularly as he is at present eager to guard the Hokage. Properly, in Boruto #61, the boys’ evolving bond might clarify this heel flip due to a telepathic hyperlink.

It is revealed when Kawaki needs to flee Naruto’s house to both discover weapons to struggle Code or some technique of powering himself up. He leaves a shadow clone in the home together with his chakra signature, whereas escaping Konoha by nulling his personal. The surprising factor is, Boruto can nonetheless mentally talk with him, though they do not know the way it’s taking place.

Kawaki is aggravated, believing the way in which Isshiki prepped him as an Ōtsutsuki vessel — and the way Momoshiki has been possessing Boruto — maybe permits this connection. Nevertheless, that intrinsic bond might present a gateway for Momoshiki to own Kawaki. If Boruto can lock into Kawaki’s thoughts and Momoshiki can take over Boruto’s, there’s an opportunity for Momoshiki to leap into Kawaki.

He might manipulate Kawaki’s Karma mark that failed with Isshiki, overwriting it together with his DNA. Kawaki’s a extra becoming vessel than Boruto so Momoshiki would truly be stepping up, succeeding the place Isshiki failed. If that is the case, the Kawaki sooner or later is likely to be Momoshiki — and Boruto simply does not know.

Boruto continues to be fluid as to the foundations of Karma in the mean time — with Code having a special one permitting him to harness Isshiki’s powers with out being possessed — so there’s loads of room for brand new developments. Even when Momoshiki does not totally possess Kawaki, the teenager may work out the way to sap his powers and might change into corrupted alongside the way in which — akin to Sasuke from the Naruto period. It’d deliver the Boruto and Kawaki rivalry full circle as a result of as a substitute of looking for energy and being corrupted to destroy Konoha like Sasuke, Kawaki may run afoul of his new household by wanting energy to avoid wasting the Hidden Leaf village and its folks.

Boruto Momoshiki

It could place an intriguing remix on the Boruto franchise. With Momoshiki understanding Kawaki’s actions and being in his thoughts — plus having management over Boruto’s physique — setting Kawaki up because the backup would additionally proceed the villains’ themes from Naruto. Madara used Obito, however Kaguya was pulling their strings within the background, so Momoshiki would as soon as extra get to show his alien species all the time have contingency plans as puppet masters within the background.

Including weight to this idea is the concept if Momoshiki plans to take Kawaki, he might nonetheless possess Boruto and feed that physique to the God Tree. It’d permit Momoshiki to be reborn in Kawaki after the sacrifice and feed on the chakra fruit, reaching the godlike standing and total evolution their species have been all the time meant to partake in roving from planet to planet.


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