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Chainsaw Man: [SPOILER] Confirms They’re Still the Best Character


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter #91, by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heep, accessible to learn in English from Viz Media.

Chainsaw Man‘s revival of the much-beloved Energy is as thrilling and heartwarming as it’s tragic. After her demise by the hands of Makima, Energy makes a triumphant return in a manner that solely she will, albeit in a brand new type. Regardless of seemingly falling again into her intimidating concern of Makima, Energy shines whereas risking her life to avoid wasting Denji.

A portion of Energy sleeps inside Denji’s unconscious as Pochita, the Chainsaw Satan’s canine type, faucets her awake with a serious request. Confused, Energy acknowledges Pochita, however wonders how they’re speaking if she’s lifeless. Pochita clarifies that her present type is the small quantity of her blood that she had Denji eat as soon as. He warns Energy that, regardless of her skills because the Blood Satan, she’ll quickly disappear. Thus, Pochita provides her the answer of consuming him to revive as a Satan.

Energy’s New Type in Chainsaw Man

With Denji’s life on the road, Energy accepts Pochita’s supply with out query, wanting to have the prospect to avoid wasting her good friend. As Makima prepares for her assumed victory over the Chainsaw Satan, Energy seems via a spew of blood from Chainsaw Man’s mouth. Tall, four-armed, and with a dog-like face, Energy springs into motion in her new type. She makes use of her powers because the Blood Satan to create numerous bladed weapons that sprout from inside Makima and her total crew.

Whereas declaring herself “the strongest,” Energy unleashes a barrage of blood-blades — her “Thousand Tera Blood Rain” — that showers Makima in a storm of swords. With some clear spite in her phrases, and in probably the most Energy of how, she screams that Makima is trash as she continues her assault. Sadly, one of many a number of Satan’s below Makima’s management is the Zombie Satan, who she makes use of to resurrect her fallen squad and assault Energy.

Energy Offers Into Her Worry – However Not Actually

The battle swings Makima’s manner because the Management Satan factors at Energy’s arm and blows it clear off. Whereas Energy is clearly in ache, Makima calls for a solution as to how she is alive after being killed. As an alternative of answering, Energy proclaims, “this is mine” as she shortly grabs and scurries off with Chainsaw Man, solely to have Makima shoot her with the exploding means once more.

Energy has at all times had a deep concern of Makima, probably on account of her prowess because the Management Satan. Even now, Makima’s unsettlingly calm instructions reduce via Energy like butter. Makima provides Energy an opportunity to be her pet once more if she palms over Chainsaw Man, instantly turning the fear in Energy’s eyes to pleasure. Energy does an entire 180, now claiming to have captured him for Makima within the first place.

Denji & Energy’s Temporary Reunion in Chainsaw Man

Energy genuinely cares for Denji, and though she got here again intending to avoid wasting her good friend, it isn’t shocking that she would appear nervous when confronted by Makima. In the identical manner that Denji longs for significant connections, normally in his pursuits of Makima, Energy strives to be praised. Nevertheless, for the primary time, Energy defies Makima for Denji’s sake.

Regardless of a seeming change of coronary heart, Energy rescues Denji by taking him and hiding in a dumpster. The 2 share an extremely touching second by which Denji tries to say he is already lived a ok life to die, and with out Energy, it will not be the identical. She reminds Denji that, whereas Devils are reborn after they die, she will not be the identical anymore. Nonetheless, Energy provides Denji her blood, forming a contract, and tells him to search out the Blood Satan and switch them again into Energy once more.

Harking back to the start of the collection, when Pochita gave his coronary heart save Denji — dumpster and all — Energy’s sacrifice solidifies that not solely are she and Denji the collection’ finest duo however that Energy is one in every of Chainsaw Man‘s biggest characters. As refreshing because it was to have Energy again and simply as bombastic as she’s ever been, she’s additionally given Denji one thing necessary to search for once more.


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