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Chainsaw Man: [SPOILER]’s Resurrection Is Almost a Happy Ending for Part 1


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for the primary arc of  Chainsaw Man, by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heep, accessible now in English from Viz Media.

The tip of the primary arc of Chainsaw Man brings an virtually full reset of the established order, with just about each main character, apart from Denji, slaughtered. One of many characters to get the chop is the terrifying Management Satan Makima. To the dismay of many a reader, one other is Energy, the weirdly lovable Blood Fiend who pressured her means into the place of fan-favorite character. And whereas dying may be one thing of a revolving door on the planet of Chainsaw Man, there isn’t a doubt that the results of this primary arc will play out in a tragic means.

All through the primary arc of Chainsaw Man, Makima is offered as a completely terrifying monster, an avatar of dying and destruction. She forces Denji to kill Aki in probably the most heartbreaking means doable, after which promptly follows up by killing Energy, Denji’s closest good friend. It is tough to not root for her downfall on the finish of the sequence — and what a downfall it seems to be.

Chainsaw Man Half 1’s Ending Provides Makima a Probability for Redemption

Makima, nonetheless, is given an opportunity at redemption… kind of. Devils do not die; reasonably, they’re killed and continually reincarnated, alternating between lives in Hell and lives on Earth. Positive sufficient, shortly after Makima is killed, the Management Satan shortly finds herself reincarnated on Earth within the type of a woman named Nayuta. She is entrusted to Denji to boost up and guarantee she would not go dangerous in the identical means Makima did.

What Chainsaw Man makes crystal clear is that, whereas Nayuta is likely to be much like Makima — maybe too comparable — she is just not Makima. She’s a reincarnation, not a copy, and she’s going to by no means be the identical particular person as Makima was.

It is tough to be overly unhappy about that, contemplating how terrible Makima was. What is unhappy, nonetheless, is what the event means for Energy. One of many highlights of Chainsaw Man is the connection between Energy and Denji. All through the primary arc of the sequence, they go from viewing one another merely as instruments to get what they need — Energy seeks to sacrifice Denji to avoid wasting her cat Meowy, whereas Denji, um, needs to the touch some “boobs” — to having an in depth, and shifting, relationship.

Most of this is not conveyed by dialogue and even motion however, as an alternative, by physique language. There’s a bodily closeness, with Energy continually resting her head on Denji’s shoulder or virtually laying on high of him once they sleep, conveying their emotional bond.

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Energy’s Loss of life in Chainsaw Man Resonates

Chainsaw Man is, in some ways, a really nihilistic comedian. It is a dog-eat-dog world through which beloved characters die for silly and unfair causes, just because they weren’t sturdy sufficient. It is a hyper-violent visible freakout, and should not be taken too critically — in any case, the hero has a chainsaw for a head. However what makes Chainsaw Man particular is its coronary heart. Regardless that these characters are hyper-vulnerable, it is unattainable to not look after them, as a result of they care about one another.

Aki cares about his “buddies,” his discovered household of Satan Hunters. That even extends to Denji and Energy, regardless that they’re most likely probably the most annoying folks doable with whom to share an house. Himeno had a robust unrequited love for Aki; Energy sees Denji as her first and solely good friend and depends on him for safety and luxury. And all of those characters not solely care deeply about one another, they’re additionally prepared to die for one another.

Because of this Energy’s dying resonates, and why the character of Makima’s reincarnation is so unhappy. In her ultimate moments, Energy duties Denji with discovering the Blood Satan in Hell and killing it, so she will return to Earth, grow to be a fiend as soon as extra and resume their friendship. However Makima’s reincarnation reveals that even when the reincarnated model of the Satan is comparable, it simply is not the identical as the unique.

So, is Energy gone for good? Maybe, maybe not. If she was a Satan being reincarnated, then there isn’t a means she may ever be the identical Energy that everyone knows. However Energy is a Fiend, possibly issues work otherwise for them than for straight-up Devils. The foundations surrounding Devils and Fiends are murky at greatest, and the Chainsaw Man positively has unknown ranges of energy himself that would change issues all of the extra.

In the intervening time, nonetheless, Energy is unquestionably gone, and it looks like it doesn’t matter what she or Denji believes, she is not coming again. No less than, not unchanged.


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