Because the daybreak of PC mods, Thomas the Tank Engine’s menacing presence has loomed massive in sudden locations – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Resident Evil Village, even the Mass Impact franchise. With this on the forefront of its thoughts, one developer got down to create a horror expertise all about escaping the clutches of a humanoid locomotive. The helpless participant should board their prepare, reconnect disjointed tracks whereas traversing a creepy panorama, and fireplace away at their multi-wheeled pursuer with a mounted minigun. Two Star Video games’ Choo-Choo Charles brings our Thomas the Tank Engine nightmares to life. 

Choo-Choo Charles’ announcement trailer (seen above) is brimming with random encounters and intense shootouts. The locals of this shadowy island need you to defeat the monster roaming the wilderness. Whereas finishing aspect quests for varied NPCs and gathering scraps to improve the velocity, defenses, and firepower of your tiny yellow prepare, you’ll go head-to-head with Choo-Choo Charles himself. The creature’s distorted face emphasizes its rows of Pennywise-inspired tooth, and its spider legs assist it shut lengthy distances very quickly in any respect. Watch out whereas in your journey; you’ll have your work minimize out for you. 

The open-world is big, touting rain-damp deserts, swampy, low-lit bayous, and extra. Whereas on foot, you’re extra susceptible than ever, so that you’ll must sneak previous Charles whereas additionally finishing varied targets to progress the story. However when the hulking man-faced monstrosity spots you, the race for survival is on. If you’ve amassed sufficient supplies to truthfully give Charles a run for his (its?) cash, you may toot your horn and problem the evil entity in a struggle to the dying. 

Choo-Choo Charles releases within the first quarter of 2022 on PC. 

Are you simply as terrified (and genuinely intrigued) as I’m? Drop these trailer reactions down under!


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