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Cowboy Bebop: 5 Fun Anime Episodes Unlikely to Appear in the Netflix Adaptation 


The Netflix live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop is now just one month away. With the primary season consisting of 10 hour-long episodes, it’s almost definitely going to adapt these which are essential to the characters of Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine and Jet Black. It is also identified from the opening sequence that the brand new live-action Bebop can even embody a few of the extra memorable episodes from the anime like “Gateway Shuffle,” “Pierrot Le Fou,” “Cowboy Funk” and “Brain Scratch.”

Given what is thought about Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop up to now, it is value asking which episodes are the least prone to make it into the brand new present. It is perhaps simple to guess the Ed-centric episodes contemplating she’s not set to have a distinguished function in Season 1. That does not imply her story will not be retooled to suit the present’s narrative, nevertheless. So this leaves the extra lighthearted episodes which are enjoyable to look at on their very own, however do not actually add to the overarching story of Cowboy Bebop.

Heavy Metallic Queen

Episode 7 of the Cowboy Bebop anime launched the one-off character Victoria Terpsichore, the titular “Heavy Metal Queen.” Identified solely as VT by the episode’s characters, Victoria is a middle-aged trucker who “earns tips” by having individuals guess her full identify. Since nobody is aware of who she truly is, nobody is ready to guess it appropriately. As such, she’s collected a fats stack of cash that she’s prepared to present to the primary one that will get her identify proper.

Victoria meets Spike in a bar whereas the latter is making an attempt to organize a prairie oyster for his hangover. When a combat breaks out between VT and a few unscrupulous males who harass a barmaid, Spike “assists” within the combat after one of many males ruins his hangover concoction. VT is impressed together with his combating talents and decides to deal with him to a drink. The second she finds out he is a bounty hunter, nevertheless, she cancels her supply as she has a profound dislike for the career.

Regardless of her disdain for bounty hunters, Victoria finally ends up helping Spike and Faye Valentine of their pursuit of a bounty head promoting harmful explosives. When Spike finds out her deceased husband was a well-known bounty hunter named Ural Terpsichore, he efficiently guesses her identify. Whereas “Heavy Metal Queen” is a enjoyable episode that explores the impression bounty searching has on family members, it is unlikely to suit into the general narrative of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop.

Jamming with Edward

The showrunners of the Netflix Bebop have teased an look from Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, however have not stated in what capability. Given Ed’s pc hacking talents, it is possible she’ll be helping the Bebop crew from a distance. As such, it is unlikely her debut episode will make it into the brand new present.

As Episode 9 of the Cowboy Bebop anime, “Jamming with Edward” is about an Earth spy satellite tv for pc growing a sentient AI. As an deserted satellite tv for pc, it grows bored and decides to create the geoglyphs on Earth’s floor. The satellite tv for pc’s actions get mistaken for these of “Radical Edward” and a bounty is positioned on her. With Ed being the middle of sudden consideration, she decides to “investigate” her personal case, which leads her to find the sentient satellite tv for pc.

With assist from the Bebop crew, Ed is ready to obtain the AI earlier than the satellite tv for pc is destroyed, however her partnership is not free. In trade for helping the crew in accumulating the bounty on her, she made a cope with Faye about letting her be a part of the Bebop. Faye accepted the deal as a shortcut to getting the bounty however had no intention of retaining her promise. The second Ed caught on to that damaged promise, she hijacked the Bebop and the grownup bounty hunters have been compelled to take her in.

Toys within the Attic

One other one-off episode of the Cowboy Bebop anime that is extremely unlikely to be tailored into the Netflix adaptation is Episode 11, “Toys in the Attic.” In comparison with a few of the different one-offs, “Toys in the Attic” is probably essentially the most uncommon. The story facilities on a mysterious sickness that finally ends up plaguing the Bebop crew at an alarmingly speedy fee.

With Jet, Faye and Ein out of fee, Spike groups up with Ed to be taught the reason for the mysterious sickness. Ed finally ends up doing her personal factor, leaving Spike to work alone. His investigation leads him to a mysterious sentient blob that will get every part it touches sick, however he cannot perceive why.

When investigating the blob’s doable origins, Spike remembers bringing residence a rock lobster from Ganymede a yr prior that he had stuffed away in a fridge hidden within the Bebop’s attic. He had supposed to eat the rock lobster later however utterly forgot about it. Spike’s suspicions concerning the blob are confirmed when he opens the fridge and finds that the rock lobster had mutated into the blob. He manages to get rid of the fridge, however not earlier than changing into sick himself.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Episode 14 of the Cowboy Bebop anime, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a one-off story laced with thriller and journey, however can also be unlikely to be featured within the Netflix adaptation. The Bebop crew seize a few hijackers who tried to steal cash from the Astral Gate however rapidly be taught they weren’t truly working collectively. As a substitute, all of them had one merchandise in widespread: a king chess piece.

Sadly for the Bebop crew, they’re unable to gather the bounty until they seize the mastermind behind the hijacking: a mysterious individual identified solely as Chessmaster Hex. Jet, Spike and Faye conduct their very own particular person investigations whereas Ed unwittingly finds herself enjoying a digital chess sport in opposition to Hex himself. This provides the Bebop crew the chance to hint Hex’s location, however they rapidly uncover he is an previous man residing in an area junkyard. Additional investigation reveals Hex was as soon as concerned within the Hyperspace Gate Mission.

When Hex was 30, he helped develop the know-how the fashionable astral gates use. When his issues concerning the tech’s flaws have been dismissed and he was subsequently fired, Hex supposed to make some extent by exploiting these flaws with an elaborate hijacking plan. He forgot about his plan as he obtained older, however a random group of individuals discovered it a long time later and tried to execute it.

Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

Regardless of being one of many extra Jet-centric episodes of the anime, “Boogie Woogie Feng Shui” is one other one-off story that may be a pleasure to look at however would not add to the general Cowboy Bebop storyline. Jet receives a puzzling message from a deceased good friend on Mars and seeks to decode it. This will get him involved together with his good friend’s daughter Meifa, who believes the message is an indication that her father remains to be alive.

After following a collection of clues, Jet and Meifa come throughout a sunstone that occurs to be the important thing to opening the astral gate her father is trapped in. It seems he was caught in an astral gate accident years prior and created the message as a approach of reuniting together with his daughter. Jet and Meifa are unable to avoid wasting her father, however he accepts his destiny understanding he completed his aim.


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