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Cowboy Bebop: The True Meaning of Faye and Julia’s Connection in the Story


With its moody jazz soundtrack and concentrate on crime, Cowboy Bebop incorporates many parts of movie noir. Its characters match the archetypes, together with the femme fatale and lady subsequent door. Nonetheless, it is a mistake to take these visible cues at face worth since everybody conceals who they’re. Bebop has extra to supply its feminine leads than drained tropes.

Faye Valentine is the deuteragonist of the present. Together with her revealing outfit and wild persona, Faye suits the invoice of a femme fatale. However, Julia is offered as comfortable and modest, suggesting a woman subsequent door vibe. Julia is basically absent from the sequence, whereas Faye makes regular appearances from Episode 3 till the tip. It’s by means of Faye that the viewers actually will get to know Julia, which in flip results in a greater understanding of Faye herself. Regardless of being offered as opposites, as time goes on, the viewers sees simply how comparable these two ladies are.

All through the sequence, Faye and Julia have a behavior of buying and selling locations, leaving the viewers with a way of deja vu. Throughout “Jupiter Jazz,” there are a number of illusions to their connection. When Jet goes searching for Faye, a bartender recounts seeing her. He’s sure it was Faye as a result of it had been two years since he had seen one other girl as stunning as she was — the previous being Julia. This implies that folks see them as equals. On her personal accord, Faye went to the identical bar Julia as soon as frequented, even sitting on the identical bar stool. She additionally befriended Gren, an outdated acquaintance of Julia.

Gren is the one particular person to see Julia with any sense of readability, noting how unhappy she appeared. Gren shouldn’t be romantically enthusiastic about ladies, and he sees her for who she is fairly than who he desires her to be. This begs the query of whether or not Spike ever understood Julia. At one level, Julia asks Spike why he loves her, however he doesn’t reply. In one other scene, he tells Jet that she was “someone who was truly alive. At least, that’s what I thought.” His indecision additional means that his reminiscences of her are unreliable, by no means portray the complete image. Spike’s Julia is an unrealistic fantasy, current extra as an concept than an precise particular person. This prompts the viewers to query if Faye’s persona can be a deception.

It’s becoming that when Julia does make an look, she encounters Faye first, not Spike. Gone is her modesty as she is chased by mobsters in her cherry purple convertible. Faye will need to have empathized together with her, as she proceeds to shoot out the tires of Julia’s pursuers. Instinctively, Julia then stops and Faye jumps within the automobile. They make a fantastic workforce and play off one another effectively. Faye as soon as once more incapacitates the mobsters, and Julia proves herself to be as competent at dealing with battle as Faye. Together with her gold hair and purple automobile, she is simply as vibrant.

Profitable, the ladies cease for a smoke break and speak. The convenience of their dialog suggests familiarity. Faye even asks Julia, “Have I met you somewhere before?” From their dialog, Julia learns that Faye is a bounty hunter, which prompts her to ask Faye to relay a message to Spike. The logic right here is that since Julia is aware of Spike, Faye in all probability does too. They might very effectively be dwelling one another’s lives if circumstances allowed it.

Faye and Julia are tragic and extraordinary due to their conditions, not their inclinations. They’re each odd ladies with the straightforward want to belong. In “Hard Luck Woman,” Faye tells Ed that “belonging is the very best thing there is.” Sadly, when she returns house, she solely finds the wreckage of a home destroyed way back. Likewise, Julia returns to the graveyard to attend for Spike. She embraces him, pleading, “Let’s escape. Go somewhere that it’s just the two of us.” Sadly for Julia, Spike doesn’t intend to run away. Julia loses her likelihood at a brand new life when she is shot by a syndicate member.

A defining component of noir and current in each ladies’s lives is misfortune. Their response to trauma was comparable in that they grew to become one-dimensional variations of themselves. Faye leaned into her charms and adopted a vixen persona. Julia grew to become a ghost, current primarily as a dream to males. Bebop transcends the noir style by deconstructing these archetypes, slowly chipping away at its characters’ masks to disclose entire folks. Throughout their transient assembly, Julia says, “I’m glad I met you, Faye.” Actually, the viewers by no means may have understood Julia with out Faye and vice versa.


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