Ten years since Buddies With Advantages, millennials are nonetheless attempting to provide you with causes to not fall in love. The economic system isn’t getting any higher! Relationship & New York, a brand new film by writer-director Jonah Feingold, tackles the age-old query “What if we fooled around a little bit as friends?” from the attitude of two hopeless singles Milo (Jaboukie Younger-White) and Wendy (Francesca Reale). “One more thing: the words ‘I love you’ cannot be used in an affectionate way,” Wendy proposes her “best friends with benefits” contract matter-of-factly, like there’s a Canva preset for these kinds of issues. Milo loses sight of the plot instantly: “Yeah, ew,” he convinces nobody. “Whenever two people start sleeping together, it gets complicated,” Catherine Cohen’s Jessie calls them out. Co-starring Brian Muller and Jerry Ferrara, Relationship & New York (no relation to Intercourse & the Metropolis) premiered on the 2021 Tribeca Movie Competition and hits theaters September 10. Free date thought 😉


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