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DBZ: Did Future Trunks Really Reach Super Saiyan 2 While Fighting Cell?


After enduring a humiliating defeat in opposition to Androids 17 and 18 in Dragon Ball Z‘s basic Android Saga, the assorted Saiyan characters scrambled to discover a method to push themselves past the conventional limits that got here with the Tremendous Saiyan fight transformation.

This quest for ascension was intensified within the subsequent Imperfect Cell Saga, as an much more highly effective villain was launched to menace the Z Fighters, with Vegeta and Future Trunks main the cost. And when Trunks lastly confronted Cell after the artificial enemy reached his dreaded, good kind, the time-traveling hero unveiled a energy that some followers have confused with an early iteration of long-promised Tremendous Saiyan 2.

Trunks scoring a hit on Perfect Cell

For a lot of DBZ‘s Excellent Cell Saga, Vegeta and Future Trunks educated diligently within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a relative 12 months throughout the span of a single day, given the time-bending nature of the Lookout’s pocket dimension. Rising considerably stronger, Vegeta unveiled a fight transformation that appeared to exceed that of a typical Tremendous Saiyan, showing visibly extra muscular and simply overpowering Semi-Excellent Cell. But as Future Trunks watched, horrified, his father allowed Cell to soak up Android 18 and attain his good kind to offer the Saiyan Prince with an actual problem. Vegeta’s hubris led to his defeat at Excellent Cell’s palms, with Trunks stepping as much as confront the villain subsequent, revealing he had an much more highly effective Tremendous Saiyan transformation than his father.

On this new kind, Future Trunks was even bigger and extra muscular than Vegeta’s ascended kind, with Cell begrudgingly amazed that the youthful Saiyan had grown a lot stronger in such a brief period of time. Cell admits Trunks exceeded him by way of uncooked energy, however the drastic lower to hurry led Cell to emerge victorious. Goku acknowledged the transformation’s drawbacks, together with its accelerated consumption of vitality whereas sustaining the shape as he achieved it individually whereas coaching within the Time Chamber. Nevertheless, because of Cell’s admission that Future Trunks is stronger than him in this way, there was some confusion if Trunks had quietly breached the powers of Tremendous Saiyan 2.

Anime Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell Smug

It is very important word that Trunks’ transformation has been dubbed Tremendous Saiyan Third Grade — in comparison with Vegeta’s Tremendous Saiyan Second Grade — and even Extremely Tremendous Saiyan amongst North American followers. Nevertheless, Goku’s observations make it fairly clear that this wasn’t Tremendous Saiyan 2 in any respect, however as an alternative channels all of the uncooked vitality of the Tremendous Saiyan transformation towards energy and energy — on the expense of its common enhance to hurry and dexterity. The complete-power Tremendous Saiyan kind Goku and Gohan debuted after their very own time within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber would push the transformation to make the most of its full potential, balancing velocity and energy in a approach that each Saiyans may stand toe-to-toe in opposition to Excellent Cell earlier than Gohan unveiled the true Tremendous Saiyan 2 transformation to destroy the villain.

Future Trunks would ultimately obtain the Tremendous Saiyan 2 transformation, albeit years later when he resurfaced in Dragon Ball Tremendous. His reunion with Vegeta additionally noticed the Saiyan Prince dismiss the Tremendous Saiyan Third Grade kind as primitive. Relatively than breaching the barrier between Tremendous Saiyan and Tremendous Saiyan 2, Tremendous Saiyan Second and Third Grade is extra a redirect of the Tremendous Saiyan transformation’s uncooked vitality towards totally different competencies, like ability factors on an RPG attribute tree. It was an middleman between Tremendous Saiyan varieties. And although Trunks was maybe stronger than Excellent Cell, this way nonetheless paled compared to the overwhelming energy of the true Tremendous Saiyan 2.


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