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Demon Slayer’s Strongest Hashira May Be Anime’s Most Powerful (and Pathetic) Heroes


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga, out there to learn on Viz Media.

At first look, Demon Slayer‘s Stone Pillar Hashira, Gyomei Himejima, gives the look of a peculiar and offsetting character — and he’s. From his extremely emotional nature inflicting him to cry continuously to the truth that he’s the strongest Hashira among the many Demon Slayer Corps, there’s actually extra depth to Gyomei’s character than meets the attention.

Although he hasn’t appeared a lot within the anime, the Demon Slayer manga has given many particulars to clarify his tragic previous and the way he has obtained such prowess, all whereas being blind. Let’s focus on the previous and powers of Gyomei Himejima.

Demon Slayer Hashira Gyomei Himejima Has a Unhappy Background

In his youthful days, Gyomei raised 9 youngsters in a temple, all of whom have been orphans he liked dearly and considered as his household. Because the forest surrounding the temple was infested with demons, there have been strict guidelines to not keep out till darkish as Gyomei all the time burned wisteria incense to maintain these within the temple secure. One evening, nevertheless, one of many youngsters disobeyed the temple’s guidelines, staying after sundown and subsequently encountering a demon. Terrified, the kid supplied Gyomei and the opposite youngsters as sacrifices to avoid wasting his personal life, even placing out the wisteria incense and main the demon straight to the temple. Most ran in worry and bought killed, however the youngest, a woman named Sayo, hid behind Gyomei.

Although blind from start and pretty skinny, Gyomei was determined to guard his household and beat the demon together with his naked arms till dawn, discovering his innate energy for the primary time. At dawn the demon turned to mud however when assist arrived, Sayo blamed everybody’s deaths on Gyomei. He was charged for homicide and imprisoned, solely spared from execution by Kagaya Ubuyashiki, chief of the Demon Slayer Corps. From then on, Gyomei harbored doubts and suspicions about an individual’s true nature, although remained extremely emotional and type.

What Are Gyomei Himejima’s Powers?

Demon Slayer manga Gyomei

After simply two months of coaching Gyomei was declared the Stone Pillar Hashira, proving his physicality and brute energy are a pressure to be reckoned with. However after all, his prowess in Demon Slayer goes even additional. Gyomei wields one of many 5 unique respiration types derived from Solar Respiratory, realizing as Stone Respiratory. A technical and tough fashion to grasp, Stone Respiratory imitates the earth and stone to create persistent, unwavering skills each offensively and defensively. Having been born blind, Gyomei realized to intensify his different senses, giving him a a lot stronger and extra distinctive connection to the earth than most others.

In contrast to the opposite Demon Slayers, Gyomei’s Nichirin Blade just isn’t a sword. As an alternative he wields an axe with a spiked flail hooked up to an extended chain.

Along with his already excellent capabilities, Gyomei combines his Respiratory Fashion with Repetitive Actions to stretch his limits. Repetitive Motion is a method that opens all 5 senses to achieve Complete Focus Respiratory. One can both repeat a collection of acquainted actions or bear in mind a second of maximum ache and anger to extend their focus and draw out extra energy from inside. Gyomei’s Repetitive Actions contain praying continuously.

Does Being Pathetic Make Gyomei Sturdy in Demon Slayer?

Gyomei Himejima Stone Pillar Hashira

Briefly, sure. Because the Demon Slayer anime’s strongest Hashira, Gyomei’s soft-spoken and delicate nature solely nourishes his energy. For starters, constantly providing prayers to individuals and conditions that dishearten him just isn’t solely in tune to his high-running feelings, but it surely’s additionally a follow of repetitive actions with the catalyst being his immense empathy. And although he’s uncertain of others from the get-go, when he does settle for somebody, his loyalty and belief towards them is vastly admirable.

The truth is, Gyomei’s feelings are what maintain him, together with his energy not solely deriving from being blessed with unbelievable brawn. Anger, grief and remorse from his previous and current instantly feed into his need to guard as he’s fearful of experiencing that ache and loss once more. The key to Gyomei’s powers is that they’re ruled, regulated and enhanced by his emotional capabilities. So in a way, his crying is an indication of his energy relatively than weak spot. As a delicate big, Gyomei’s character may be seen as a deconstruction of what makes an individual sturdy in Demon Slayer.


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