The title Savathûn is in every single place, each inside Future 2 and out of it. Following Bungie’s The Witch Queen expansion reveal back in August (Hive Guardians, what?!) and Season of the Misplaced bringing the Future 2 neighborhood to the perfect place it has been since launch, there’s loads of lore Guardians are catching up on. It is no exaggeration to say that Savathûn has been a driving power of the occasions of Future fiction for years, performing because the set off or catalyst for a lot of of our Guardian’s most concerned strikes, raids, and different missions. Due to that, some might have slightly refresher on the lore surrounding the central character of the upcoming growth. With so many returning and new gamers, right here is the largest deep dive you will discover on who the Witch Queen really is. 

Who’s Savathûn?

Savathûn did not at all times go by this title. The Witch Queen, earlier than she got here to energy, was initially referred to as Sathona. Her siblings joined her in a seek for a brand new future for the Hive, a species recognized for his or her extremely quick lifespans on a planet referred to as Fundament, a world that is very existence poses an excessive hazard to people who go to it. Thousands and thousands of years earlier than her start, the Hive homeworld crashed into Fundament, a crash that resulted in a formation of continents, one being the Osmium Court docket. Sathona’s father dominated Osmium, and he or she was the center little one to her older sister Xi Ro and her youthful sister Aurash. Sathona was meant to turn out to be a Mom, a title meant to explain a proto-Hive with the ability to procreate and lengthen their quick lives by consuming the “Mother-jelly” after they attain maturity. She was on observe to turn out to be a Mom herself to purchase herself time to seek out true which means in life, and what she bought as an alternative was an eternity of intrigue, energy, and a fragile empire constructed on lies. 

Making a take care of the proverbial satan

The start of the Hive, the curse of the Worm Gods, and the rise of Savathûn and her siblings.

When Sathona’s father reached the age of ten in Fundament years, he stumbled upon a useless Worm simply exterior his court docket and immediately grew to become enthralled with it. Ultimately, he started prophesizing a catastrophe that may wipe out life as they knew it. Aurash took her father’s warning severely, whereas Taox, the siblings’ tutor, brushed his ravings off as only a softening of the king’s thoughts because of “old age.” Whereas Taox had religion in Sathona’s mind, she didn’t see any of the three siblings as worthy rulers following the king’s demise. Declaring the three sisters not match to take over for the king, the tutor despatched a message out to a rival kingdom often known as the Helium Court docket and supplied to assassinate your entire royal bloodline if Taox may turn out to be their regent. The issue was, the Helium military could not fairly get the job carried out, failing to take out the three hive sisters, inflicting Sathona to steal her father’s Worm to flee together with her remaining household. Sathona, already on the trail to turn out to be a Mom, promised to take all the energy that comes with that title, alongside her siblings, to punish those who slew her father and that of her father’s kingdom. 

The three siblings sailed the dangerously poisonous waters of Fundament aboard Aurash’s ship, and it was throughout that 12 months overseas that she started to listen to from her father’s Worm a lot in the way in which he did. It urged her to take particular motion to save lots of herself and her sisters, which ultimately led them to a different vessel referred to as the Needle. The earlier passengers of this specific ship had been killed when an egg aboard hatched a lethal foe, however the three hive sisters may declare it for their very own. Now that the ship was theirs, it was time to determine on a vacation spot. Xi Ro needed to journey to the Kaharn Atoll, a location that housed a gathering of Fundament residents, to acquire assets to take out the Helium Court docket. Aurash needed to restore the ship, a suggestion that – when prompted by the Worm – Sathona agreed to. 

It took the siblings a number of years to restore the Needle, however time was not on their aspect when a species has a brief lifespan just like the Hive. That was when Aurash posed a harmful plan, one that may see the ship dive into the very depths of Fundament to its core. Regardless of Xi Ro’s warnings, the Worm urged Sathona to agree, which led the three to journey to the very heart of this world, and it was there that they realized the hazard of the Syzygy, the prophecy their father needed them about, was actual and that all the things was already arrange for this planet to fall. Fortunately for them, or unluckily, relying on the way you have a look at it, they encountered historical beings as soon as considered a fable: the Leviathan. The Leviathan supplied the three sisters a warning to show again, lest they unintentionally unleash an irreversible hazard upon the world. That was the place the selection was given: do they aspect with the Mild, which promised a thriving society and hope? Or Darkness, which promised solely demise and the artwork of conquering. On the Worm’s behest, the trio ignored the Leviathan’s warnings and continued to the depths of Fundament. At its core, the siblings discovered the Worm Gods, and uncovered a proposal of survival and vengeance by them. 

  • Akka – The Worm of Secrets and techniques
  • Eir – The Keeper of Order
  • Ur – The Ever-Starvation
  • Xol – The Will of the Hundreds
  • Yul – The Sincere Worm 

With a promise of immortality and a protected escape from Fundament, the three siblings accepted the Gods’ provide to take their larvae into them so as to unfold their affect. With the providing, there was additionally a promise by no means to show away from their true nature. For Xi Ro, she took the Knight and reworked into Xivu Arath, a reputation you are going to hear lots in Season of the Misplaced. Aurash took the providing and selected a male kind, turning into the King of the Hive often known as Auryx (later to be often known as Oryx, whom we defeated throughout Future 1’s The Taken King growth). Sathona took within the Mom and have become Savathûn. The remainder of historical past was written in blood. 

Reside to die, however dying to reside

Doing no matter it takes to interrupt the lifecycle of the Hive.

Savathûn, Auryx, and Xivu Arath dispersed by the universe, with Auryx taking to Fundament’s moons to go after those who offered asylum to Taox, the Ammonites that allied with the Traveler of the Mild. The place Auryx was initially going to talk with the Ammonites to barter, Savathun, urged by her Worm, killed him. As a substitute of dying, Auryx handed into an alternate dimension referred to as the Ascendant Realm, the place he created his personal pocket universe, or Throne World, through which he held absolute energy. When he returned to the dwelling, Auryx modified. Gone was his love and respect for his siblings, as an alternative selecting the trail of Sword-Logic, aiming to kill his sisters and any who opposed him. Sword-Logic is the assumption that energy can’t be given, it should be taken, and to turn out to be the final word weapon, one should be the strongest weapon. Ultimately, vengeance gainst Taox was exacted however the blood did not cease there. Conflict was a relentless, with Auryx and his sisters killing each other and something that stood of their path. 

Ultimately, Auryx realized that the Worm Gods used the siblings. Upon this revelation, he referred to as a gathering with the 2 sisters in his Throne World, ensuing of their provide of energy. However by Sword-Logic, energy can’t be supplied, it should be taken. Due to this fact, Auryx killed his sisters to tackle their energy, utilizing it to face off towards Akka, the Worm of Secrets and techniques. By harnessing the ability of Sword-Logic, he then killed Akka in order that he may use the Deep energy to create the Tablets of Damage, successfully giving him the ability to Take. That means, as you will have guessed, led to the Taken. As soon as he totally grew to become Oryx, the Taken King, he introduced again to life his sister Xivu Arath as an “act of war” whereas Savathûn’s resurrection was rooted in an “act  of cunning.” From there, a brand new method of ruling commenced, driving the Hive to kill any that opposed them, taking a few of these conquered to feed their Worm whereas giving the remainder of the choices to their Superiors. 


Thralls > Acolytes > Knights/Wizards > Ascendant Hive

The Ascendant Hive are these that may take management of whole legions, an influence that’s acknowledged and rewarded with the power to traverse the Ascendant Realms. The cycle of violence and demise fed into the Hive Gods’ energy, turning into a self-eating snake that has no finish. That’s, till Oryx’s sisters started to conspire towards him. 

Following the Hive’s management of the Deep, Oryx fell again into his personal Throne World to commune with the deep, a transfer that Savathûn used to her benefit. Savathûn shortly went to her sister with a plan to entice Oryx inside his Throne World in order that the 2 may steal his Tablets of Damage, successfully chopping off any entry to his established tithe system detailed above. Sadly for Savathun and her sister, they might not trick Oryx, and he punished them by declaring a brand new warfare and chopping off Savathûn from her personal tributes, weakening her and her Worm. However the defeat wasn’t for nothing, as a result of Savathûn found a daughter of her brother, a superb being by the title of Ir Anuk, following her deception of Oryx’s different offspring by the title of Crota.

Savathûn tricked Crota into utilizing his weapon, his Cleaver, to chop a pathway immediately into his Throne World, which allowed a portal by which the Vex may come by. Leaving his Throne World susceptible, Savathûn felt assured in her approaching victory, telling Xivu Arath that Oryx was susceptible and the way she may destroy him as soon as and for all. Sadly for them, Oryx was ready for this betrayal, and to avoid it, he moved his Throne World to a safer location inside a dreadnought made out of the stays of Akka. 

Quria, an enemy Guardians took down in Season of the Splicer, is a strong entity that could be a Vex Axis Thoughts Hydra, also referred to as the “Dreaming Mind.” Oryx captured Quria and supplied the scrambling Vex as much as his sister Savathun as tribute, which led to a dialog concerning the siblings’ present path. Savathûn, questioning the methods of Sword-Logic, appealed to Oryx asking for any signal that they had been in the precise of their conquest. He replied that the present state of the Hive was all of the proof she wanted that Sword-Logic is the end-all-be-all of truths. Ultimately, the trio dispersed as soon as extra, with Savathûn taking her military into the black gap through which the Concord lived, with Xivu Arath fleeing away from Oryx for her personal freedom. 

A plan of escape

Tricked by a Worm.

With the siblings separated, Savathun had time to mirror on her present state and ties to the Worm. Wanting to flee the reliance burdened on her with feeding the Worm, she started to consider methods to flee her self-made jail. Step one of her extraction was to extend the tributes made to her by the Hive. To decelerate time, she positioned trusted Ascendant Hive simply exterior of the black gap through which she resides. Hoping that the passage of time could be slowed, she thought to trick the Ascendant’s Worm into considering the tribute ranges from lesser Hive have raised when no notable increase may really be discovered. Once more, her newest plan proved unsuccessful. 

As a substitute of tricking the Worm, she made it hungrier, so she went again to her time concept to attempt a distinct angle. As a substitute of slowing time, she then tried to make the most of areas within the universe the place time moved quicker, allocating Hive to assemble tributes in these areas moderately than making an attempt to decelerate their tithing charges. Tribute, as with data, may solely be garnered by violence within the realm of Sword-Logic, which led to her main Crota to the Vex in Oryx’s world earlier than he captured Quria and gifted her to Savathûn. When within the black gap with Quria, she taught the Vex Thoughts the way to logically use Hive magic to detect, perceive, and in the end clear up issues. Savathûn and Quria then created a system through which their findings could possibly be mutually understood, and that was when Savathûn felt she was approaching full readiness for her true plan. She kickstarted all of it by recording a message she gave to a Thrall, which the lesser being couldn’t perceive, and encrypted it for a future ear to hearken to. That future ear would not hear the message till a lot later, when our Guardian finds it when traversing the Dreaming Metropolis. 

The Taken King’s defeat

When Oryx grew to become no extra, a brand new menace arose.

We, as Guardians, defeated Oryx in the course of the Taken King growth within the first Future recreation, following the destruction of his son Crota. Years later, a distinct breed of Hive contaminated the planet Titan, led by the Fury of Savathûn referred to as Naktal, the Trusted of Savathûn referred to as Vanbaluk, and the Binder of Savathûn referred to as Kudazad. Unbeknownst to Guardians, the invention of Hive artifacts was all a part of Savathûn’s plan to be summoned, although that plan ultimately failed like a lot of her others. 

When a Guardian crew went lacking throughout a mission into the New Pacific Arcology referred to as Operation Caliban, they had been reworked into Void Mild crystals by the Hive. Savathûn’s plan was to be summoned by these crystals, however we foiled her plans by destroying them and her music earlier than the ritual could possibly be accomplished. 

Sadly for us, Savathûn is thought for her crafty for a cause, and he or she had different plans in place. After quite a few simulations of Oryx, she discovered the ability to Take, giving her entry to Taken armies to do her bidding. Ir Arok, often known as the Tongue of Quria, led Taken forces into Io to deprave the Vex, however we as soon as extra disrupted these plans, although not with out losses on our aspect as soon as extra. Additionally found throughout this time was that Grask (the ultimate boss within the Lake of Shadows strike), a Cabal Pink Legion commander, was reworked right into a Taken, which might have been unattainable whereas Oryx was alive. This was the primary indicator that Savathûn had efficiently discovered to grasp the Taken, giving her one more weapon at her disposal. 

Throughout the Warmind growth, Guardians uncovered communication with Hive on Mars, sending messages to Savathûn, begging her to come back again from the Deep to harness their energy. These messages escalated following the destruction of the bodily physique of the Worm God Xol and its herald Nokris (the Supplicant of Savathûn, one other Hive God). A brand new bond was fashioned with the final recognized Ahamkara: Riven. 

In contrast to earlier Taken, Riven by no means misplaced her grip on who she was, or who she needed to be. She nonetheless retained her targets and her historical past. Of her personal free will, Riven heard Savathûn’s provide of a brand new function below her management with the purpose in thoughts of corrupting your entire Awoken race, launching a full-scale assault on the Reef by the use of Uldren Sov and his Fallen Scorn. Within the Forsaken DLC, Uldren Sov was being manipulated by Riven below the guise of his sister, Mara, who was presumed useless up till this level. Although Riven was in a position to open the portal to launch her invasion at Savathûn’s behest, that opening additionally gave Guardians the proper likelihood to strike her down. Nevertheless, Riven did not go down quietly, bequeathing one last spiteful act earlier than her passing: a curse positioned on the Dreaming Metropolis, ceaselessly altering the principles of Ascension. 

Whereas Riven’s passing was unlucky within the quick time period, Savathûn did anticipate this final result and made it part of her plan. With Riven’s curse and following our destruction of Dul Incaru, the Dreaming Metropolis entered a time lavatoryp. The time-loop supported Savathun’s earlier plan to harness the ability of time itself to flee the trimmings of her Worm’s starvation, successfully manipulating the move of time so as to trick the Worm out of the complete calls for of tribute.

However Savathûn wasn’t the one one which had an curiosity within the Taken and the Dreaming Metropolis. Her sister, Xivu Arath, additionally held a particular want to harness this energy. Whereas the pair labored collectively to attain their targets towards Oryx beforehand, the pair’s paths would ultimately diverge dangerously. 

Ultimately, Savathûn was confronted with a brand new enemy present in Calus, the previous Cabal Emporer. Inside an try to seek out the Crown of Sorrow, Savathûn expertly laid a entice for the Cabal chief. The Crown of Sorrow was an Ascendant Hive relic that Savathun believed may correctly mimic her now-dead brother’s means to regulate the desire of others. Not less than, that is what she led Calus to consider. Unbeknownst to him, it was secretly a listening machine that may enable Savathûn to spy on him, with Calus being none the wiser. 

What Savathûn didn’t plan on, nonetheless, was Calus decreeing that Gahlran don the Crown as an alternative to regulate the Hive, although this act drove Gahlran to the purpose of madness, launching an occasion that Guardians (At Calus’ command) may tackle in-game, in an exercise often known as Leviathan’s Menagerie. 

Believed to have received, Calus retrieved the Crown with the assistance of Guardians and Savathûn’s magic, which allowed the Witch Queen the power to contaminate the minds of his Loyalists for her to torment him as a way of management.

Ultimately, three Hive heretics referred to as Azavath, Malkanth, and Akrazul aimed to insurgent towards the daughters of Crota. Malkanth’s purpose was to begin a ritual that may place the spirit of Akrazul into the physique of Azavath because of Akrazul’s crippled state. The Wizard’s ritual didn’t go as deliberate, as Azkrazul’s rage proved to be an excessive amount of for Azavath’s kind, which ultimately drove him to kill Malkanth and go after the Swarm; the brood of Hive below Crota’s philosophy. 

When Azavath’s spirit started to depart her personal physique as a part of the ritual gone awry, Savathûn urged her to turn out to be a Deathsinger, a particular breed of Extremely Hive Wizard that has the present of the deadly music: anybody that hears her music perishes. With Azavath now a Deathsinger, she ultimately grew to become often known as Ir Airam and killed the remaining Akrazul and the champion of the Swarm referred to as Zulmak. 

Earlier than Malkanth handed on, Savathûn mentioned the character of absolutes and godhood, claiming that nothing was impervious to defeat. House, time? It could possibly all be damaged, and even gods may die, although what’s true demise? As we have seen, demise does not essentially imply the top, as the story of Savathûn and her siblings evolves, and what she aimed to do is use all the methods these “absolutes” may be damaged in order that she will be able to management the seemingly uncontrollable. 

Ultimately, Savathûn, alongside the Daughters of Crota, crafted the Scarlet Hold, drawing Guardians to the Moon. What the Daughters didn’t know, nonetheless, is that Savathûn’s assistance is at all times a double-edged sword. Savathun knew that the Guardians would take management of this space and destroy the Hidden Swarm; she merely used the Daughters to construct the proper bait with one easy purpose in thoughts: wipe out the bloodline of Oryx, as soon as and for all. 

Savathûn, at all times scheming, ultimately pursued a enterprise involving a Vex computational array on Io. Sending a military of Taken to deprave the array so as to management it, the Vex went on the offensive, which brought on a large energy spike that drew the eye of the Vanguard and our Guardian. Upon the invention that the Vex and Taken had been preventing each other, with the latter below the Envoy of Savathûn’s management, referred to as Baurisk. When Guardians arrived on the scene, they famous that the Blight discovered on Io was just like that discovered within the Dreaming Metropolis, permitting the puzzle items of Savathûn’s plan to start out coming collectively slowly. 

Utilizing Eyes of Savathûn to spy on the Pyramids that invaded Mars, Titan, and Mercury, Savathûn’s will was to halt any communication between the Pyramids and Guardians. Nokris was in a position to delay the communications for some time earlier than he was ultimately slain. 

The tables turned

Savathûn and her sister turn out to be adversaries. 

Ultimately, the Hive broods would activate Savathûn, calling her a heretic for her work towards the Darkness. Because the Black Fleet took on Sol, Savathûn went into hiding, leaving her Court docket with out safety or data of the place she was or her plans. 

Taking the chance for what it was, Xivu Arath took this opportunity and mixed the Hive within the Sol system together with her energy, permitting her to free her Wrathborn corruption. This was carried out with the Cryptoliths, Hive constructions that corrupted these seen as foes within the Final Metropolis, turning them into willless champions bent on destruction. With this newly invigorated military, Xivu Arath then set her sights on Savathûn to take her down and assume management of her energy. 

Whereas Xivu Arath launched into her bid for management, Savathun was struck with a sudden second of humanity, of longing and nostalgia. Once we, the Guardian, and The Crow (formerly Uldren Sov) celebrated a victory at a humble bonfire, Savathûn was all of a sudden struck with a sense of loss, reflecting again on her household, her long-dead father, her siblings, and the ruins of Fundament. To not be confused with all of a sudden experiencing a change of coronary heart, she ultimately went again to her schemes of releasing herself from the Worm by turning into probably the most highly effective of beings. 

Enter Caiatl

Caiatl, not like her father, will not be so simply manipulated.

Caiatl is the Cabal Emperess and daughter of the exiled Calus, an previous curiosity of Savathûn’s talked about beforehand. Savathûn, following Ghaul’s defeat in the course of the Pink Conflict, started controlling Umun’arath’s ideas to maintain the Evocate-Normal’s obsession with the Hive centered in a method that benefited the Witch Queen. In her worship, she felt that harnessing the way in which of the Hive could be the important thing to protecting Cabal alive and protected, although Caiatl shortly struck her down when the Normal bade Calus’ daughter to bow earlier than the god of warfare (not that God of Conflict). Umun’arath’s demise was part of Savathûn’s plan to summon her sister so as to distract her with one other galactic system to overcome. 

Throughout Season of the Chosen, Savathûn’s music could possibly be heard amongst these within the Metropolis.

Ultimately, we got here to Season of the Splicer, the season that proceeded what is going on on now with Season of the Misplaced. Season of the Splicer noticed the Final Metropolis shrouded in an everlasting night time, inflicting each Ikora and Osiris to hunt out the Fallen Kell of Mild, Mintrax, for assist. This season was distinctive because of its incredible storytelling and character development, significantly with Saint-14, but it surely was throughout this that Savathûn’s long-scheming plans lastly began to repay. 

With the Vex trapping the town in a simulation, Guardians went into the Vex community to seek out which Axis Thoughts was behind the sudden night time. Sadly, the simulation advanced every week, making folks on edge and impulsive. This brought on many, together with the Future Conflict Cult, to rally towards the Eliksni Fallen refugees. When Mithrax found that the Vex infiltration, the unease, and the betrayal all linked again to Savathûn’s affect, a plan to take out Quaria was put in place. Little did we all know at the moment that Savathûn was nearer than anybody thought, taking on Osiris’ guise to watch exercise inside the Vanguard and the Metropolis intently. 

Who’s Savathûn present-day?

Savathûn is crafty incarnate. She’s clever, tough, and clever far past what many may even comprehend. She has a present for taking note of the needs and wishes of these round her, giving her the openings she wants so as to assume management over her enemies. This management is aided by Savathun’s Tune, a viral language that seeps into the minds of these round her in a bid for management. 

Lord Shaxx, the now-dead Lakshmi-2, The Crow, The Drifter, and lots of extra may all be heard buzzing her music earlier than her eventual reveal within the present Season of the Misplaced. Now, we’re working alongside her and Mara Sov to assist free her from her Worm so as to get again the actual Osiris from the clutches that bind. To study extra concerning the present season and Savathun’s deal, try our previous breakdown here. Should you’re a brand new or returning participant, be happy to additionally mosey on over to our complete guide on the way to bounce again into the motion. 


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