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Digimon Adventure 2020’s Uplifting Ending, and Omnimon’s New Form, Explained


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 67 of Digimon Journey 2020, “The End of the Adventure,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After over a yr of nearly uninterrupted airing, the Digimon Journey reboot has come to an finish. Episode 67, fittingly titled “The End of the Adventure,” sees Taichi, Yamato, their companion Digimon, Agumon and Gabumon, and the remainder of the DigiDestined make one final push to take down the villainous Negamon, an entity bent on not simply wholesale destruction, however the whole erasure of all existence. Even the true world is not secure.

Defeating it requires the reveal of 1 remaining — and likewise “Final”  — kind from Omnimon, itself the fusion type of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, the Mega-evolved variations of Agumon and Gabumon. Although a predictable twist, it is nonetheless a totally satisfying and visually spectacular battle, adopted by an epilogue that is much more optimistic than the unique sequence was. This is how Digimon Journey 2020 wraps up, and what you should learn about Omnimon Alter-S and Negamon.

Negamon’s Ultimate Kind and Plan For the Digital World

Digimon-Adventure-2020-Episode-67-Abbdamon Core

Prophecized as “The Great Catastrophe,” Negamon hatched in Episode 64 and goes on to shortly beef itself up by draining information from throughout the Digital and actual world from its dwelling within the Community, the nebulous realm between the 2. Although by no means given a reputation till lately, it is had an virtually unseen affect on the sequence from the beginning, utilizing the gang’s first antagonist within the Digital World — Algomon — as its pawn, and later, Nidhoggmon, to push the youngsters to their restrict. Even Devimon was actually a puppet of Negamon. This comes again to harm Negamon, nevertheless, because the “spirit” of Devimon that lingers on inside Angemon (Takeru’s companion with whom it shares a genetic hyperlink) finally ends up siding with the very kids who defeated Devimon.

All of this shadowy plotting laid the groundwork for Negamon’s arrival, and its many eyes are mounted on one horrible objective. All Digimon are a part of a neverending cycle of rebirth — their information merely being ‘reborn’ as one other egg (Digitama) after they die. Negamon desires to finish this cycle by consuming every part, each human and Digimon, till all that is still is a void the place actuality was once. After evolving to Abbdomon and briefly absorbing each Chosen One besides Taichi, Yamato, Hikari, Takeru and their Mega-level Digimon, the group is ready to stop themselves from being totally digested, reemerging with a renewed vigor in Episode 67 to defeat Abbdomon’s outer physique.

In the meantime, Taichi, Matt and Omnimon assault Abbdomon from the within. There, they battle a humanoid knight that appears like Omnimon’s evil twin, generally known as Abbdomon Core. Like Omnimon, it comes outfitted with highly effective weapons — a spear on one arm and a sword on the opposite, whereas every of its a number of eyes can hearth lethal lasers, very similar to a Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons. If that weren’t sufficient, its very contact causes extreme decay, which is what forces Omnimon to improve.

Omnimon Alter-S, Defined


Although not new to the franchise, the finale of Digimon Journey 2020 is the primary time Omnimon Alter-S has appeared within the anime. It is not too visually totally different from Omnimon’s ordinary kind, however very similar to its element Digimons’ Slide types (MetalGreymon Alterous Mode and WereGarurumon Sagittarius Mode), Alter-S attracts from BlitzGreymon and CresGarurumon (MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon’s alternate Mega types) to amp up its weapons. The previous provides it an enormous plasma cannon whereas the latter arms it with a good larger sword, which is outwardly able to chopping something and every part.

Its manifestation is undoubtedly the “miracle” that Valkyrimon spoke of, confirmed by Omnimon Alter-S making straightforward work of the unsuspecting Abbdomon Core. However as a Holy Warrior, Omnimon Alter-S’s remaining judgment is a merciful one, reminding the villain earlier than it’s very vanquished that every one Digimon have the possibility to turn into good, unhealthy or one thing past that binary trapping in every of their new lives, bidding it farewell till they meet once more.

What Occurs to the Chosen Ones Within the Digimon Journey 2020 Finale


Followers anticipating a tearful parting of the DigiDestined and their beloved Digimon after the ultimate villain’s defeat, as was the case within the unique sequence, are spared this hardship in Digimon Journey 2020. Whereas it seems, at first, that Taichi, Yamato, Koshiro, Joe, Mimi, Sora, Takeru and Hikari must return to the human world alone, it quickly turns into obvious by their not-so-conspicuous hiding locations (Gabumon hilariously seems to be like a toddler in a trenchcoat) that they are not alone. By some means, sufficient blurring of the dimensional limitations has occurred to permit their Digimon to remain by their sides in the true world.

And there is even a touch that their journey is not really over: Koshiro — who seems to have arrange store subsequent to Mimi’s new enterprise by the top — is proven to have established a Digital Gate, bridging the Digital and actual worlds with out the Community. On the opposite facet, Taichi and Agumon are hanging out, with the sequence ending on the pair heading off to discover extra of the mysterious world. Positive, it is tacky and formulaic, however nostalgic viewers would not desire a sequence that is constructed on the magic of friendship to finish some other method.


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