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Digimon Adventure Births Its Secret Archvillain – and Officially Reveals Its Name


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Episode 64 of Digimon Journey 2020, “The Angels’ Determination,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

As Digimon Journey 2020 hurtles in the direction of the tip of its present — and last — arc, late-stage power-ups, wildly robust adversaries and large revelations abound in Episode 64, “The Angels’ Determination.” Chief amongst these is the latter element, with the sequence’ lurking Massive Unhealthy lastly having a Digimon title put to its fearsome repute because the “Great Catastrophe.”

Following the Chosen Ones determining the true which means of their particular person crests, the group rapidly reunites within the episode at Wisemon’s tree, inside which floating tablets inscribed with every crest’s image have been beneath assault. This time, the Soundbirdmon that Tai and Koshiro got here throughout throughout Koshiro’s Crest of Data quest — and former brokers of Devimon — encompass the tree, letting unfastened “madness calls” throughout the Digital World. Aiming to destroy the tablets because the pink menace that was Burpmon as soon as tried to do, lots of if not hundreds of Soundbirdmon membership collectively to turn out to be Deathmon, which blasts a gap proper via the sacred trunk.


Fortunately, WarGreymon, HolyAngemon and Angewomon defend the naturally-formed fortress from being obliterated completely, and the risk rallies Kari and Takeru to push their respective Holy Digimon to the Mega stage for the second time, although into totally different varieties: Orphanimon and Seraphimon. Whereas the pair are capable of destroy Deathmon, the harm is already finished. The Demon Lord is described ominously as solely being the “first cry of the catastrophe,” and, as this occurs, in an undisclosed location, a large Digitama (Digi Egg) watched over by Algomon all of a sudden cracks and hatches, giving delivery to Negamon — the ‘Remaining Boss’ of Digimon Journey 2020.

Being a model new character, little or no is thought about Negamon to date. A pixelated avatar of the Digimon was launched by way of a particular Digivice toy in November 2020. Following that, the clearest look at the creature we obtained earlier than the anime was in final month’s version of V Leap journal, which additionally revealed Negamon’s title for the primary time. Trying like a mix of Marvel’s Venom and an Eldritch horror, Negamon’s risk stage is additional elevated by a imaginative and prescient Takeru and Patamon have at first of Episode 64, by which Devimon — the ever-present satan on Angemon’s shoulder — warns that in Negamon’s wake, all can be gone, even despair, leaving only a white void behind the place there was as soon as a vibrant and energetic world of sentient information.

digimon adventure 2020 episode 64 negamon

There’s nothing fairly like a former villain warning you simply how unhealthy the subsequent one is to actually put issues into horrifying perspective. The DigiDestined are about to enter into not solely the struggle of their lives however of the whole Digital World’s, with an evil extra insidious than Devimon and extra apocalyptic than Milleniumon poised to wipe out all of existence.


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