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Digimon Adventure Explains Why Omnimon Rarely Appears in the Reboot


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Episode 63 of Digimon Journey 2020, “The Crest of Courage,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After weeks of meandering across the Digital World and serving to out his associates with their Crest quests, Digimon Journey 2020‘s Taichi (or Tai) lastly will get to embark on his personal in Episode 63. “The Crest of Courage” checks his Crest’s attribute as a way to strengthen his and Agumon’s bond — a requisite for evolutionary functions — and likewise reveals some vital perception into the function of Agumon’s strongest kind within the sequence: Omnimon.

Omimon is the fused type of Agumon and Gabumon on the Mega degree (WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon). Debuting in Digimon: The Film, the now fan-favorite fusion warrior has made a couple of choose appearances all through the years in subsequent franchise installments, with the presently airing Journey reboot being the newest. After a surprisingly early introduction within the sequence, nonetheless, Omimon has solely appeared (flashbacks non-withstanding) as soon as extra. Episode 63 explains that there is a good purpose for that.

digimon adventure 2020 episode 63 tai

Within the episode, Tai is basically despatched on a imaginative and prescient quest with out Agumon, designed to place him again by among the trials he is encountered alongside his journey within the Digital World — however this time, with out the help of his Digital companion. As an alternative, a totem model of Agumon is relegated to a freshly-hatched stage and entrusted to Tai to guard as they alternate between fireplace and frying pan conditions. As brave-faced as ever, Tai pulls by and is rewarded by a historical past lesson from his quest-giver — a mysterious, glowing Digimon who is not named within the episode however identifiable as Valkyrimon.

Valkyrimon reveals that it was a part of the Military of Mild, which, 1000’s of years in the past, helped destroy Milleniumon. The ultimate nail within the coffin for the villain was WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon — with some assist from Orphanimon and Seraphimon, reworking into Omimon — who Valkyrimon describes because the “miracle” they wanted to show the tides of struggle. This journey down reminiscence lane is supposed to impress upon Tai how instrumental Omnimon might be in stopping the Nice Disaster, the newest menace to the Digital World’s existence within the current day.

Valkyrimon additionally alludes to what it takes to summon Omnimon, which explains why it has seldom appeared in Digimon Journey 2020 up to now. To viewers and those that know their Digimon lore, the reply in all probability appears apparent with out this context: Omnimon is your primary ‘Closing Kind’ anime archetype and, as such, should not simply be introduced out in opposition to anybody and everybody. Doing so would detract from its specialness and make the foes it fought look like much less of an enormous deal, too. You do not deliver out the massive weapons for mere grunts.

Digimon Adventure Episode 18 Omnimon

However Tai, not figuring out he is an anime, after all, wants an in-story purpose, which Valkyrimon gives: Omnimon, being a miraculous being, may be very laborious to make seem, requiring an amazing quantity of coronary heart and exertion to do. Fused types are probably rarities within the wild and largely lawless dimension that’s the Digital World, the inhabits of which would typically favor to work in opposition to each other than with, or, with some exceptions, do not actively have causes or yearnings to develop into stronger to such a level.

Omnimon’s reemergence has been on the playing cards for a while now, with every of the gang’s Crest missions enabling their Digimon to achieve at the least one type of Mega evolution by now, presumably teeing up an all-new power-up for the “miraculous” weapon. The preview for the subsequent episode of Digimon Journey 2020 additionally teases Seraphimon’s arrival, the Mega type of MagnaAngemon/HolyAngemon. Provided that we now know the important thing half the Holy Digimon performed eons in the past in Omnimon’s look, there isn’t any query that we’re nearer than ever to seeing the enduring Digimon once more.


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