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Digimon Adventure: Joe’s New Mega Evolution Cements His Arc as the Reboot’s Best


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Episode 60 of Digimon Journey 2020, “Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Chosen Ones of Digimon Journey 2020 are all lastly standing on equal evolutionary footing. In Episode 60 of the reboot collection, “Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers,” Joe and Gomamon formally be a part of the Mega evolution membership alongside the remainder of the gang — leaving simply Tai and Agumon and their perpetually-spinning Digivice left to unravel the riddle of their Crest.

Although Tai is actually the poster boy for Journey and far of the Digimon franchise as a complete, each as himself and the design template from which most spikey-haired Digimon protagonists are lifted, it will stand to cause that he would even be the group’s de facto boss. However, as a earlier installment of Journey 2020 clarified, that is not the case. As a substitute, meek and anxiety-ridden Joe is formally the DigiDestined’s “leader,” principally due to his barely older age (therefore the senpai suffix). Although Joe could seem to be an odd selection — nearly every other member of the group can be a clearer decide earlier than him — the newest episode of the anime actually (Thor’s) hammers dwelling simply how a lot Joe has grown because the collection started. The truth is, Joe may be deserving of the ‘Most Improved’ medal.


Once we first met Joe on the Digital World’s seashores, he was virtually pathologically glued to his college books, in complete denial about his isekai circumstances. The ever-supportive Gomamon, his newly-assigned Digimon BFF, gently tried and failed repeatedly to get the nervous child some perspective on his state of affairs. In spite of everything, exams do not actually matter anymore if you’re trapped in one other dimension. Joe’s response, although as caricature as a Woody Allen rom-com lead, was maybe essentially the most human of all the child’s, gripping onto the final vestiges of what he knew to take care of some semblance of sanity amid fantastical absurdity.

Although Joe and Gomamon did bodily unlatch themselves from the consolation of the seashore ultimately, the pair had been considerably sidelined as comedic write-offs for some time within the collection’ first half; fairly actually sitting on them, actually, in a sizzling spring for a number of episodes surrounded by a docile however peculiar herd of bathing Nanimon.

Steadily, nevertheless, Joe started to embrace his overseas environment increasingly more, in addition to his place among the many different stranded youngsters, culminating in a spectacular — and completely distinctive — present of actual energy within the diner episode. Along with a bit of assist from Angewomon, Joe really wielded Zudomon’s hammer himself to win a Digimon battle, doing so maybe as a result of his intent was to calm a rampaging ally somewhat than destroy your common villain-of-the-week. It was after this second that the remainder of the group formally bestowed the duty of management on him. Even then, nevertheless, he appeared uncertain if the title fairly match him.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 39 Joe

When Journey 2020 extra lately handed Joe and Gomamon over for a Mega evolution episode throughout the creepy marriage proposal incident on the sizzling springs, it appeared his development was being stunted once more on the expense of others’. However, as soon as once more, with Episode 60, the collection doubles down on its intent to truly save the perfect ’til final for Joe.

Persevering with straight on from the recent springs shenanigans, Joe and Gomamon lead their new pals away from the now dried-up bathing spots to greener pastures. On their means, their hitch a carry with Mimi and Palmon in an airship themed-Digimon, solely to return beneath siege from pirates from the ocean — additionally displaced from their as soon as fertile dwelling.

Although initially paralyzed by indecision as ordinary, as soon as Joe discovers the tragic reality behind this new enemies’ aggression — and with a buddy’s life on the road — he really embodies the Crest of Duty, difficult the pirate captain, or “shogun,” because it prefers, Olegmon (whom Digimon Fusion/Xros Wars will acknowledge) to a duel to find out who will bow to who. In doing so, Joe stakes rather more than a easy ‘win or lose’ edict on the battle: He places his popularity and satisfaction as a frontrunner on the road. This offers the best circumstances for Zudomon to evolve into Vikemon for the primary time to beat Olegmon, and it additionally defines and ties off Joe’s arc — from zero to hero — because the collection’ most dramatic.


Whereas different members of the Journey 2020 gang have undergone various ranges of development — Yamato’s lone wolf to trusting group participant being the second most well-defined private journey — few have actually modified in the way in which that Joe has. And that is completely positive in some instances. Lead protagonists like Tai, within the shonen custom, do not are inclined to bear radical arcs of change; somewhat, they simply develop into extra themselves as time goes on. As per their Crests, Tai began off brave and have become extra brave, Koshiro began off clever and have become extra clever, and so forth. Joe, alternatively, needed to totally earn his position because the ‘accountable’ one and discover the self-belief to hold it, as such a high quality often calls for. Now, Joe is not only a senpai, he is an authorized shogun. And he wears the title in addition to that off-arm, flappy coat.

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