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Digimon Adventure: Who Is the Mysterious Digimon in Tai’s Crest Quest?


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 63 of Digimon Journey 2020, “The Crest of Courage,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Digimon Journey 2020 focuses solely on the DigiDestined’s poster boy, Tai, in Episode 63, “The Crest of Courage,” giving the spiky-haired protagonist an opportunity to reside as much as his Crest’s identify. Separated from Agumon, Tai journeys right into a dream-like airplane the place he should defend a hatchling model of his trusted Digital companion, doubtless a deliberate reversal of the trial Agumon went via to rescue Tai from Argomon.

Upon finishing the mission, Tai is rewarded with a significant clue about methods to forestall the approaching Nice Disaster, however his quest-giver and benefactor’s identification is saved hidden. Who’s the mysterious, glowing Digimon Tai meets within the newest episode?

The unnamed Digimon lures Tai to its location utilizing a golden hawk-like creature, who continues to maintain watch his progress as he tries to unlock the Crest of Braveness’s true energy. Earlier than this, Tai, Sora and their Digimon, Agumon and Biyomon, arrive at an odd citadel guarded by the unambiguously named Knightmon, who grants them passage inside, after which they quickly change into separated. That is when Tai finds himself taking a little bit of a visit down reminiscence lane, compelled to beat among the obstacles he did beforehand in Journey 2020, however this time, with out Agumon. As a substitute, he has solely his personal wits and power to depend on, to not point out calling on the nice old style anime energy of friendship when considering of his pals, the opposite Chosen Ones.

The golden chicken is finally revealed to belong to the just about formless, glowing Digimon who pulled Tai into this dream state. Although its form is a bit of undefined, the accompanying pet chicken and what we can make out of its kind are proof sufficient to determine who the Digimon is.

It is Valkyrimon, a Mega-level Digimon whose Rookie kind, Hawkmon, followers might bear in mind as Yolie’s accomplice in Digimon Journey 02. Although it possesses a formidable arsenal of particular weapons — together with a sword, bow and arrow and javelin — its most important obligation is to be extra of a lookout and record-keeper. As a part of the Military of Mild that battled Millenimon centuries previous to Journey 2020‘s story, Valkyrimon witnessed the “miracle” that was Omnimon’s formation — fused from WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon with some assist from Orphanimon and Seraphimon. The fusion knight obliterated the apocalyptic villain, although not for good, whereas Valkyrimon, who additionally perished, lingered on as a bodiless soul — awaiting the time that its data of Omnimon’s energy can be helpful once more.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 63 Valkyrimon

Along with its personal eyes, Valkyrimon’s hawk, Flare, acts as a scout, demonstrated in Episode 63 by it watching Tai and Sora and reporting again to its proprietor. Apparently, Flare is not one other Digimon however only a totally different type of lifeform that exists within the Digital World. As such, it would not actually have any particular strikes or evolutionary potential, making it primarily only a very special-looking however fairly strange chicken, like every other educated hawk you may discover in the actual world. The one different attention-grabbing factor to notice about Valkyrimon is that its design, like a handful of different characters, came from a fan art contest in 2000.

The Digimon anime is often a present that is large on on-screen labels, and its weekly “Encyclopedia” segments that shut every episode out add much more context to the brand new creatures viewers are launched to. That is why Valkyrimon’s anonymity stands out within the newest episode, marking it out as one of many few Digimon shrouded in a (literal) aura of thriller. With the approaching battle towards the forces of darkness across the nook in Journey 2020, maybe we’ll see Valkyrimon once more to witness historical past, hopefully, repeat itself.


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