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Digimon Just Gave Us the Unlikeliest Adventure & Fusion Team-Up


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 61 of Digimon Journey 2020, “A Place to Return to,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The tip of Episode 60 of Digimon Journey 2020 teased the return of a villain from a wholly totally different franchise entry, Digimon Fusion/Digimon Xros Wars. That villain was Gravimon, one in all Lord Bagra’s most malicious and calculating Darkish Generals. Viewers had been little question anticipating, given the gravity manipulator’s callous status as a warfare fanatic in a distinct actuality, that Gravimon could be subsequently used as a typical ‘monster of the week’ in Episode 61 of Journey 2020, probably resulting in some form of enhancement to one of many Chosen Ones who fought it.

Whereas the latter half does certainly come to cross within the episode, “A Place to Return to” surprisingly does not make Gravimon an ordinary villain. As an alternative, the Fusion antagonist turns into a reluctant ally to the youngsters and their buddies — T.Ok and Angemon specifically.

Digimon-Adventure-2020-Episode-61 gravimon

The episode’s main drawback for the DigiDestined to resolve is not a battle or a thriller, as is normally the case. As an alternative, T.Ok, Patamon, Tai and Agumon discover themselves compelled to help the beforehand launched Eldoradimon return to its house — the Cloud Continent that got here crashing right down to earth after Millenimon ravaged the Digital World. Being the scale of a small metropolis, the lumbering Digimon had been attempting and failing to scale the steep hillside that its house now rests upon. Moved by this determined scene, T.Ok and Patomon rapidly step in to assist, regardless of their comparable measurement and power being the equal of a fly trying to assist a human being transfer one in all their legs.

Tai, Agumon and a newly returned Leomon additionally help, and regularly, their mixed efforts encourage an onlooking crowd of equally displaced Digimon to assist out too, each from the air with ropes and different attachments and on the bottom, pushing Eldoradimon’s large, stone toes. The one hold-out, ultimately, is the brooding Gravimon, remaining stubbornly impartial.

Although this falls consistent with the vampiric-looking Digimon’s predilection for heartlessness, it is a shock to see such an ominous and highly effective being as a mere spectator. Additionally true to character however nonetheless pretty shocking is Gravimon’s choice to abruptly interrogate T.Ok about his purpose for taking up what appears like an inconceivable activity.

Digimon-Adventure-2020-Episode-61 holy angemon serephimon

The human kid’s hopeful resilience clearly intrigues and later impacts the stoic Gravimon when, as Eldoradimon’s weight is unable to be supported by the hill’s summit — together with his house tragically inside grasp — the Fusion villain intervenes with its unbelievable gravitational pull, dangling the colossal Digimon above the bottom to cease it falling. Whatsmore, Angemon is ready to virtually digivolve to Seraphimon, one in all his Mega types not but seen within the present, as T.Ok’s hopeful power overflows, combining his powers with Gravimon’s to present Eldoradimon a set of momentary, angelic wings to soar house.

Not solely does Eldoradimon being returned house give a much-needed sense of positivity within the wake of the calamity that was Milleniumon, but when a conscience as inflexible as Gravimon’s will be swayed to selfless motion, the Chosen Ones are really demonstrating themselves worthy of their world-saving (and therapeutic) title. Beating the unhealthy man is one factor, however the measure of a correct hero can typically be greatest exemplified by whether or not or not they stick round to choose up the items when the combat is received.


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