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Dragon Ball: Goku’s Zodiac Sign & How It Defines the Hero


Son Goku, additionally identified by his Saiyan identify Kakarot, is commonly thought of to be the daddy of contemporary shonen protagonists. Goku is the blueprint that many shonen characters are primarily based on, so it is sensible that Goku, whose official birthday is April sixteenth, would have the primary signal of the zodiac: Aries.

Because the archetypical shonen protagonist, Goku’s persona is each daring and nicely outlined, which completely matches his astrological signal. Being an Aries makes Goku a hearth signal, which inserts nicely along with his passionate persona. Goku by no means does something midway within the Dragon Ball sequence. Whether or not or not it’s combating, meals or defending the plant, Goku all the time places his all into it.

Son Goku’s Persona As an Aries

These with the Aries zodiac are sometimes described as free spirits who’ve bother staying in a single place or specializing in a single process. Goku has all the time sought out journey and the subsequent battle. As a younger little one, Goku went on a quest to gather the Dragon Balls, competed in a number of martial arts tournaments and fought off quite a few threats to the planet — all with a reasonably carefree angle.

Goku is sort of purely motivated by what pursuits him within the second and does not take most of his obligations severely. This lack of self-discipline may cause him to be neglectful and irresponsible. After defeating Frieza on Namek, Goku refused to return dwelling to his spouse, little one and associates; as an alternative, he determined to remain on an alien planet and practice. Goku even gave a Senzu bean to Cell, a villain that was planning on killing Goku’s household and destroying the planet, simply so he could be at full energy when combating his son.

Goku’s warrior spirit is one other high quality of the Aries signal that he embodies. Whether or not it is due to his Saiyan DNA 0r simply because he was skilled in martial arts since he was a baby, Goku has all the time cherished combating. He continuously seeks out battle and competitors so he can check his energy. A part of the rationale why Goku spared Vegeta’s life after stopping the Saiyan prince from blowing up the planet is so they may battle once more sooner or later. When the Event of Energy was introduced, Goku was excited to take part even though dropping universes would get wiped from existence.

Regardless of his typical goofy and carefree persona, Goku nonetheless reveals the trademark aggression and anger related to the Aries signal. After witnessing a number of atrocities dedicated by Frieza’s henchmen and seeing his associates killed, Goku was stuffed with rage. This righteous anger allowed him to surpass his limits and obtain the legendary Tremendous Saiyan type. Nevertheless, he let go of that anger simply as shortly when he supplied Frieza a number of probabilities to give up.

Son Goku’s Aries Moments

No different character in anime displays the qualities of an Aries fairly like Goku. Identical to the ram that represents this zodiac signal, Goku rushes to fulfill all of his challenges head-on. This headfirst pondering can result in some attention-grabbing moments in fight, like when Goku bit Frieaza’s tail or when he determined to sacrifice himself by holding Raditz nonetheless so Piccolo may hit them each with an assault.

Goku’s Aries aspect shone by as soon as once more when he forgot to take medication given to him by Future Vans. Vans particularly instructed Goku that he would contract a coronary heart virus that was destined to kill him and that the medication would save his life. Years later, the guts virus that he was warned about practically kills him as a result of he stopped taking the medication. Scatterbrained moments like these are a serious draw back to the impulsive persona of an Aries.

These whose signal belongs to Aries like Goku are brash, assured and fearless within the face of adversity. Each problem and hardship is simply one other alternative to show their energy and energy. They’re passionate people who comply with their intestine when confronted with onerous decisions. As a real Aries, Goku is eternally looking for the subsequent battle and the subsequent problem to beat.


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