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Dragon Ball: How Dr. Gero Turned Himself Into Android 20


The penultimate threats in Dragon Ball Z are the brutal androids, who had been designed with the only real goal of killing Goku and the opposite Z Fighters. Creating them and sending them on this process was none apart from Android 20, a.okay.a. the Crimson Ribbon Military’s Dr. Gero. The nice physician was become the present’s closing numbered android to finish his revenge, making the seemingly frail previous man right into a a lot greater risk.

This, in fact, raises loads of questions when it comes to how the Gero really grew to become an android, why he did it and why he selected to turn out to be the kind of android that he was. The present has solutions for nearly all of this, making what looks as if a haphazard choice all of a sudden much more cheap.

Who Was Android 20?


Dr. Gero was a member of the Crimson Ribbon Military, creating all of their superior, numbered androids. One in every of these humanoid robots, the Frankenstein’s Monster-esque Android 8, would ultimately befriend a younger Goku. Goku and his allies ultimately defeated the Crimson Ribbon Military, with the boy being instrumental in ending their quest for world domination.

Gero had apparently all the time dreamed of utilizing androids to switch the human race, utilizing the sources of the Crimson Ribbon Military to take action. After their defeat by the hands of Goku, nonetheless, Gero went into hiding, hoping to review the younger Saiyan additional with the intention to construct one thing to lastly beat him. Constructing a number of all-new androids, numbered 16 to 19, these killers had been primed to eradicate Goku and the Z Fighters. Android 16 was even based mostly on Gero’s deceased son, who was killed in battle. This quest for revenge would even see Gero himself soiled his arms on the battlefield.

How and Why Did Gero Grow to be Android 20?

The obvious purpose why Dr. Gero grew to become an android was to actually take revenge on Goku for his destruction of the Crimson Ribbon Military. Having the ability to be part of the fray of the battle would make the revenge much more private. Even when Goku was a toddler, he nonetheless doubtless posed a risk to Gero. This was made even higher with Gero’s age, because the previous man would have been no hazard to Goku in any respect in his human kind.

Thus, Gero had Android 19 implant his mind inside an android physique, turning into Android 20. He was far much less natural than 17 and 18, however his nonetheless having a human mind in some ways made him arguably a cyborg and never a real android. This kind was an energy-draining kind as an alternative of an infinite-powered mannequin, the latter of which was stronger. Nonetheless, an energy-absorbing mannequin has distinct benefits of its personal. It will have allowed Gero to empty the power of the Z Fighters, weakening them whereas turning into far stronger himself. Afterward, he would supposedly have the energy to defeat Goku as soon as and for all. The androids would even succeed on this quest within the timeline of Future Trunks, however not so in the principle universe.

Sadly for Dr. Gero, issues did not fairly go as he had deliberate, and his android physique was decapitated with one kick by Android 17. He would later even be simply crushed once more by collaborator Dr. Myuu within the now non-canon Dragon Ball GT. Thus, whereas revenge is unquestionably a dish finest served chilly, it sadly for Gero was by no means eaten in any respect.


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