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Dragon Ball: Who (and What) Is Mr. Popo, Exactly?


Mr. Popo is likely one of the longest-tenured characters in Dragon Ball, but it has been fairly a while since this mysterious being acquired any of the sequence’ consideration. It has been so lengthy since Mr. Popo obtained a while to shine, that newer followers may be extra conversant in the character’s hilarious re-imagining within the well-liked YouTube sequence, Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Let’s look again at what we find out about Mr. Popo’s historical past, and ponder the age-old query, “what is he?”

Mr. Popo first appeared in Dragon Ball after Goku climbs onto the Lookout in the hunt for a solution to revitalize the Dragon Balls within the wake of King Piccolo’s loss of life. Mr. Popo decides to check Goku with a battle and proves himself to be worlds above the cocky youngster as a martial artist, including insult to damage by actually consuming Goku’s Kamehameha Wave. Mr. Popo even effortlessly avoids Goku’s devastating punch that had defeated King Piccolo. Goku would spend the following three years coaching on the Lookout below Mr. Popo, studying to sense Ki and growing the Tremendous Kamehameha.

Mr. Popo eats Goku's Kamehameha in Dragon Ball

Mr. Popo would show himself an efficient trainer, succesful fighter and fast thinker all through his time in Dragon Ball Z. He skilled Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Yajirobe in preparation for the Saiyans, fended off Goten and Trunks as Tremendous Saiyans and not using a scratch and saved Dende from Majin Buu’s rampage by throwing him over the aspect of the Lookout. It was even Mr. Popo’s concept to have Goku educate the Fusion Dance to Goten and Trunks upon listening to Goku lament that he could be unable to take action with Gohan or Vegeta after their respective defeats by the hands of Buu.

Like many different characters, Mr. Popo has come down with a severe case of Not-Goku Syndrome in Dragon Ball Tremendous. Although he nonetheless resides on the Lookout with Dende, Mr. Popo has been completely uninvolved with the current conflicts, regardless of serving as one thing of a mentor and voice of purpose in Dragon Ball and DBZ. Mr. Popo did briefly remind everybody that he’s a succesful fighter when he fearlessly warned Vegeta in Tremendous that he would ban the Saiyan Prince from utilizing the Hyperbolic Time Chamber if he saved destroying it.

So, who, or what’s Mr. Popo, precisely? He was born within the Different World and was already at the very least 1,000 years outdated when he was first launched in Dragon Ball. He served Kami for hundreds of years and served Kami’s predecessors for an unknown size of time, so 1,000 years is probably going a low estimate of his true age. Given his birthplace and his immense lifespan, it appears protected to say that Mr. Popo is a deity of some type. Tasked with the position of assistant to Earth’s Guardian and caretaker of the Lookout, he’s usually certain to the Lookout however has been proven to depart it on extraordinarily uncommon events.

Mr. Popo waters the gardens in the Lookout in Dragon Ball Z

When the Guardian is away (or lifeless), Mr. Popo assumes command of the Lookout, but it surely’s unclear how a lot, if any, Guardian-like duties he takes on throughout such a time. He does act as a mentor to Dende when the younger Namekian first turns into Guardian, so Mr. Popo has actually realized a factor or two throughout his eons of service. He types deep emotional bonds with the Guardians that he serves, displaying excessive misery every time a Guardian is in peril. Mr. Popo is a relaxed, affected person man, which is actually helpful when pressured to endure the fixed chaos that has plagued the Lookout ever since Goku first climbed up as a baby.

Mr. Popo provides off Angel vibes together with his “I could if I felt like it” power, so there might but be extra to study this mysterious deity who actually eats power blasts for breakfast. Though it appears potential that we have realized all we’re ever going to find out about Mr. Popo, Dragon Ball Tremendous‘s manga continues to shock its readers with every new chapter. A devoted servant, and a surprisingly expert tennis participant regardless of being older than sports activities, Mr. Popo performs his position in Dragon Ball to perfection and can hopefully play an necessary position once more sometime.


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