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Dragon Ball Z: How Did Kid Buu Travel to Other World & the Kai Planet?


The ultimate most important story arc in Dragon Ball Z, the Majin Buu saga, launched all method of latest characters and ideas. A few of these went with out being fully defined, seemingly contradicting earlier guidelines and canon. A lot of this stemmed from Majin Buu himself, who broke every kind of guidelines in regards to the Dragon Ball world.

Child Buu was capable of enter the sacred world of the Kais within the anime, however this feat logically mustn’t have even been potential for the villain. This anime-only scene is not explicitly defined, but it surely might have ties to the highly effective Buu’s origins and the character of his powers. This is how a villain match for Hell ended up touring to ‘Heaven.’

Majin Buu Enters the Different World

When Child Buu begins his rampage, Goku teleports away with the surviving Hercule, in addition to Dende, Bee, Kibito Kai and Vegeta. In the hunt for his opponent, Child Buu teleports all through the cosmos to search out Goku. Within the anime, a filler episode has Buu reaching the Different World of the Kais, a lot to the heroes’ shock.

This results in a violent rampage in Heaven as Child Buu makes fast work of most of the deceased warriors in that realm. He practically defeats Krillin till he senses Goku’s rising presence, leaving the world to go and combat him. As talked about, this takes place solely within the anime, making its canonicity questionable. Much more questionable, nonetheless, is simply how Buu was capable of entry the Different World within the first place. In any case, he is not a Kai and wasn’t taken there by one, and he wasn’t even useless. The reason for this does have a connection to the Kais, nonetheless.

How Buu Went to the Different World

One clarification is that of On the spot Transmission/Instantaneous Motion. This is likely one of the strikes that Buu knew, and it might be defined in several methods. For one, he had as soon as been mixed with the later Good Buu, who himself was the results of the utterly evil Buu’s fusion with one of many Kais. Instantaneous Motion was an influence recognized for use by the Kais, and it was additionally utilized by others towards Buu.

By copying the powers of these he had consumed and in addition studying the placement of the Different World of the Kais by means of fusions similar to Grand Supreme Kai and even Gohan, Buu was capable of effortlessly teleport himself to the realm. This idea is bolstered later in Dragon Ball Tremendous, when Grand Supreme Kai notes that his powers have been tied to Buu. Grand Supreme Kai even manifests within the physique of Good Buu, exhibiting that the connection remains to be there.

Buu had additionally been proven beforehand as possessing the power to teleport out and in of various dimensions, which is how he escaped the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This proves how, presumably as a result of his connection to the Kai’s, Buu’s strategies of Instantaneous Motion have been on an entire completely different degree in comparison with Goku’s, permitting him to simply get to the Different World regardless of not being useless.


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