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Dragon Ball Z: The Android Saga’s 5 Most Shocking Plot Twists


Whereas the Android Saga actually introduced Dragon Ball Z again right down to Earth after the interplanetary motion of the Frieza Saga, the collection’ inclinations towards more durable science fiction themes and tropes remained stronger than ever. With time-travelers from a post-apocalyptic future and murderous androids, the Android Saga tied extra into Goku’s adventures within the authentic Dragon Ball collection whereas pitting the Z Fighters in opposition to a few of the most fierce and fearsome opponents that they had ever identified.

Extra than simply larger and extra epic battles, the Android Saga additionally had some notably efficient plot twists and surprises that stored audiences on their toes simply as a lot because it did Goku and his mates. Listed below are all the largest twists and turns from the Android Saga.

Physician Gero Is an Android All Alongside

The androids have been described by Future Trunks as killer machines programmed by the villainous Physician Gero to take revenge on Goku for destroying the Purple Ribbon Military in the course of the authentic Dragon Ball. That is additional underscored by every of the androids bearing the Purple Ribbon Military’s insignia on their clothes. Nevertheless, it’s revealed that Android 20 is definitely Gero himself.

Whereas combating in opposition to the Z Fighters, Gero’s hat is knocked off, exposing his nonetheless intact and useful mind beneath. Gero reveals he transferred his mind into this robotic physique to offer himself the possibility to combat Goku personally, with Frankenstein turning into his personal monster.

The Unsuitable Androids

As Future Trunks recounted to the Z Fighters when he first arrived up to now from his alternate timeline, the androids from his time have been cruel killers that simply murdered every of Earth’s best defenders following Goku’s loss of life from a uncommon coronary heart virus. After coaching for 3 years, Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo every confirmed themselves greater than able to dealing with the androids on their very own.

Nevertheless, when Future Trunks returns from his personal timeline to assist out the Z Fighters, he’s shocked to find that the preliminary duo of Androids 19 and 20 weren’t the enemies from his timeline he was talking of in any respect. This implies that Trunks’ time journey altered the timeline earlier than the extra acquainted Androids 17 and 18 have been activated.

Goku Contracts the Coronary heart Virus Anyway

Goku was by no means in a position to combat in opposition to Androids 17 and 18 in Future Trunks’ divergent timeline, with Trunks revealing that he handed away a while earlier than from a uncommon coronary heart virus. Trunks gave Goku the treatment that was unavailable to his timeline’s Goku when he wanted it most, presumably sparing Goku from the identical premature finish.

Nevertheless, Goku stopped taking the treatment when the center virus signs didn’t floor as Trunks predicted, ensuing within the virus signs showing in the course of Goku’s duel with Android 19. This practically value Goku his life, and he was incapacitated for the rest of the Android Saga as he clung to life whereas taking the rest of his treatment.

Vegeta, Tremendous Saiyan

All his life, Vegeta believed he was to develop into the primary Tremendous Saiyan in a millennium as a part of his royal birthright and pure power. As an alternative, Goku reworked into the primary Tremendous Saiyan whereas combating Frieza on Namek, leaving a pissed off Vegeta in his wake when he was later resurrected. This frustration solely grew when Future Trunks revealed himself as a Tremendous Saiyan to defeat Frieza and his father King Chilly.

Nevertheless, Vegeta would finally declare his meant future whereas coaching for the androids’ arrival, surprising the opposite Z Fighters when he reworked right into a Tremendous Saiyan earlier than their eyes to confront Android 19. Within the ensuing battle, Vegeta simply destroyed 19 earlier than pursuing Gero into the wilderness, with Piccolo observing that Vegeta’s newfound transformation might have exceeded Goku’s when it comes to uncooked energy.

A Second Time Machine

Whereas Future Trunks warned Goku and the Z Fighters of the androids three years upfront after touring from his timeline, he was stunned how historical past was unfolding in another way than he had anticipated. Left considering that tampering with time was having far-reaching repercussions, Future Trunks was in for yet one more nasty shock on the very finish of the Android Saga.

In a surprising twist, Future Trunks and the Bulma of the prime Dragon Ball timeline uncover a time machine equivalent to the one Trunks used, however older and overgrown by moss, signaling that it had been there for years in secret. With a hatched egg close by, the Z Fighters may solely surprise what new evil had traveled again from the longer term to menace Earth.


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