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Dragon Ball Z: The Majin Buu Saga’s Most Shocking Plot Twists


After steadily constructing Majin Buu up as a villain able to wiping out your entire universe, Dragon Ball Z‘s last overarching storyline lastly got here to a head with the aptly named Majin Buu Saga. Choosing up the place the Babidi Saga left off because the evil wizard’s plot to free Buu from his magical jail succeeded, the stakes grew increased than ever as everybody who challenged the pink villain was swiftly defeated. Together with his time on Earth shortly working out, Goku revealed he nonetheless had some surprises and tips up his sleeve to avoid wasting the day earlier than returning to the afterlife.

Listed below are all the most important and most essential plot twists from the Majin Buu Saga, the storyline that successfully set the stage for the ultimate main battle in DBZ and altered the Z Fighters’ lives without end.

Vegeta’s Failed Sacrifice Towards Buu

After sensing that Gohan and the Supreme Kai had been each simply defeated by Majin Buu, Goku and Majin Vegeta determined to place a pause on their personal duel to face the reawakened villain collectively. Nevertheless, in a stunning transfer, Vegeta cruelly knocked out Goku when his rival lowered his guard to share his Senzu beans and restore each fighters to full energy.

Whereas Vegeta was finally overpowered and savagely crushed by Buu, the extra heartbreaking twist got here when Piccolo revealed that due to Vegeta’s lifetime of evil, egocentric acts, even sacrificing his life in an effort to cease Buu wouldn’t result in the Saiyan Prince being absolved within the afterlife. This sacrifice would show futile at any fee, with Piccolo watching horrified as Buu reformed in a matter of seconds after Vegeta’s demise.

Goku Stuns Everybody By Revealing Tremendous Saiyan 3

With Gohan presumed useless and Vegeta misplaced, all hope appeared fleeting as Majin Buu and Babidi carried out a devastating rampage world wide, destroying any metropolis of their path. Subsequent of their sights was West Metropolis, Bulma’s hometown — and the placement of the Dragon Radar wanted to finally discover the Dragon Balls and undo the harm that was being performed.

To purchase Trunks time to get well the Dragon Radar earlier than Buu reached West Metropolis, Goku confronted the monster alone, revealing he had realized the way to rework right into a Tremendous Saiyan 3 within the afterlife. This transformation prompted ripples across the globe because the Z Fighters had been shocked that Goku had this trick up his sleeve ever since returning to Earth, and gave Buu greater than a run for his cash.

The Fusion Dance Sees Goten & Trunks Take Cost

Whereas Goku was profitable in stalling Buu lengthy sufficient for Trunks to get well the Dragon Radar, the villain remained very a lot on the unfastened and extra harmful than ever. Much more troubling, the sheer vitality consumption required to rework into and preserve Tremendous Saiyan 3 severely minimize into Goku’s remaining time on Earth, main him to unveil his shock technique to defeat Buu: The Fusion Dance.

One other method Goku realized within the afterlife, the Fusion Dance has two people of practically the identical dimension and power mix right into a single composite warrior that’s exponentially stronger than the 2 people. Introducing a fusion method far totally different than the Namekian method seen beforehand in Dragon Ball Z, the Fusion Dance set the stage for added composite fighters, with Gotenks — the fusion of Goten and Trunks — main the cost.

Hercule’s Shocking Heroism: A Friendship With Buu

Majin Buu and Hercule take care of Bee in Dragon Ball Z

For years, Hercule had taken credit score for Gohan destroying Cell on the finish of the epic Cell Video games Saga, main him to turn into one of many richest, most revered males on the earth. As humanity was on the point of extinction by Buu, Hercule determined to reside as much as his personal popularity and discover a method to save the day by befriending Buu. It was an incredibly selfless transfer for somebody usually depicted as a little bit of a coward.

This resolution would finally save the day and assist redeem Majin Buu, with the assistance of an adopted pet named Bee; although in a tragic twist, each Hercule and Bee had been briefly killed by gunmen looking for to gather a bounty on Buu. Although the reforming villain was in a position to resurrect his fallen pals, this improvement would result in the last word evil being born.

An Even Extra Sinister Buu Is Born

Majin Buu and Evil Buu in Dragon Ball Z

The craze and uncooked emotion of seeing his newfound pals murdered drove Buu into an uncontrollable match, purging the darkish feelings from himself and forming a killing machine dubbed Evil Buu. Emaciated and unbridled in his evil, this Buu proved a lot stronger than his extra harmless counterpart, simply defeating him and consuming him to rework into the much more highly effective Tremendous Buu.

After coping with the gunmen who attacked Hercule and Bee, Tremendous Buu set his sights on the Z Fighters, having gained the flexibility to sense vitality signatures. This successfully set the stage for the climactic fights of Dragon Ball Z that featured loads of plot twists of their very own.


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