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Dragon Ball Z: Would Android 16’s Self-Destruct Bomb Have Killed Cell?


Cell is among the most sinister villains ever to tackle Goku and the Z Fighters all through your entire Dragon Ball franchise, accountable for Goku’s second demise throughout an explosive showdown in Dragon Ball Z‘s Cell Video games. Previous to Goku’s heroic sacrifice, Android 16 stepped in and tried to place an finish to the artificial supervillain by blowing him up with an inner bomb planted inside him by his creator, Physician Gero. This plan failed, and Cell simply destroyed his robotic counterpart. Nonetheless, if Android 16 was in a position to see his personal sacrificial plan by means of to completion, would it not have really destroyed Cell, or merely been one other failed measure to cease the sneering villain?

Usually a stoically peaceable determine, Android 16 got here off the sidelines with a view to oppose Cell, practically destroying the imperfect type of the creature till Cell considerably upgraded himself by absorbing Android 17. He then defeated Android 16 with a single power blast. After absorbing Android 18, Cell achieved his excellent type and proved himself in a position to stand up to a totally powered Closing Flash by Tremendous Saiyan Vegeta, in addition to to defeat Future Trunks in his Extremely Tremendous Saiyan type.

Throughout the Cell Video games, Cell additionally showcased how shortly he may regenerate from mortal wounds when Goku hit him point-blank with an Prompt Kamehameha Wave. Android 16 then stepped in, bodily restraining Cell earlier than asserting his plans to self-destruct and take the villain with him — earlier than studying Bulma had eliminated the bomb that Gero beforehand planted.

On condition that Cell in his second type was in a position to defeat Android 16 so simply, he might have been in a position to stand up to the total brunt of Android 16’s bomb blast if correctly ready to mount an efficient guard by means of a forcefield or different defensive measures. With Android 16 restraining Cell by shocking him and grabbing him from behind, this denied him the chance to guard himself however would have left the chance for regeneration open.

Certainly, Cell’s regenerative talents are so highly effective that he was in a position to utterly rebuild himself as soon as he self-destructed — taking Goku and King Kai with him — since his core remained intact. With that in thoughts, Android 16’s sacrificial blast would have wanted to obliterate Cell’s core to make his destruction full.

Nonetheless, essential to notice is that when Android 16 restrained Cell and introduced his plans, Cell was visibly scared that the android’s plan really stood an opportunity of succeeding. Even in his upgraded type, Cell struggled to interrupt free from Android 16’s grasp, and given how highly effective 16’s preliminary assaults are, it stands to cause that the activated bomb was probably the most highly effective transfer 16 had. It will have channeled his full damaging potential right into a single epic blast, with 16 hopefully containing the blast to forestall it from consuming the Z Fighters current as collateral injury.

After all, Android 16’s failed sacrifice was not in useless, with the sight of Cell crushing 16’s head beneath his foot enraging Gohan to the purpose the place he reworked right into a Tremendous Saiyan 2. This is able to finally show to be Cell’s undoing, with Tremendous Saiyan 2 Gohan utterly annihilating Cell with a Kamehameha Wave. Android 16 gave his life within the Cell Video games, nevertheless it helped Gohan notice his true potential. Nonetheless, if Android 16’s bomb had been current and useful, Cell might have been destroyed far earlier within the Cell Video games, maybe stopping the necessity for Goku and King Kai to additionally pay the final word value.


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