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Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire: The Tale of Two Brothers Ends in Broken Promises


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fireplace Episode 8, “Truth,” now streaming on Funimation.

Lengthy earlier than he grew to become a demon, Sheng Lingyuan and Aluojin’s relationship was akin to brothers in Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fireplace. Once they grew older, they fought facet by facet towards the fiends. In reality, they develop into so shut that Sheng Lingyuan is the one to offer Aluojin’s masks when often, this is able to be given to him by a member of his household.

Nonetheless, a conspiracy hatched by certainly one of Sheng Lingyuan and Aluojin’s closest confidants tears the 2 of them aside. They as soon as stood on the identical facet and fought for a similar trigger till their beliefs clashed. Sheng Lingyuan was a brother to Aluojin, however he was additionally a commander and an emperor, and that always means their targets don’t align.

Sheng Lingyuan and Aluojin couldn’t have been extra totally different from each other. Sheng Lingyuan is calm and quiet whereas Aluojin is infantile, mischievous and sometimes wears his coronary heart on his sleeve. They butted heads typically, with Aluojin often bearing the punishment for attempting to trick the younger emperor. It wasn’t till Sheng Lingyuan saved him from some fiends that the 2 ultimately grew to become pals. That very same day, Sheng Lingyuan made a vow to Aluojin: he would bury all of the graveless lifeless and produce peace to the damned. It is a promise that Sheng Lingyuan later fulfills, albeit not in the best way he thought he would.

After the tragic homicide of his father, Aluojin launches a conflict towards the fiends with Sheng Lingyuan’s assist. Nonetheless, regardless of how efficiently Aluojin and Sheng Lingyuan work collectively as a group, Aluojin nonetheless faces discrimination for who he’s. The opposite troopers assume he ought to deal with the emperor with extra deference, and Aluojin nonetheless insists on massacring the fiends regardless of their give up. It is right here that Sheng Lingyuan makes his mistake. He orders them to lie to guard Aluojin, however he additionally could not in good religion permit the half-fiends to die, so he arrange an company to guard them. What in the end tears the 2 of them aside is not a conflict or Sheng Lingyuan’s betrayal — it is his affection for Aluojin.

Aluojin’s thirst for revenge forces the Wu folks to retreat and barricade themselves within the ancestral corridor, however this seems to be a entice. Sheng Lingyuan’s instructor Dan Li, who closely disapproved of his pupil’s friendship with Aluojin, killed his father to incite his fury towards the fiends. As soon as the conflict was received, Dan Li noticed no use for Aluojin and the Wu folks anymore and launched a genocide towards them.

By the point Sheng Lingyuan arrives, it is already too late. Cursed, Aluojin is now a demon, and the Wu folks have all been killed and became mutated butterflies. Sheng Lingyuan has to decide on between the Wu folks, who’re primarily lifeless, or the people. Ultimately, it is not a selection — he kills everybody, together with Aluojin.

drowning sorrows in raging fire sheng lingyuan kills aluojin first time

Sheng Lingyuan had damaged his promise to Aluojin when he killed him the primary time. Not one of the Wu individuals who died ever obtained buried, as proven in Episode 5. Though he had ‘launched’ Aluojin from being a demon by killing him, he had achieved so with a cursed blade — the dagger that Aluojin had given him which is imbued with a safety spell. Aluojin, embittered by Sheng Lingyuan’s betrayal of his belief and friendship, by no means ended up discovering peace.

Finally, it is arduous to say whether or not or not Sheng Lingyuan introduced peace to Aluojin when he kills him for the second time as a result of Sheng Lingyuan does lay him to relaxation within the coffin. Though their second reunion just isn’t as emotionally fraught or as fuelled by ache and misunderstandings as the primary, Aluojin continues to be a vengeful spirit. In his dying moments, his rage dissipates sufficient that he sounds merely exhausted as he accuses Sheng Lingyuan of choosing the people over him as soon as once more.

Topics typically say their blessings to their emperor, wishing for his or her sovereign to stay a protracted life, however Aluojin’s ultimate phrases add a merciless twist. They sound much less like a blessing and extra like a curse as he prays that Sheng Lingyuan will stay an immortal life — one during which he won’t ever know peace and must stay perpetually along with his guilt and sins.


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